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  1. 1. FilmmakingBY DRAYTON MERCURE
  2. 2. Project Essay- History of Cinematography Became popular at the beginning of 20th Century Artisan craft Thomas Edison  Developed primitive form of film Captured on film  Required cutting and gluing
  3. 3. GeorgesMéliès•Created first sciencefiction film • A Trip To the Moon (1902)• Contained no audibledialogue • Not feasible•Father of modern dayfilm • Used transitions (fade in/out) • Artificial sets • Changing scenes/ Multi shots
  4. 4. Today Socially integrated Necessity
  5. 5. Purpose Personal intrigue Participate in a rock band  Great medium to advertise our word
  6. 6. ProcessI. Estimated expenditures/ Purchases equipmentII. Wrote Content (song)III. Had song recordedIV. Brainstormed general ideasV. Planned and edited storyboardVI. Prepared set, characters, and crewVII. Captured footageVIII. EditingIX. Transferring final product to a presentable format
  7. 7. Facilitators Dr. Estapa  Graduated from Southern Mississippi  received a Bachelor of Journalism degree  minor in theatre, TV News, and acting  producer for Six Flags Television  Teacher of Video Broadcasting and production  PhD in Educational Leadership Mr. Eric Atkins  Final Cut Pro certified  4 years professional experience in Television  working for national shows including:  ElimiDate  Trading Spouses 2  Big Fat Obnoxious Boss  Countless roles on various films/ music videos.  Freelanced as a film and music video consultant for the past 8 years
  8. 8. Dr. Estapa Equipment guidance Camera techniques  General techniques (shot composition, rule of thirds, acceptable shots, etc.) Camera use and maintenance
  9. 9. Mr. Eric Atkins On the field training tips  How to manage a crew  Lighting  Set development and prop placement Editing  Using software  Editing tips and visual effects
  10. 10. ChallengesI. Team cooperationII. Camera errors (improper lighting, bumping camera)III. Hardware 1. Software/ footage incompatibility 2. Self destruction of CHEAPLY MADE SONY GOODS PROVIDED BY BEST BUY 3. Filming inaccuracies (acting, lighting, composition)IV. Software 1. Learning curve 2. Computer limitations
  11. 11. Knowledge Acquired Estimated vs. actual (time, budget, effort, footage, patience, intelligence) Basic filming techniques Basic editing and visual effects techniques Knowledge of equipment (cameras, computers, software, music equipment)Final verdict= Success!
  12. 12. Acknowledgements Cast and Crew:  John Mercure- Producer, band manager, best boy electric, grip, set decorator  Eric Atkins- stage manager, camera operator/cinematographer, gaffer  Steve Mount- key grip, prop master  Preston Mount- camera production assistant  Dylan mount- electrical, stage assistant  Shelby Mercure- camera operator  Keller Vandebogert- as lead guitarist, foley artist  Tyler Woodruff- as percussionist, foley artist  Rhiannon Meyrick- as rhythm guitarist, foley artist  Katie Anglin- transportation, concession, sound  Jimmy Anderson- music engineer  Jake Kirby- co music engineer  Drayton Mercure- as vocalist, production manager, director, writer, editor, foley artist A special thanks to my father, John Mercure for turning a dream of mine into a reality. Thank you John G. and Eric Atkins for providing their computers in order to try and finish my editing.
  13. 13.  Images Acquired From:1. AAp8/_2o89fDHpOc/s1600/Comedy_Central_Logo_stamp.jpg2. 2624b6e82ad7/cnn.aspx3. content/uploads/2010/08/skype.jpg4. AAAcI/ul3hDnH7Mno/s1600/sd_card.jpg6. 3/7249417-man-using-laptop-computer-sitting-on-couch-in-living- room.jpg7. &h=2308. ge_Melies.jpg/220px-George_Melies.jpg