Palacio Nation Media Kit 2010


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The National Media Kit for Palacio Magazine

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Palacio Nation Media Kit 2010

  1. 1. America’s bi-lingual community magazine magazine media kit 2010
  2. 2. about palacio palacio Magazine is: • America’s Community Bi-lingual Magazine • Specifically created for each individual local community • Free to the public with managed local distribution • Magazine is in ENGLISH and SPANISH • Articles focused on: • Business • Food • Housing did you know? • Health Care Hispanics are • Entertainment • Insurance the fastest growing • Local Community population in the US • Communications and has more • And Much More! Spanish speakers Magazine than SPAIN. circulation & Distribution • 60,000 Copies per issue • 1200+ Distribution points per market • 174,000 Print READERS PER PRINT ISSUE (2.9 readership rate) • Digital and Print versions for EVERY issue • Over 60,000 page views monthly at • Almost 300,000 impressions PER ISSUE (print and online combined) our partners: Palacio is printed and audited by Network Communication Inc, in Atlanta, Georgia NCI is Palacio’s Distribution Partner and has: • Over 10 million print publications each month • Over a million unique web visitors each month • Over 320,000 distribution points in the US, Canada, and Mexico • 90% of print publications are picked up each month Hispanic Digital Network, a division of PR Newswire • Hispanic Digital Network (HDN) is Palacio’s online Distribution Partner • Palacio Digital Versions and articles are distributed though HDN’s Network of Affiliated sites. • HDN reaches 1 million page views per month
  3. 3. about our reaDers our reaDers: • Age 18 – 34 53.1% 35 – 49 29.4% 50 -17.5% Median Age 33.6 • Household Income Median Household Income $45,192 • Education Graduated High School 67.3% Attended College 37.2% • Employment Employed 71.5% Retired 5.4% did you know? • Marital Status Hispanic buying power Married 49.4% Source: MAgAzine in 2010 topped reAderS SoUrce: Mri FAll 2006 1 Trillion Dollars • Most Hispanics are Bi-lingual 75% of Hispanics speak a language other than English at home. 25% of the Hispanics living in the U.S. cannot function in their daily lives without speaking Spanish. 25% are bilingual and prefer to communicate in English. Source: THe gonzAleS groUp • HISpAnIcS LOVE MAgAzInES! 75.4% of Hispanic Adults Read Magazines Number of Magazine Issues Read by Hispanic Adults in a Month is 11.6
  4. 4. Magazines coMbineD with online aDvertising succeeD Magazines coMbineD with online aDvertising succeeD • Magazines combined with online presence yield the highest ROI available for advertisers across all mediums Source: dynAMic logic 2009 • Magazines rank No. 1 at influencing consumers to start a search online – higher than newer media options Source: BigreSeArcH SiMUlTAneoUS MediA USAge STUdy) did you know? • Magazines are the MOST efficient medium in four out of five stages of the purchase funnel for consumers By 2013, Source: dynAMic logic 2009 one person out of six in the U.S. will be Hispanic. hispanic level of agreeMent with stateMents about aDvertising • Magazine advertising provides me with useful information about new products 72.6% • Magazine advertising gives me good ideas of what to buy 68.8% • I like magazine advertising 63.0% • Magazine advertising entertains me 62.3% • I trust magazine advertising 49.5% • Magazine advertising provides me with something I can’t find in other media like TV, radio or the Internet 48.8% • I prefer to see ads in magazines than on TV, radio or the Internet 41.7% Source: SynovATe reSeArcH 2006 For HiSpAnic MAgAzine coAliTion hispanics are More inclineD to purchase branDs which are aDvertiseD in spanish “i would be more inclined to purchase brands which are advertised in Spanish.” 71% Agree 64% 62% 58% 55% 46% 1990 1992 1994 1997 2000 2002 Source: yAngelovicH, 2002 HiSpAnic MoniTor
  5. 5. why aDvertise in palacio? aDvertising in palacio gets results for your business! • Sales Increase 70% of regular custom publication readers purchased a product/service as a result of what they read • High Reader Interest 64% of consumers and 67% of business professionals read the cover-to-cover or some pages in detail, and pick it up an average of two times before finishing it. Source: cUSToM pUBliSHing coUncil; HiSpAnic BUSineSS Weekly • palacio Magazine is cost Effective Magazine advertising produced the greatest number of consumers impacted per media dollar spent Source: dynAMic logic 2009 did you know? • Most purchases are made LOcALLY 90% of purchases are made within 50 miles of a person’s home Magazines drove (Accenture) purchase intent Product research and comparison-shopping happen online, but 67% of Nearly 3x more those purchases happen offline than TV and 6x more Source: AccenTUre than internet Source: dynAMic logic croSS MediA STUdieS 2009
  6. 6. rates • specs • calendar aDvertising specifications: Rate Card: 1x 3x 6x Full page $2,400 $2,000 $1,750 Half Page $1,400 $1,100 $ 900 Inside Front cover $3,000 $2500 N/A Inside Back cover $3,000 $2500 N/A Back cover $3,000 $2500 N/A the national palacio Magazine is DistributeD in the top 5 us hispanic MarKets: Los Angeles new York Miami-Fort Lauderdale Houston chicago other markets served by individually owned and operated Palacio Magazine Publishers Ad Material Specs: • Column: 4 Column Free Using palacio graphic Designer • Binding: Saddle Stitch • All Artwork should be submitted via email to Fran Sherman • Trim Size: 8.375 W x 10.875 H at • Full Page Bleed: Extend bleed 1/8” beyond trim on all sides • Ad copy must be submitted with artwork as well as any • Full Page Bleed Safely: Type and other image area not specifications of ad design intended to bleed or trim must be held at least 1⁄4” in • Artwork submitted at a minimum of 300DPI from trim • Artwork pulled from the Internet is not accepted • Advertising Unit Dimensions Width Height • Full Page (Bleed, Trim) 8.375 x 10.875 Free Translation Service • Half Page Vertical 4 x 10 • Palacio provides free translation service to all advertisers. • Half Page Horizontal 8 x 5.25 • All Palacio translators are certified. (However, There • Quarter Page 4 x 5.25 isn’t any universal Spanish. If you have changes to your • Ad Submission: High Resolution PDF are the only Accepted translation feel free to contact your local Community file format Director) calenDar: iSSUe Ad reServATion ArTWork dUe December/ January 2010 October 15th October 19th February/ March 2011 December 15th December 19th April/ May 2011 February 15th February 19th larry Feldstein, national Sales director Cell: (678) 641-0182 • Office/Fax: (678) 398-7672 • Email: