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Fd Liftoverview


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Fd Liftoverview

  1. 1. LIFT SM A Family of Analytic Solutions, Powered by Intelligent Results Through the acquisition of Intelligent Results, a leader in customer analytics and decision management, First Data is launching a family of solutions which integrates data, analytics and action to deliver a significant lift in portfolio profitability, as well as collections and recovery performance. The right variables need to be considered each time While we are happy to handle custom analytics projects, you make an important business decision, whether it’s we’ve focused on delivering our clients the following to make a phone call to customers, send a letter or offer LIFT solutions: rewards points. Each action requires a corresponding Usage Manager – enables you to identify accounts investment, and each returns a different ROI based on where usage is most likely to decline, potentially leading individual customer segments. The key to profitability, to inactivity or attrition. Usage Manager lets you take whether for marketing or collections outreach, is making action to provide the right incentives (such as increased data-driven decisions based on your business strategy reward points, a different pricing structure, etc.) to which ensure the most appropriate action is taken for each cardholder, to encourage usage and save expense every customer. by not offering incentives to those who would have increased usage on their own. LIFTSM Completes the Full Lifecycle Letter Manager – enables you to identify those of a Decision collections accounts where the cost of sending a letter is higher than the potential return, thus saving money ! A powerful strategy engine to analyze your business by not sending a letter. Letter Manager lets you start drivers and costs to provide an action score generating results immediately as it provides custom ! The score drives the actions you take, leveraging strategy capabilities that make it easy to rank accounts First Data’s processing system and suite of customer and allocate resources. communication tools, such as letters, automated calling, statements, messaging, e-mail and other communication vehicles ! Actions taken are recorded on First Data systems and “State-of-the-art analytics has are available to view through an easy-to-use GUI moved from the periphery of a card interface — enabling you to learn from the outcomes processing system’s focus directly to and continually refine your strategy in real time the center. The quality of a processor’s ! The LIFT family of analytic solutions is offered in a fully hosted environment — so there’s no need to analytics is in direct proportion to its burden IT, hire costly statisticians or change business ability to provide value for its clients.” processes to immediately experience business — Ted Iacobuzio, Managing Director improvements Payments, TowerGroup
  2. 2. Call Manager – enables you to improve collections A Global Leader in Electronic Commerce performance by optimizing resource allocation through more intelligent calling queues. By focusing calling First Data powers the global economy by making it effort where the return is the greatest and re-allocating easy, fast and secure for people and businesses around calling effort where the return will be low, you can the world to buy goods and services using virtually any improve performance and maximize month-end form of payment. Serving millions of merchant locations results. Call Manager can be integrated into all contact and thousands of card issuers, we have the expertise methods, including manual, dialer and automated and insight to help you accelerate your business. Put messaging through 2Way-Connect.SM our intelligence to work for you. Self-Cure Manager – enables you to avoid allocating resources to those accounts that will pay regardless of treatment. Settlement Manager – enables you to determine the optimal settlement rate for every delinquent account. Actions include recommending no settlement, to determining personalized settlement offers. With Settlement Manager, you can significantly reduce net credit losses through pre-chargeoff settlements by adjusting offers to maximize response rates. Outsource Manager – enables you to determine which and how many accounts to send to collection agencies in order to reduce contingency fees while balancing internal resource constraints. For more information, contact FD_LIFTOverview_Prod your First Data Sales Representative or visit © 2008 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved.