Future choc: confectionery packaging trends ahead


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Meridian Speciality Packaging forecasts key trends for 2011/12 in confectionery packaging.

Please note - feedback is really important to us. So tell us how we've inspired you - what you agreed with and what you disagree with - and other trends you feel we've missed.

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Future choc: confectionery packaging trends ahead

  1. 1. trends ahead in confectionery packaging © M e r id ia n S p e c ia lit y P a c k a g in g in s ig h t , 2 0 1 1w w w .m e r id ia n s p .c o .u kw w w .c h o c o la t e p a c k a g in g .c o .u k
  2. 2. SEEKING SIMPLIFICATION NEONS FADE PASTELS RISE- Lightweight, minimal packaging structures - Earthy, pastel tones will return in fashion, will be the goal but product protection will interior and product/packaging design be key issue - Retro patterns and interesting colour- Modern cubism will see minimalist visual combinations will lift muted tones design and good use of white space in cartons- Curves will meet straight edges for visually arresting packaging design KEY CONFECTIONERY PACKAGING TRENDS AHEAD IN 2011/12 GOOD FOR ME GOOD FOR THE WORLD ARTISANS SETTING THE AGENDA- Sustainable materials will be demanded by - Packaging designs in artisan chocolate will be consumers and businesses alike inspired by the origin of raw materials – Moorish, Indonesian, African and Latin-- Health benefits of chocolate will be a key American styles will emerge focus - 50s retro styling will return
  3. 3. LUXURY BITES BACK ME-THREE INNOVATION- Packaging will be required to offer an - Consumers will demand perpetual adaptation exciting opening experience in line with the to remain interested pleasure of indulgence - Short (trial) runs will focus on delivering- Artisan chocolatiers will continue the upward innovation and excitement and trend into super-premium and packaging will responsiveness to demand changes reflect this KEY CONFECTIONERY PACKAGING TRENDS AHEAD IN 2011/12 THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES- Carton board ‘wraps’ for bags will be widely - Folding box board (FBB) will be in short used in place of cartons or boxes supply so dialogue in agreeing packaging specifications will be essential- Cartons and boxes will use windows with additional, integrated layers beneath to - Compromises on material grade may be create depth and shadow forced so innovative design will be required- Curves will meet straight edges in innovative carton shapes
  4. 4. SEEKINGSIMPLIFICATION The latest wave of major food manufacturers to sign up to the revised Courtauld Commitment 2 So expect to see the following in the best underlines the fact that packaging minimisation is confectionery packaging in 2011/12: here to stay and with a renewed focus on carbon reduction. • Interrupted and false creases allowing curves to compliment angular straight edges The balancing act that can be forgotten is ensuring that packaging waste reduction doesn’t ultimately • Increasing use of white space to offer crisp, clean, lead to food waste increase: currently in the UK simple, modernist visuals only 3% of food is wasted before it reaches the shops (source: Advisory Committee on Packaging) but this could increase with an undue focus on lightweight packaging. Designing protective primary packaging with an eye on lightweight, minimal structures will be have to be a source of great innovation. Some early examples include Chesapeake‟s much talked about Cadbury‟s Roses tin replacement of 2009 which suffered initial rejection at the hands of the consumer due to a love of the iconic tin but surely represents the future of weight reduction. This will continue to challenge the consumer’s loyalty to traditional packaging formats. From a consumer perspective the move towards “ simpler packaging will resonate with the return in fashion and design of modern cubism (source: From a consumer perspective the Trendhunter). In packaging this will mean use of move towards simpler packaging white space in design and an extension of some of the thrilling combinations of angular lines and will resonate with the return in unexpected curves brought about through the fashion and design of modern designing in of scalloped edges, and false and cubism interrupted creases.
