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Retailers have become increasingly sophisticated when it comes to targeted marketing
and driving sale...
For more than a decade, Opticard has helped retailers worldwide develop and implement successful card-based
programs. Opti...

 Complimentary Cards
 Complimentary or “comp” cards allow retailers to track separate            Freq...
Business Benefits                                            Kiosk services

making it Work for merchants                                             making it Work for isos and ...
Corporate Headquarters
407 N. 117th Street
Omaha, NE, USA 68154
+ 1.800.979.9166

Canada offiCe
8403 Coronet Road
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Opticard Brochure

  1. 1. OPTICARD C o m pr e h e n s i v e se rv i C es an d so lut i on s
  2. 2. OPTICARD
  3. 3. www.opticard.com Retailers have become increasingly sophisticated when it comes to targeted marketing and driving sales growth. Indeed, by offering gift cards alone, retailers across the globe have discovered a simple and highly effective way to drive sales, generate excitement, build brand awareness and reward loyalty. Today, the vast majority of retailers offer gift cards, with billions of dollars worth of value being issued each year. The challenge for retailers now remains in finding the gift and loyalty provider who can offer the most program flexibility, customization and value. about opticard Founded in 1995, Opticard is an industry leader in implementing and managing a variety of card-based programs. Opticard processes over 20 million transactions per year at nearly 50,000 installed POS locations, representing billions in transaction volume annually. Opticard is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Planet Group, Inc. about planet Group, inc. Planet Group, Inc. is a privately held corporation and holding company of a diverse group of technology and business solutions companies. Our diverse portfolio of companies provide solutions and services such as IT consulting, gift and loyalty programs, electronic payment processing and business process management to Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, healthcare, banking, retail, and consumer industrial and technology industries.
  4. 4. For more than a decade, Opticard has helped retailers worldwide develop and implement successful card-based programs. Opticard’s unique platform was developed from the ground up by retailers, for retailers. As an industry leader, Opticard provides a complete end-to-end solution, helping businesses establish card-based programs or take existing ones to the next level. Opticard currently supports more than 7,000 merchants, encompassing nearly 50,000 locations and representing billions in transaction volume annually. Opticard offers unique expertise in several vertical markets, including restaurants, hospitality, specialty retail, hair and beauty, and sports and leisure. Customizable programs that drive Customer loyalty Opticard offers a variety of card-based programs to meet the specific needs of retailers. These programs can be implemented individually or combined, using the same or different cards for each program. Opticard offers flexible, customizable programs that allow retailers to implement the most appropriate and effective programs for their business. Moreover, with Opticard’s card programs, retailers have the ability to activate and redeem cards wherever they conduct business, including telephone, online or in-store. Customers or employees can thus activate a card at one channel and redeem it through any other channel. Gift and stored value Cards Opticard offers customizable gift and stored valued card programs based on a retailer’s requirements. With Opticard, retailers can leverage several options, including customized card designs, multiple-currency, single-use or re-loadable, expiration dates, inactivity fee support and card conversions—just to name a few. e-Gift Cards With Opticard, customers can purchase e-gift cards online via a secure online application. Customers can choose the card design, select a value denomination and include a personal message. The e-gift card is then sent via e-mail to the recipient, arriving in seconds. E-gift cards can be redeemed on a retailer’s Web site, in-store or via telephone. multi-retailer Cards Opticard’s gift card programs can be used by multiple merchants in a pre-set environment, such as a shopping center, resort village or downtown shopping district. Funds are tracked electronically and automatically transferred via ACH to the appropriate merchant’s bank account. This specific program also offers a financial incen- tive to merchants by allowing them to retain fees from those who redeem the cards. Opticard also provides online reporting, allowing individual merchants to view real-time transaction activity and the associated transfer of funds affecting their business.
