Ideas for using solar string lights


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Ideas for using solar string lights

  1. 1. Ideas for using solar string lightsSolar string lights can be a great choice to illuminate your driveways,patios, gazebos, gardens, or fencing. They are ideal for creating thatmagical mood for a specific holiday or theme party, or to just add extraexcitement and color to an outdoor space.Solar string lights are not just the solar product used as festivaldecorations anymore; they can be used all year round to celebrate specialoccasions, celebrations, or other holidays as well. Modern string lightscome in wide range of shapes, colors and sizes thus provide an array ofpossibilities for decorating, such as solar dragonfly lights, ladybug, stars,and Chinese lantern string light designs. Use them inside or outside, inyour bedroom, in trees, around your patio, to outline your home, or to
  2. 2. display a nighttime garden. AYou can make any tree look like a holiday tree by mixing a few strings ofmulti-colored lights with green or white sets. There is almost every coloravailable to suit every special occasion; green for Saint Patrick’s Day, red,white, and blue for Independence Day, multi-color for Easter, red andgreen for Christmas, or the colors of your favorite sporting team. Justwrap the string around the tree or drape them on the branches.If you want to decorate small trees, railings, windows, and doorways, youcan make use of small solar lights, whereas for lining houses ordecorating large trees, you can buy large solar string lights. You can evenplace solar string lights in a shady spots, but first check for a sunny areanearby for placing the solar panel. The solar panel should be situated insuch a position that it can get maximum sunlight to allow the batteries tocharge sufficiently.Whether you are planning for your holiday decorations or you areplanning for a themed party, just adding sparkle to your garden orpreparing for a family meal, these lights can be the perfect way to addcolor and show off your style. They are very versatile, easy to install, anddo not require laying any electrical wires or outlets, since they use solar
  3. 3. energy for power. The lights get charged during the day with the help ofsunlight and when they sense darkness, these lights automatically switchon and light up for up to 12 hours every night.If you choose to utilize solar string lights to decorate your nextcelebration, make your mind up for where to place your solar string lights.It is always better to measure the area first, especially for decorating yourdriveway or other lined areas. The best part is that after they are put intoplace, you there is no additional costs to run them after your initialpurchase, since solar energy is free.No matter what type of event you are looking at, these three solar lightswill give it all the glamour that it needs. They are solar strings lights,solar post lights and solar globes. Using a combination of these coolgadgets and let me tell you there can hundreds of them to choose from,you can create amazing designs and give an enviable look to your place.Solar string and rope lights are the most versatile form of solar lights.These are small LED lights, beaded in a string of rope, can be placed atmany places in your outdoor surrounding. You can use these lights tomake columns of colorful lights, drooping together from a high point,such as your roof or a tree. You can shape these solar ropes the way you
  4. 4. like as they are flexible and adaptable, creating different designs andusing a multitude of colors.