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Wspp pguide-en

  1. 1. Symantec Website SecurityPartner Program GuideBenefits and Requirements
  2. 2. Symantec Website Security Partner Program GuideTable of Contents1 Introduction1.1 An SSL Certificate for Any Customer2 Membership Levels3 Membership Benefits at a Glance4 Membership Level Benefits Detail4.1 Partner Portals4.2 Welcome Kit4.3 Sales Training4.4 Partner Readiness Guide4.5 Marketing Material4.6 Designated Channel Account Manager (CAM)4.7 Go-to-Market Business Plan Assistance4.8 Marketing Templates4.9 Use of Brand Logos4.10 Free Extended Validation (EV)4.11 API and API ROI4.12 Meet Your Customer Needs for Website Security4.13 Discounts5 Program Requirements at a Glance6 Requirements Details6.1 Annual Sales Requirement6.2 Partner Program Level Adjustment Process6.3 Go-to-Market Plan6.4 Quarterly Business Plan Review
  3. 3. Symantec Website Security Partner Program Guide1 IntroductionThis guide provides detailed information about the SymantecTM Website Security Partner Program (WSPP) benefits andresponsibilities.1.1 An SSL Certificate for Any CustomerWithin the Symantec WSPP, there are four brands—all critical to our success. These brands include Symantec, Thawte,Geotrust and Rapid SSL. With each brand specialty, the program delivers a set of powerful benefits that allow you to offer theright Website Security Solution with SSL for any customer need and achieve sales success.2 Membership LevelsThe WSPP features four membership levels, designed to help Partners succeed. Each membership level provides incrementallevels of service and pricing discounts. Partners qualify for a single membership level based on volume of sales. Partners caneasily advance within the program as they achieve success. 1. Standard. Organizations that are interested in taking the first step in selling Symantec Website Security Solutions with SSL. Standard Partners have access to basic sales and marketing tools and an easy way to purchase blocks of certificates. 2. Premium. Organizations that have achieved a basic level of success in the SSL market and desire to increase sales. Premium Partners have access to a broad array of sales and marketing tools to help them drive revenue and expand their business. 3. Gold. Organizations that are committed to delivering Website Security Solutions with SSL and have achieved a high level of sales results. Gold Partners enjoy enhanced benefits, plus access to Symantec Account Managers and help with market planning. 4. Platinum. Organizations that consistently achieve sales targets. Platinum Partners enjoy the richest benefits, including extensive access to sales and marketing resources, with an additional focus on joint planning and the achievement of sustained business results for the Partner.3 Membership Benefits at a GlanceThe following table describes the membership benefits at a high level. Membership Benefits at a Glance Operational Benefits Platinum Gold Premium Standard Order products and manage product lifecycle √ √ √ √ Reporting √ √ √ √ Manage accounts and contacts √ √ √ √ Easy to issue, install, and renew certificates √ √ √ √ API automation tools to lower your costs √ √ √ √ Customization options √ √ √ √ Marketing and Sales Benefits Platinum Gold Premium Standard Marketing resources (collateral, templates, sales training) √ √ √ √ Campaign Creator online demand generation tool √ √ √ √ Use of brand logos (subject to license and branding guidelines) √ √ √ √ Welcome kit √ √ √ √ Readiness guide √ √ √ √ Go-to-market business plan help √ Symantec University sales training √ √ √ √
  4. 4. Symantec Website Security Partner Program GuideProduct Benefits Platinum Gold Premium StandardFree Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for partner website √ √Industry leading brands, priced competitively √ √ √ √SSL certificates with strong encryption √ √ √ √Additional Website Security Solutions √ √ √ √Discounts (see price book for details) √ √ √ √Customer Support Benefits Platinum Gold Premium Standard24 x 5 email and phone support √Custom knowledge base √Designated CAM √ √16 x 5 email and phone support √ √24 x 7 online self-help support √ √ √ √Access to chat support √ √ √ √4 Membership Level Benefits DetailSymantec offers a broad array of benefits and resources to help Partners grow their businesses and support their customers.Benefits and access vary by membership level.4.1 Partner PortalsPartner Center: A secure, password-protected Partner Center gives you online access to tools for lifecycle management ofproducts, account management, and reporting.PartnerNet: offers product information, marketing materials, training, and more to boost your business.4.2 Welcome KitThe Welcome Kit is a quick reference guide for managing products. It provides a high level overview of the key tools andcollateral to help quickly build up knowledge and understanding of the Symantec Website Security Solutions portfolio.4.3 Sales TrainingOur training programs help Partners sell and understand the Symantec Website Security Solutions portfolio more effectively.Training includes product information, hints and tips, who to target, how to effectively use the tools we offer, and more. Pleasecontact your Channel Account Manager for more information.4.4 Partner Readiness GuideA comprehensive sales and marketing readiness guide is available within PartnerNet. This guide is designed to communicatebest practice sales and marketing programs, enabling Partners to achieve success faster and grow sales.4.5 Marketing MaterialMarketing collateral located in PartnerNet is updated frequently. The collateral includes case studies, datasheets, web copy,sales aids, and more. This material is derived from the same proven tools that Symantec uses to boost its own sales.