  5. 5. NEONSFADEPASTELSRISE This year will be about the beginnings of a dampening down towards more pastel shades (source: MPD Click) from the neon flare of the 80s retro chic which seems to have persisted recently for almost a decade in its own right – but which more So expect to see the following in the best recently developed into full-blown electro in all its confectionery packaging in 2011/12: shiny glory. Even if this develops into a duly rational electronica revival the general design trend will be • Artful colour combinations using contrasting towards the more muted tones, particularly as the colours to accentuate more subtle pastel shades summer turns into autumn (source: Pantone). • Even more demand for uncoated print finishes Ever the industry‟s colour bible, Pantone‟s suggested colours for Autumn 2011 are shown below. • Retro patterns, styling and nostalgic, homely imagery in tune with the geriatric couture movement which is embracing embroidery, bygone, feel-good Autumn 2011 sentiment and vintage fabrics “ The trend towards uncoated print and textured finishes is also expected to continue as colours and coatings become increasingly subtle How will this manifest in packaging? – we expect a higher demand for understated colours, earthy, pastel tones, print to the uncoated face of the board ” and also matt finishes.
  6. 6. GOODFORMEGOODFORTHEWORLD During the global financial crisis consumers and The most innovative confectioners will therefore businesses alike could be forgiven for beginning to seek to harness the health benefits of chocolate in turn blue as they saw themselves drawn towards the the coming years and will combine this with red; but as the global outlook improved reduced packaging from sustainable sources. (temporarily?) so the agenda turned green once more in 2011. (sorry!) So expect to see the following in the best confectionery packaging in 2011/12: Unilever set an admirable and ambitious agenda with the unveiling of its Sustainable Living Plan • Sustainable materials will be a must – and which details hard-edged targets based on reduced energy from waste may place a greater emphasis carbon footprint, reduced waste, water conservation on using materials with strong fuel/ignition and ethical trading. Of course Marks and Spencer potential rather than recycling. had already made headlines with its Plan A which details 180 commitments to achieve by 2015. Some • Cut-aways to reduce weight, sleeves instead of of the early impact can be seen with the adoption of cartons, and increasing focus on compostable corn starch vac-formed trays and the use of sleeves materials instead of cartons in many cases. Although as a carton maker we have an advantage through using materials sourced from sustainable forests, there is still so much more we can do – the minimisation of our environmental impact is a key strategic focus as part of our route to 2014 action plan. We are also very keen to get involved in our customers‟ packaging waste reduction plans where innovation in material selection and pack design can make an enormous difference. Another major trend for 2011/12 is the drive for increasing transparency in ingredients (source: Food Business News) and a focus on the health benefits the food we are consuming (source: Business Insights). “ T h e m in im is a t io n o f o u r e n v ir o n m e n t a l im p a c t is a k e y s t r a t e g ic f o c u s a s p a r t o f Indeed 1-in3 Europeans now want chocolate with o u r r o u t e t o 2 0 1 4 a c t io n p la n . health benefits (source: PRNewswire)
  7. 7. ARTISANSSETTINGTHEAGENDA UK chocolate making is now beginning to contribute to the global agenda for excellence and innovation, So expect to see the following in the best driven by artisan chocolatiers and the arrival in the confectionery packaging in 2011/12: UK of bean-to-bar transparency in ingredients sourcing (source: seventypercent.com) • Deep, interesting colour combinations and detailed patterns inspired by Moorish, Latin- Catalysed by increasing focus on fine dining, and the American art and design. UK popular culture idolisation in of culinary experts, this is driving a wave of demand and recognition • 50s retro/kitsch styling, muted colour patterns for premium chocolates and establishing new and the use of uncoated, brown card and paper. expectations in confectionery. • Focus on ethical sourcing coming through in The intense focus on ingredients entered the packaging material selection not just in ingredients mainstream when Cadbury (then still UK-owned) launched an advertising campaign centred around the glass-and-a-half of fresh milk that it puts into its Dairy Milk bars and through Channel 4‟s Willy‟s