The Faces of Solar Fountains


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The Faces of Solar Fountains

  1. 1. The Faces of Solar FountainsSolar fountains have become widely popular these days and can be foundin many households, backyards, gardens, and landscaped areas. One ofthe most important reasons of their popularity is their unique and creativevisual styles, which make any outdoor surrounding look more attractiveand appealing.Solar fountains offer an amazing variety in terms of design as well assizes. The perfect solar fountain can be found to meet the required designspecifications, based upon where it is installed. Small sized fountains areessential for corner positions or in patios where there is not sufficientspace. Large solar fountains can be installed right in the heart of a garden,acting as a focal point that will draw the attention of all family, friends,and guests. Depending upon the style, the solar panel that collects energyfrom the sun and provides power to the fountain, can be integrated into
  2. 2. the basin of the fountain or be a separate stand-alone panel.Garden fountains are indeed one of the most sought-after fountains.While the flora provides a boundary for your garden and makes it lookenchanting, a gorgeous solar fountain serves as the cynosure for the place.Most people prefer to install a fountain in the center of the garden, but itis not mandatory. If you’ve already got a fixture there, you can find someother place in your garden. Corner solar fountains come in handy in suchscenarios.Solar fountains are also fixed in almost any outdoor space. Owing to thehuge place that is usually available, designs can range from 2 to 4 feet tallfor bigger designs. There are different models of this solar product thatare exclusively designed to suit backyards and the variety is huge. Stylescan range from simple pots to whimsical animal designs, to dramaticsculptures that are sure to provide an elegant and sophisticated look. Theyoften become the focal point of the landscape, demanding the attention ofall guests.Upright fountains are pedestal mounted fountains that are usually knownas solar bird baths. When it comes to beauty and animation, nothing beatsthese types of fountains. They are made in some of the most enchanting
  3. 3. designs and the sprinkling water creates a view that is impossible to getwith any other kind of fixture.If you are looking for something special for your outdoor decor, tieredand cascade solar fountains may be the perfect choice. By far the mostpopular of solar designs, these fountains range in size from 21 to 36 talland are available in finishes such as terracotta, glazed ceramic, pewter,green bamboo, or carved wood. Available both in classic and moderndesigns, these fountains are made in multiple levels. Waterfallsdownwards from one level to the next, until reaches the ground level.Solar cascade fountains offer unparalleled animation and add life to anyspace. A number of colors are available to choose from, along withdifferent sizes. Get the one that best suits your taste and the requirementsof the place where you wish to install.Included within this category are smart solar birdbath fountains, in whichbatteries that power the pump retain the daytime charge, and can be set torun for several hours after the sun has set or whenever desired throughoutthe day or night. This technology is known as solar cool gadgets ondemand. Once birds begin to visit your birdbath, it becomes even moreenticing. Observing their locomotion and the sounds they make is itself asoothing and enjoyable recreational activity.
  4. 4. Looking for an enviable fixture for your patio? Give an opportunity tosolar fountains and they’ll add the perfect charm to the place. Patio solarfountains give an artistic look to your patio and are also suitable for tabletop presentations. They range from approximately 12 to 15 inches indiameter and are usually decorated with nature elements such as birds,frogs or fish. The sound of flowing water is as intriguing to birds andanimals as it is to those of us who relax near them and will draw ourfurry/featured friends in for a drink. While you enjoy a cup of tea in yourpatio, these fountains will create the perfect relaxing atmosphere withtheir sound and animation.