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Roxy Social Marketing Campaign for ADV492: NMDL

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  • Roxy Brand is a surf-inspired collection of sportswear, swimwear, footwear, backpacks, snowboardwear, snowboards, bedroom furnishings and other accessories for young women & girls, toddlers and infants.Roxy Brand is a branch from Quicksilver, their parent company."Quiksilver designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded people and develops brands that represent a casual lifestyle driven from a boardriding heritage"
  • Roxy’s parent brand, Quicksilver, was established by Alan Green & John Law in 1970 as a men’s Surf brand in Australia.1976 Quicksilver sold US rights to Robert Mcknight & Jeff Hakman who established the company and introduced their first product line. 1986: They purchased a trademark & the company Quicksilver inc. went public.1997: Quicksliver entered snowboard market with acquisition of Mervin Manufacturing. 2001: Quicksilver acquired Roxy brand from Australian Founders.2003: Roxy launched it’s first full line of snowboards2006: Quicksilver opened it’s new Mountain Center in Park City, Utah. Which became the North American headquarters for Rossignol (which was later sold) and the various snowbrands under the parent company. (Quicksilver, Roxy, DC, Lib Tech and Gnu)Dec 2010: Roxy selected Red Door interactive, an internet presence management first, to help it assist in the launch of it’s new line of Girl’s apparel and accessories. Red Door executed a strategy to drive awareness and traffic to it’s stores.
  • Facebook: Utilize the ‘like’ application on the Company Facebook page to drive consumers to the company website and create awareness. Also incorporate facebook ads. They are easily targeted to the audience and will drive traffic to the website during peek selling times.Twitter: Incorporate Twitter account to update consumers on sales and events during the snowboard season. Also, use to update consumers on specific competitions the Roxy snowboard team is competing in. Will help generate awareness.Blogs: Each snowboarder on the Roxy team will have a blog that will explain snowboarding tips and the hottest trends on the mountain. Also the blogs will be used to create a personal relationship with the snowboarders and the Roxy consumers. Public Relations: Generate awareness for competitions that the Roxy Snowboarders are featured in. Also update community on any other Roxy related snowboarding news. Youtube: Post videos of the Roxy team at competitions and even push consumers to post their own videos of them using Roxy snowboards and other products.Google Adwords: Generate traffic to Roxy webpage using specified keywords and phrases such as, Lib tech, snowboards, surfing, bindings, Roxy, snow, Snowboard Jackets, Snow pants, snowhats, winter, etc.
  • Screenshot of Snowboarding section of their webpage. Bottom line: INCREASE AWARENESS, SALES, AND WEBSITE TRAFFIC.
  • The campaign will focus on the peek snowboard sale times, beginning in September and increasing advertising and promotion through the winter months and then decreasing to nothing during the summer months. I figured this would be appropriate considering the company will want to advertising for their Surfing brand during the summer.
  • The Facebook Ads and the Google Adwords are the only mediums that will cost money.
  • Roxy Social Marketing

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing Strategy<br />By Melinda Mercer<br />
    2. 2. Brief History<br />"Daring, Confident, Naturally Beautiful, Fun, Alive: Roxy"<br />
    3. 3. Competition<br />
    4. 4. SWOT Analysis:<br />Strength<br />Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Globally diversified company with strong surfing products.
    5. 5. Strong reorganization in the Surfing market.
    6. 6. Growing E-retailing platform
    7. 7. Growing Snowboard market</li></ul>Weaknesses<br />Threats<br /><ul><li>Repeated instances of product recalls
    8. 8. High debt burden
    9. 9. Weak economic situation in US
    10. 10. Intense competition (Snowboard and Surf market)</li></li></ul><li>Goals & Challenges <br /><ul><li>Roxy Launched it’s first full line of Snowboards in 2003</li></ul>Increase traffic to snowboarding part of website<br />Increase Snowboarding Sales<br />Gain Awareness of Snowboarding Brand<br />
    11. 11. Media Outlets<br />
    12. 12.
    13. 13. Evaluation<br /><ul><li>Using Social Media allows for greater measurement than traditional media.
    14. 14. Trendz.comallows you to track your tweets and evaluate the emotional response to the brand.
    15. 15. Facebook provides feedback on the consumer activity on your page even tracking a specified target market.
    16. 16. Google Analytics is a great tool to track your Adwords and the amount of impressions and clicks your ad is generating, allowing you to tweek your campaign to receive the results you want.
    17. 17. Youtube allows consumers to subscribe to your brand’s channel and track ‘likes’ on your videos.
    18. 18. Blogs track how many people subscribe to your snowboarder’s blogs. </li></li></ul><li>Timeline<br />
    19. 19. Budget<br />Budget for the campaign is very minimal since most of the media used is free.<br />