Wonky Chocolate Factory documentary in 2008. Packaging inspired by the product ingredients is certainly a continuing trend for 2011 as the drive for differentiation in this increasingly fashionable and keenly competitive segment is ever increasing. Chocolatiers and their designers are drawing inspiration from on the ingredients themselves and from the culture and art of the origin of the cacao, meaning that Moorish, Indonesian, Ivorian and Latin- American infused flavourings and visual designs will increase. Chocolate may be the new creole cuisine. We can also expect to see more 50s retro designs (source: Trendhunter) as our desire for nostalgic retreat as an antidote to the gloomy financial “ UK chocolate making is now setting the global agenda for excellence environment increases (source: Euromonitor). and innovation
  8. 8. LUXURYBITESBACK Fears of a double-dip recession still haven‟t disappeared but we’re not very good at austerity So expect to see the following in the best any more and signs of the re-emergence of luxury – confectionery packaging in 2011/12: albeit luxury for 2011 with a slightly muted edge – have started to show (source: Trendhunter). • Packaging that allows the product to provide the key impact through apertures, windows or bag In particular the growth of retailer own brands in components the UK and their vertical expansion into premium confectionery categories is forcing chocolatiers with • Focus on experiential aspects of packaging - truly fine ingredients and artisanal processes to providing an exciting opening experience follow the upward trend from premium into new speciality-gourmet or super-premium segments (source: Business Insights). The focus here is on indulgence – satisfying consumer needs with a less- for-more approach to quantity but a more for the same quality message. This periodic small-scale indulgence in luxury foods chimes with the significant health trend for 2011 and those that can combine the message that a little of what you like is good for you with the delivery of appealing luxury will succeed in convincing even austere consumers to treat themselves. In packaging this will not come through in ostentatious luxury, so the use of rigid boxes will continue to drop in favour of lighter-weight cartons, but we will see the use of elegant finishes, combinations of matte and gloss materials and coatings, the use of embossing to add further texture “ The focus is on indulgence – satisfying consumer needs with a definition and a focus on small detailing that adds less-for-more approach to quantity value for the consumer. but a more for the same quality message
  9. 9. ME-THREEINNOVATION Increasing numbers of brands are responding to the release of “me-too” innovations in the confectionery This is not just about being a me-too fair trade brand, but about demanding ethical trading within market by adapting their marketing mix through a brand which is based on experimentation and a playing with the original concept, offering twists that celebration of tasting chocolate. engage the consumer: what we‟re calling me-three innovation for 2011. So expect to see the following in the best The perpetual small adaptations (source: confectionery packaging in 2011/12: Trendhunter) appeal greatly to change-hungry consumers who love to try different things. • Innovation! Perpetual adaptation through short- Challenger brands and those in innovative segments runs to keep the consumer interested. can adapt by using short-run specialists to keep the innovation flowing at the lowest possible cost. • Challenges in commoditised categories through packaging innovation, e.g. pack-size alterations This “me-three” approach has similarities to mass and rip off sections for indulging on the go. customisation – see www.chocomize.com - (source: Crenk.com) whereby new manufacturing techniques, responsive design and packaging companies – or indeed artisanal hand-finishing – allow last minute trend-based changes to ingredients, appearance and packaging to react to consumer demands. Examples of me-three innovation that works can be seen when considering Zotter, and the apparent holy trinity of organic, fair-trade, bean-to-bar chocolate. Go*Do Chocolate‟s recent launch combined organic (me-too), sustainable (me-too), and bean-to-bar (me-too), adding solid insights on indulgence-on-the- “ go, quality, and a focus on distinctive branding. Examples of me-three innovation can However, Zotter trumps this through “me-three” be seen when considering Zotter, and innovation - offering an incredible diversity and range of flavour options and the opportunity to the holy trinity of organic, fair-trade, customise the packaging in low volumes. bean-to-bar chocolate