  5. 5. www.opticard.com Complimentary Cards Complimentary or “comp” cards allow retailers to track separate Frequency rewards. This program allows customers to purchase funds that are provided to customers at no cost. These cards a predetermined number of items to receive a free or discounted can be distributed for several reasons; “thanks for your business,” item. For example, customers could purchase six cups of coffee “sorry for the poor service,” employee incentives or special and receive one cup free. discount programs (i.e., buy a $50 gift card for $40). Whether funds are added to an existing gift card or to a separate card, the program discount rewards. With this program, businesses can give and its associated funds are managed and reported independently customers an immediate, fixed discount if they present the card of other card programs. at the time of sale. Opticard also allows merchants to apply a rebate to the card for future use. The discount rewards program online redemption Cards allows retailers to offer substantial savings while tracking Opticard supports gift cards that can be purchased in-store, but customer spending patterns and habits. redeemed exclusively online. This allows online merchants to market their goods and services at specific points of retail distribution. With Opticard’s loyalty programs, customers can check account status online at any time. Moreover, all of the above loyalty promotional Cards programs can be further modified to meet specific business needs. Promotional cards can attract customers to retail locations for special events, such as a store opening or a product launch. With Opticard’s promotional card program, retailers set the parameters, World-Class support and services defining items such as discount amounts, merchandise or purchase Opticard provides a full range of client services and support. requirements and expiration dates. Opticard also tracks these Opticard works with each client to develop a customized solution programs separately to allow for easy monitoring and evaluation. that best supports your selected programs and business needs. merchandise returns Conversion services Opticard offers merchandise return cards, which can be issued Opticard has a track record of successful conversions and can in place of a cash refund or traditional credit certificate. If the quickly convert your existing gift card program to the Opticard customer already has a gift card, the refund can be added to the platform. Opticard can convert existing balances and allow usage balance and tracked separately. of already-issued cards. Franchise programs dormancy and escheatment Opticard specializes in gift card programs for complete or partial Opticard provides each client with effective tools to accommodate franchise organizations. Opticard provides the necessary settle- and comply with various state laws, allowing retailers to maximize ment reports and allows for a variety of intra-organization pricing programs state-by-state. and discount models. With the franchise program, ACH transfers can be set for a variety of frequencies. Opticard can perform real-time reporting transfers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or transfers can be Opticard’s reporting tools and services allow retailers to easily set for every Tuesday and Friday, or Monday and Wednesday, etc. track and evaluate the effectiveness of card-based programs. Businesses can track all card transactions in real-time by location, loyalty programs time period and program. Online reports include corporate Opticard supports robust loyalty programs that can run on the same reconciliation, corporate averages, daily activations and redemp- card as a gift card or on an entirely separate program. Opticard tions, and transaction history. All reports are available online or offers three main types of loyalty programs: can be exported in data formats consistent with most accounting and report generation software. Opticard also provides a compre- point rewards. With this program, customers can earn rewards/ hensive online administrative tool that allows retailers to customize points based on their spending. Retailers decide the award access, management and operation of card-based programs. levels and how they should be redeemed. Points can be converted Retailers have the ability to track and issue individual cards, perform to a dollar value and added back on the card for customer batch activations, control system access by division, store, redemption, or converted to product discounts or free goods employee and more. and services.
  6. 6. Business Benefits Kiosk services Opticard offers a patent-pending kiosk service that allows clients Generate incremental sales to sell gift cards off-site at high-traffic locations such as airports, Gift cards can be marketed in-store and via corporate malls and lobbies. sales and cross-promotions, providing significant incremental revenue opportunities. Most retailers see a Credit Card processing services 20 percent increase in sales after converting to gift Opticard offers competitive debit and credit card processing cards, and some have recorded 100 percent increases. services for gift and loyalty clients. By using a single point of access for all payment processing, our clients receive the best rates in increase Customer loyalty the industry. Gift and loyalty programs reward customers, build customer relationships and generate repeat purchases. pos Gateway services Furthermore, loyalty programs allow retailers to capture Opticard’s unique POS gateway service combines our POS and track demographic information and buying habits development expertise with our nationwide 800 network and secure for additional rewards or promotions. IP services. With this service, Opticard can develop a POS application specific to your payment type, deploy it on target terminals, attract new Customers pass each transaction over our secure network to your host The gift card recipient is often a new customer. Gift processing unit and then return the completed transaction to the cards provide an opportunity to build relationships with POS. This service helps businesses quickly develop a large network new customers retailers might otherwise fail to reach. of acceptance endpoints for a variety of transaction types, such as funds transfer, private label charge cards and credit authorization. increase Control and visibility With electronic gift cards, retailers can easily track and Web integration services monitor program performance at the corporate, division, Opticard can integrate gift card programs into your existing Web store or employee level. Opticard provides real-time site, enabling your customers to purchase and redeem gift cards reports and administrative tools that allow you to online, send gift cards electronically and check gift card balance control the access and management of your programs. and account activity. Create new marketing opportunities Customer service Gift cards and other card programs can be creatively Opticard provides customer service for both employees and merchandised throughout retail locations and online cardholders, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Opticard provides an with custom designs, coordinating carriers, and unique IVR service that allows employees and cardholders to check POS displays and materials. balances using an automated service through any touch-tone phone. We also provide customer balance inquiry links, which cardhold- ers can directly access from a merchant’s Web page. Opticard also offers a live support center for program or technical assistance during regular business hours. training Opticard provides customized training, offering a range of options from train-the-trainer models to on-site training to online Webi- nars. We also provide a comprehensive Merchant Web User Guide with complete instructions for ongoing program administration, maintenance and reporting. In addition, Opticard offers a reference guide for POS devices.
