Dry eye syndrome-equipment for diagnostic


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Dry eye syndrome-diagnostic- questions to ask the MD- equipment for a diagnostic-

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Dry eye syndrome-equipment for diagnostic

  1. 1. Dry Eye Syndrome SYMPTOMS-TREATMENT-EQUIPMENT mercoframes.com
  2. 2. What is Dry Eye Syndrome About 10 million Americans suffer from dry eye syndrome. Most of these cases result from normal aging of the glands in the eye, but dry eye can occur at any age.
  3. 3. People suffering from allergies and those wearing contact lenses have greater risk of developing dry eye.There are two main forms of dry eye, evaporative dry eye and aqueous deficient dry eye.
  4. 4. Many people mistake the dry eye symptoms for allergies, climatic conditions or just eyestrain. While all of these may aggravate dry eye symptoms, they are not the cause.
  5. 5. HVS900/Slit Lamp Digital Video System HVS900
  6. 6. What Causes Dry Eye? Common causes of dry eyes include: ● Aging ● Dry environment or workplace (wind, air conditioning) ● Sun exposure ● Smoking or second-hand smoke exposure ● Cold or allergy medicines
  7. 7. ● An eye injury or other problem with your eyes or eyelids (like a drooping eyelid or bulging eyes) ● Sjogren's syndrome -- includes dry eyes, mouth, and mucus membranes, and often rheumatoid arthritis or other joint disorder. ● Previous eye surgery ● Some medications.
  8. 8. SYMPTOMS ● dryness ● burning sensation ● excess watering/tearing ● redness ● stinging sensation ● A foreign body sensation ● scratchiness
  9. 9. ?What to expect at the Doctors office . To help better understand your dry eyes, your healthcare provider may ask the following:
  10. 10. ● How long have you had dry eyes? Does it involve one or both eyes? ● Do you have it all of the time or does it only occur at certain times, with certain activities, or in certain places? ● Does the dryness seem related to wind, dust, chemicals, sun, or light exposure? ● Does it affect your vision?
  11. 11. ● Does it cause pain? ● Do your eyelids close easily? ● Have you noticed any drainage from your eyes? ● Does anything make your dry eyes worse? ● Does anything make your dry eyes better? ● Have you tried artificial tears? Do they help? ● Are you taking any medications? Which ones?
  12. 12. ● Have you had surgery or an injury to your eyes or nose? ● Do you have allergies? ● Have you been using any new cosmetics? ● Do you have any other symptoms like dry mouth or joint discomfort?
  13. 13. Some of the equipment the MD will use in your visit. Microscope Type Galilean-Type- Configuration: Tower style-Magnification change -Five Position revolving Drum Eyepieces-12.5X Angle between eyepieces-13º Total magnification Ratio-6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X Pupillary adjustment - 52mm~78mm Diopter adjustment- ±6D Field of view-40X (∅5.5mm), 25X (∅8.5mm), 16X (∅13.5mm), 10X (∅22mm), 6X (∅34.7mm) Slit Illumination Slit width-Continuously variable from 0 to 14mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle) Slit length-Continuously variable from 1mm to 14mm Aperture diameters-∅14mm,∅10mm,∅5mm,∅3mm,∅2mm, ∅1mm,∅0.2mm Slit angle-0°-180° //Slit inclination 4 step -5°, 10°, 15°, 20°//Filters -thermal safety, UV, Red-free, Cobalt Blue Lamp -6V/20W Halogen Lamp (OSRAM, Import from Germany)
  14. 14. SL7D/Tower style Slit Lamps with 5 magnifications VIDEO SYSTEM B was upgraded by the Slit Lamps with the CCD Adaptor, Beam Splitter and CCD with high speed and resolution. Besides the functions of the Slit Lamps it also has the following functions: 1) 5.0 mega high-definition static image capture. 2) Easy operated patients' information management, diagnosis report can be edited. Applanation Tonometer, Beam Splitter, DC Adaptor, DC, Video Camera Adaptor, Video Camera, BacLite Background Illumination Model, Teaching Tube, etc... Yellow Filter, Amber Filter, Polarizer Filter and Measuring Eyepiece are available.
  15. 15. Panoptic and Iphone adapter
  16. 16. HVS900/Slit Lamp Digital Video System HVS900
  17. 17. HVS900/Slit Lamp Digital Video System HVS900 High Resolution 5 Mega pixels resolution and 1/2.5 inch CCD produce high definition image. With CMOS leaner array, all tiny subjects are shown clearly. Easy USB Transfer One power cable and one data line will realize data transmission easily. Neither hardware nor computer configuring is required. Infrared Button Infrared control, easy-operating and no electromagnetic radiation, is much safer and more stable. Its hardware compatibility is maturest and widest.
  18. 18. Enhanced Auto Exposure Settings Target area sizecon controlled by auto exposure is changed easily via moving the mouse lightly. Any area is shown clearly. Compact Size The most compact imaging module (L135 mm x W74mm x H48.5mm) makes it installed conveniently and operated easily. User-Friendly Interface Simple design style and friendly interface help operators handle it quickly. Strong Compatibility RAW/PNG/BMP/JPG output file format are compatible with most of the third-party software. Centralized Management Professional patient information management platform is important to conduct centralized management for patient information. This platform support integrated function print. Practical Image Processing Practical image processing can meet most of operators demand. Snapshot Warning
  19. 19. hansheiss.com This video was made by the Instructional Design Department at Mercoframes. Contact information: marketing@mercoframes.com.