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Wonderfui World Images

  1. 1. PowerPoint Show by Emerito Music: I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas http://www.slideshare.net/mericelene
  2. 2. An iceberg, 36 metres above the water surface of Kane Basin in the Arctic.
  3. 3. A Guerrab sells water at the old city in Rabat.
  4. 4. Taiji, a traditional form of Chinese martial arts at a local stadium in Shenyang.
  5. 5. Monsoon clouds loom the city as Indian porters offload cargo from the roof of a long distance bus in Kolkata.
  6. 6. An Afghan man washes his hands outside the window of a side building of the Shrine of Hazrat Ali in Mazar-I-Sharif in northern Afghanistan.
  7. 7. An Afghan man feeds pigeons at the Shrine of Hazrat Ali in Mazar-I-Sharif in northern Afghanistan, Afghanistan.
  8. 8. Dancers perform during a parade celebrating the 64th anniversary of the country's Independence in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  9. 9. Danish farmers seen harvesting on a sunny day in Eastern Jutland, Denmark.
  10. 10. The beach of the Baltic Sea resort of Warnemuende, Northern Germany.
  11. 11. Artist Donna Ong of Singapore shows how she constructs her "The Crystal City" installation, created using crystal bottles, jars, cups, bowls and decanters, during a media preview of Singapore's Night Festival at the National Museum in Singapore.
  12. 12. Olek, 10, jumps in to the Serpentine Lido in London, England .
  13. 13. An Afghan vendor sits in front of watermelons and muskmelons along a street in Herat, western Afghanistan.
  14. 14. Israelis fly kites at the Israel Museum compound in Jerusalem.
  15. 15. People wearing traditional sevillana and flamenco costumes take part in the August fair in Malaga, Southern Spain.
  16. 16. Workers rest after work at a ship breaking yard in Chittagong.
  17. 17. A formation of tabular icebergs that have calved from the Humboldt glacier.
  18. 18. Firefighters douse a burning passenger train after it was set on fire by students during a clash with railway police at Bihta railway station, 30 km from the eastern Indian city of Patna.
  19. 19. Firemen wearing protective gear intervene in the Gironde region of France where a Spanish truck transporting nitric acid has leaked 9000 litres of toxic and corrsive chemicals onto the motorway.
  20. 20. Nepalese boys dressed in cow costumes participate in a parade to mark the Gaijatra festival, or the festival of cows, in Katmandu, Nepal.
  21. 21. A labouring man at work in the underground construction site of the new underground line "Kanzlerbahn" (Chancellor train) in Berlin.
  22. 22. Bolivian soldiers stand at the runway for the arrival of government authorities in Sucre airport..
  23. 23. Paramilitary policemen are seen during a swimming training in Wuhan, in central China's Hubei province.
  24. 24. Workers are seen through a cut part of a ship at a ship breaking yard in Chittagong.
  25. 25. Newly graduated Algerian police women parade during a graduation ceremony at Ain Benian Police Academy in Algiers.
  26. 26. A general view of renovated Al-Mansouri Mosque during its reopening ceremony in Tripoli, Northern Lebanon.
  27. 27. US soldiers of 2-12 Infantry 4BCT-4ID Task Force Mountain Warriors load supplies for a donkey to carry, in preparation for a night operation were they will support security for the upcoming presidential election, in Honaker Miracle camp at the Pesh valley of Kunar Province.
  28. 28. A Nepalese child, dressed as a Sadhu,in a procession for Gai Jatra (Cow Festival) in Kathmandu.
  29. 29. Burning forest fire between Lytton and Lillooet, British Columbia north of Vancouver.
  30. 30. Little penguins at Taronga Zoo in Sydney,
  31. 31. Origami cranes in Valparaiso city, Santiago.
  32. 32. Five-year-old Chinese girl Liu Lin at the Sun Beach Theme Park in Beijing.
  33. 33. A Pakistan shopkeeper offers evening prayers at his road side shop on the outskirt of Islamabad.
  34. 34. Buddhist nuns encircle the grounds of the newly-renovated Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.
  35. 35. South Korean special warfare command soldiers exercise in Taean, South Korea.
  36. 36. Russian tourists cool down at the West Bank Dead Sea resort of Qalya, east of Jerusalem.
  37. 37. Icebergs float in the calm waters of a fjord, south of Tasiilaq in eastern Greenland.
  38. 38. An installation by Choi Jeong-Hwa of South Korea at the LACMA in Los Angeles.
  39. 39. The Great Mosque of Cordoba in southern Spain.
  40. 40. THE END