  10. 10. THESHAPEOFTHINGSTOCOME Earlier in this trend report we mentioned the use of interrupted creases to create interesting visuals with So we expect an increasing focus on the shape of the carton to assist in the overall mix - straight edges falling into expansive curves to push angularity and efficient use of space combining to the boundaries of carton making. False creases are meet the key objectives of protecting, preserving, also allowing twists and angles that would seem presenting and promoting. impossible but allow machine gluing processes to ensure cost-effective production with no design compromise. This will mean that 2011 sees designs that not only reduce packaging still further but which offer exciting shapes which challenge category norms and demand consumer attention. ISM 2011 and the Packaging Innovations 2011 (Easyfairs) trade shows also highlighted some common shapes and styles of packaging which seem set to dominate over the next 12-24 months: • Carton board „wraps‟ for bags giving a solid base to allow the bag to stand on shelf and room for branding but allowing product display through open sides and thereby minimising packaging • Carton board choc-bar wraps which unfold to make even the smaller bars an experience • Use of windows with additional layers beneath to create depth and shadow “ UK chocolate making is now setting the global agenda for excellence and innovation
  11. 11. SUPPLYCHAINISSUES Chaos theorists had a field day in 2010 as an earthquake in Chile, a Finnish dockworkers strike, falling capacity in Europe and a recovery in demand saw prices for folding box board continue to inflate at astonishing levels (+33% in 18 months). Combined with rising UK fuel prices and no planned capacity increases through Europe in 2011, the evidence suggests that the supply-side issues are unlikely to ease off. What this means for packaging is that lead-times for raw materials are increasing significantly at just the squeezed by the mills and merchants. Equally, it is wrong time (see perpetual adaptation in “Me-Three” important to attempt to unite against retailer Innovation). The onus is on manufacturers to hold power and be clear about the necessary price more inventory, leading to potential reductions in increases that must be absorbed in order to investment in new technology, so design maintain the quality of product they demand. innovation will almost certainly have to be forced through traditional channels – true innovation you If you want more information on any of the issues could say! raised in this section, please contact: On a more positive note we may see resultant Adam Heath, Operations Manager experimentation in different materials - as prices adam@meridiansp.co.uk rise to levels previously thought impossible, the cost +44 (0)1684 578441 premium of trialling new materials is proportionally “ less, encouraging otherwise difficult trade-offs. One of the main concerns will be the use of lower Combined with rising UK fuel grade carton boards in place of premium folding prices and no planned capacity box board or even solid bleached board – and this increases through Europe in could result in unacceptable increases in food waste. It will be important for brands to speak to their 2011, the evidence suggests that packaging manufacturers to ensure that they are the supply-side issues are maintaining standards or at the very least running unlikely to ease off difficult compromises past them as they are squeezed
  12. 12. DATASOURCES the following sources were used in the creation of this document: The Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP Communications) Business Insights - www.globalbusinessinsights.com MPD Click - www.mpdclick.com Pro Carton - www.procarton.com BPIF - www.britishprint.com Cadbury - aglassandahalffullproductions.com Crenk - crenk.com Euromonitor - blog.euromonitor.com PR Newswire - www.prnewswire.co.uk Trend Hunter - www.trendhunter.com ISM - www.ism-cologne.com Food Business News - www.foodbusinessnews.net Packaging Innovations - www.easyfairs.com Pantone - www.pantone.co.uk Zotter - www.zotterchocolate.co.uk Chocablog – www.chocablog.com Pira - www.pira-international.com Marks and Spencer - plana.marksandspencer.com Seventypercent.com - www.seventypercent.com Unilever - www.sustainable-living.unilever.com All images adapted from files accessed through morguefile.com
  13. 13. Report by Adam Heath, Operations Manager: adam@meridiansp.co.ukwww.meridiansp.co.uk © Meridian Speciality Packaging insight, 2011www.chocolatepackaging.co.uk If you wish to re-produce any of the material in this report please contact the author for permission.