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Sp pictures


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Sp pictures

  1. 1. Recording studioMy band went to Mr. Jimmy Anderson’s studio where Jake Kirby andJimmy Anderson recorded two of our songs.
  2. 2. Jimmy AndersonBeing in the music industry for over twenty years, Mr. Anderson was overqualified for the job.
  3. 3. Setting Up the StudioPrep work before recording was a tedious process, especially having fiveparts to record.
  4. 4. Laying Down the Base TrackAt first, everyone was recorded so that we could have somewhat of aguide to follow and also for the engineer to get a feel for the song. Wewere then separately recorded in order to get a quality sound.
  5. 5. SingingRecording required a lot of effort because I had to sing songs and parts ofsongs over in an instance where I made a mistake or didn’t sound right. Ican recall being a little off my game that day and I was a bit hoarse.
  6. 6. Setting up ShopIn this picture, I was setting up a backdrop for the set. We used my dad’sbuilding to film.
  7. 7. Setting up cameraFor my project, I used a Canon T2i D-SLR. I filmed a resolution of 1080pand a frame speed of 30fps.
  8. 8. Checking Shot CompositionIn this picture, I was making sure that the camera was positioned to howI wanted it. Each shot had to be analyzed based on its composition,lighting, time, etc.
  9. 9. Placing Props and CharactersPlacing people and props in the film took a while. We had to make sure thatno one overlapped on another and that the props were clearly visible. Forinstance, The speakers we placed on either side of me had to be symmetricalin reference to the screen.
  10. 10. MakeupMakeup did not take long because we didnt utilize any demandingwardrobes. Probably the most difficult character to prepare for was theMan in the Mirror.
  11. 11. Testing a ShotWe took a still of this shot because I wanted to make sure that thespecial effect that I wanted to do was going to work. The effect was verysuccessful.
  12. 12. EditingEditing, by far, was the longest process and the biggest learning curve. Iestimated that over 20 hours were dedicated to editing. I believe I would havespent less time on editing if I had already known how to use the program.