  5. 5. Symantec Website Security Partner Program Guide4.6 Designated Channel Account Manager (CAM)CAMs work with Platinum and Gold Partners to develop strong business relationships and help them achieve their key businessobjectives. CAMs coordinate and manage interaction between Partners and the Symantec channel team to support jointbusiness goals.4.7 Go-to-Market Business Plan AssistanceOur marketing and sales experts manage the industry’s leading brands in website security solutions and SSL certificates withexperience selling to a wide range of customers. In that light, we offer best practices that can help Partners achieve theirdesired business results. Symantec CAMs work directly with Partners to develop a set of key objectives that are in line witheach Partner’s business needs and action plans to accomplish these objectives.4.8 Marketing TemplatesSymantec CAMs work with Partners to develop specific marketing programs that are uniquely tailored to meet each Partner’sneeds.4.9 Use of Brand LogosThe use of logos is available to qualifying Partners, subject to Symantec’s current published logo and/or trademark usage andbranding guidelines. The logos and guidelines are all available within PartnerNet.4.10 Free Extended Validation (EV)A Symantec SSL Certificate with EV is available for your website at no charge to Platinum and Gold Partners.4.11 API and API ROISymantec offers an API for its Partners that provides breakthrough results in terms of sales increases and cost reductions. TheAPI allows for the direct order and management of certificates, canceling and fulfilling orders, querying for order data (statusof orders), automation of common support functions, and reports across all three Symantec brands. Please contact yourSymantec CAM for more information and to obtain the Symantec API specifications.4.12 Meet Your Customer Needs for Website SecurityThe WSPP program offers the widest range of Website Security Solutions with SSL. From domain authenticated andorganizational authenticated SSL certificates to Extended Validation SSL certificates. Encryption levels and additional websitesecurity services help you offer customers a solution for any business on any budget.4.13 DiscountsDiscounts off MSRP are available to all Partners based on sales volume. The more Partners sell, the higher their base discountsand benefit level from Symantec.Symantec provides Partners with worldclass customer, technical, and API support by phone, chat, online knowledge base, andthrough designated CAMs for Gold and Platinum members. Login to your Partner Center for assistance.
  6. 6. Symantec Website Security Partner Program Guide5 Program Requirements at a GlancePartner levels are based on sales volume, technical readiness, and joint business planning. Symantec tracks Partner activityand may adjust membership level to recognize achievement or performance. Program Requirements Platinum Gold Premium Standard Annual partner program sales $100K + $50-99K $5-49K Up to $5K Technical support capability √ √ √ √ Annual go-to-market plan √ √ Quarterly business plan review √ √6 Requirements Details6.1 Annual Sales RequirementPartners receive discounts and benefits based on sales volume and an annual minimum sales commitment.6.2 Technical Support CapabilityPartners must have the technical support capability (i.e., front-line phone and email support) to provide the first level ofsupport to their customers.6.3 Go-to-Market PlanThe Partner and the Symantec CAM will agree to a joint go-to-market plan customized for the Partner’s specific business needs.This plan will include sales and marketing activities to help the Partner reach its goals.6.4 Quarterly Business Plan ReviewA quarterly rolling business plan review is required and will be scheduled by the Symantec CAM. For customer support: For technical support the details are as follows: To speak with a sales rep: 866-893-6565 (Option 6) © 2012 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, and theCheckmark Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates inthe U.S. and other countries.