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Full Circle Security and Support for Your Payments


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Merchant Link presentation in Motion Computing’s booth at the 2013 NRF show.

Learn how retailers using Windows can go mobile now with the innovative SlateMate tablet with magstripe reader and barcode scanner, with no change to workflow and without sacrificing the security they need to protect payment data and comply with PCI.

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Full Circle Security and Support for Your Payments

  1. 1. Full Circle Security and Support for Your Payments MOTION COMPUTING PARTNER THEATER SHOWCASE National Retailer’s Federation 102nd Annual Convention January 13-15, 2013
  2. 2. 20 years in the business 150,000supporting locations 3.5 billionenabling more than transactions annually 10connecting to the top processors in the U.S.
  3. 3. • Cloud-Based – Data removed from all merchant systems – Reduced development, maintenance and support • Flexibility – Connectivity to all major processors – Integrations to all major point-of-sale systems • Availability – Fully redundant data centers in Salem and Tampa – Network uptime exceeds 99.98%, 800+ TPS • Support – 24 x 7 x 365 technical support call center – 89% report issue solved on the first call – $7 million in transactions recovered annually – Web-based reporting provides real-time, consolidated view
  4. 4. Select Customers Best Buy
  5. 5. • Data In-Transit | TransactionShield® – Protects data at the point of interaction and as it travels through the merchant environment – Decryption happens outside merchant network – Data format preserved for ease of integration, BIN management, and receipt printing – Interfaces to multiple encryption vendor/solutions • Stored Data | TransactionVault® – Removes cardholder data and stores it in a secure, hosted “vault” – Increases security and reduces PCI scope and cost – Tokens are card-based and format-preserving Comprehensive Transaction Security
  6. 6. • Merchant Link Payment GatewayTM – Transaction accuracy and support • duplicate transaction prevention • offsetting transaction prevention • funds recovery services – Choice of payment processors • Processor-neutral • AMEX Direct Connect – Choice of POS devices – Support for gift cards, pin debit – Real-time, enterprise-wide reporting Comprehensive Transaction Support
  7. 7. Transaction Flow
  8. 8. • Documents released – Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines Sept 2012 – “Accepting Mobile Payment with a Smartphone or Tablet” May 2012 • Overall recommendations – Prevent account data from... • being intercepted when entered into a mobile device. • compromise while processed or stored within the mobile device. • interception upon transmission from the mobile device. – Secure data as its being entered with point-to-point encryption – Use a validated and properly implemented P2PE solution – Use an approved card reader or pin entry device – Protect stored data with tokenization • Updates to the guidelines expected in 2013 PCI re: Mobile Payment Security
  9. 9. A Powerful Combination • With Merchant Link and Motion Computing, retailers get every advantage: – Mobile now • Windows-based mobile solution • Take your apps mobile today – No change to workflow, store processes – PCI-recommended security • TransactionShield® point-to-point encryption, TransactionVault® tokenization • Ability to switch to P2PE at any time without changing hardware or processors – Maintain payment flexibility – Full service security and support for your payments
  10. 10. Questions