  7. 7. www.opticard.com making it Work for merchants making it Work for isos and acquirers Opticard is a worldwide leader in gift and loyalty programs, offering For more than a decade, ISOs and acquirers have turned to Opticard unmatched flexibility, support and services. We possess the as the gift and loyalty platform of choice for their merchants. required expertise and capabilities to meet the unique demands Through multiple reseller models, Opticard offers ISOs and acquirers of the retail industry. Whatever the need, Opticard makes it work a simple and effective way to build merchant portfolios. Opticard for your business. provides complete control through referral and distribution programs, flexible card production management, online boarding transparent pricing model and numerous terminal download and deployment options. Opticard offers a transparent, single-fee pricing model. Our pricing is fixed and is structured to coincide with clients’ sales, allowing Control, reliability & Flexibility retailers to budget with certainty and provide unrivaled value. With Opticard, ISOs have the control, reliability and flexibility they Moreover, there are no hidden costs or charges, and all of our support need to seamlessly build their merchant portfolios: services are included. • Multiple reseller models, including referral and distribution Card design and production • Flexible card production—can be managed by Opticard, Opticard can help you with all of your card design and production a third party or an ISO needs. Our in-house creative team can provide innovative • Flexible terminal download and deployment—can be managed card designs for special promotions, co-branding opportunities by Opticard, a third party or an ISO or seasonal occasions. • Certified with multiple gift card mall partners • Multiple terminal integrations: marketing and merchandising integrated pos terminal pos Opticard’s creative team can help you create unique merchandising Aloha® 4Access displays and materials, including envelopes and carriers, IBM® Gemalto card holders, table tents, display racks, buttons and posters. Micros® 9700 Hypercom® Micros® 3700 NURIT pos integration NCR TechTrex The Opticard platform is integrated with many of the leading POSitouch® VeriFone ® POS and payment systems, such as Aloha, Micros, IBM, NCR, ® ® ® Squirrel® POSitouch, Hypercom, Lipman and VeriFone. ® ® ® Opticard offers the features and benefits merchants seek. By pos-Based application partnering with Opticard, ISOs can offer their clients a means to Opticard can provide a small, flexible application for most Windows® attract new customers, generate incremental sales, increase PCs. The application essentially converts a PC into a gift card customer loyalty and reduce current costs. With Opticard, ISOs terminal. Just add a card reader, and a PC can accept and issue gift can leverage several unique program features: cards with the same ease and flexibility as a POS terminal. • Integrated gift/loyalty on a single platform • Multi-merchant and franchise settlement models • Real-time reporting • Flexible program definition and management • Online boarding capability (Web or XML) • First or second level help desk support
  8. 8. Corporate Headquarters 407 N. 117th Street Omaha, NE, USA 68154 + 1.800.979.9166 Canada offiCe 8403 Coronet Road Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 4N7 + 1.780.424.4922 sCot tsdale offiCe 16701 North 90th Street, Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 + 1.877.331.2900 www.opticard.com