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High Five Conference - 3 Slam Dunk Secrets to Make Your Fans Stop Scrolling & Start Buying


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Would you like more social media engagement from your followers? Wish your website generated more leads? Want more click-throughs and sales from your email campaigns? This seminar will teach you three slam dunk secrets to stand out, engage and convert your prospects to customers. Every second on the Internet 10,337 tweets are tweeted, 2,832 Instagram photos are posted and 2,435,532 emails are sent. Your potential customers are drowning in an avalanche of sales and marketing messages. At this seminar you will learn how to harness The Fan Factor to create compelling content that clicks with your customers. Learn how to harness the power of fans to build a strong referral business. WARNING: This session is for serious marketers only. An increase in traffic, leads and sales will result!

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High Five Conference - 3 Slam Dunk Secrets to Make Your Fans Stop Scrolling & Start Buying

  1. 1. Find Your Fan Factor 3 Slam Dunk Secrets to Make Them Stop Scrolling & Start Buying
  2. 2. Photo Credit Flickr @RickMcQuinlan
  4. 4. FANS
  5. 5. Give The Fans What They Want
  6. 6. Focus on the Fans
  8. 8. IDENTITY
  9. 9. It’s Not About You ✓ Stop Talking ✓Start Listening ✓ Know Your Fans
  10. 10. @MeredithCSP #High5Conf #FanFactor
  11. 11. Authentic Images Connect ✓ Demographic ✓ Lifestage ✓ Geographic @MeredithCSP #High5Conf #FanFactor
  12. 12. Unique Images
  13. 13. Think Outside the Box
  14. 14. Think Outside The Box
  15. 15. Convey Emotion
  16. 16. Convey Emotion
  17. 17. @MeredithCSP #High5Conf #FanFactor
  18. 18. Use a Wide Variety of Emotions
  19. 19. Snark is an emotion!
  20. 20. Aspirational
  21. 21. Nostalgic
  22. 22. How Did You Know I Felt That Way?
  23. 23. @MeredithCSP #High5Conf #FanFactor
  24. 24. One Size Does Not Fit All
  25. 25. Match Your Call to Action to the Fan’s Journey
  26. 26. 1. AWARENESS 2. CONSIDERATION 3. decision @MeredithCSP #High5Conf #FanFactor
  27. 27. Free eBook & Exclusive Content Visit
  28. 28. What’s Your #FanFactor? @MeredithCSP #High5Conf #FanFactor