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This is my roadtrip powerpoint that I did in computer science class.

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Powerpt Slideshow

  2. 2. The first stop we made was made Was in Beverly Hills. When we got there, we were walking through the Streets and Channing Tatum and Chad Michael Murry came up to us And immediately invited us to a party. Later that night, we showed up at their House where they were waiting just to Greet us. Beverly Hills, CA
  3. 3. New Orleans, Louisiana Our second stop in the US was New Orleans, Louisiana. At the time, hurricane Katrina was happy to grace us with her presence. We couldn’t leave in time, so we got stuck in what we call, a slight problem. WE ALMOST DROWN!!!
  4. 4. Orlando, Florida When we made our third stop in Orlando, Florida we made our way to Universal Studios. Even thought we weren’t parents Bringing their little kids, trust us, we still Had tons of fun.
  5. 5. New York, New York When we arrived at our last stop New York, New York we were asked To perform in “Legally Blonde” the Musical on broadway. We figured since We had a lot of time to kill, we shopped Till we dropped.
  6. 6. We had to get home somehow!!!!