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Charles manson

  1. 1. Charles Manson By: Mercedez Leon
  2. 2. Fun Facts [: Helter Skelter is a movies based on the murders and lifestyle of the Charles Manson and followers Manson believed The Beatles infulenced him on murders “giving clues” I picked this topic because it amazes me how one person can manipulate others to do crimes
  3. 3. Charles Manson Born on November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati,OH Birth name Charles Milles Maddox was later changed to Charles Manson after his biological father Physcotic Bi-Polar Schizophrenic
  4. 4. The Family Only 8 members help committed murders although there were about 100 at a time Murders by the family : Gary Hinman – Leno & Rosemary LeBianca – Actress Sharon Tate including 4 house guest Patricia Krenwinkel-Serving life in prison Susan Atkins-Died on 09 while in prison Bobby Beausoleil-Serving life in prison Mary Brunner-Served 6 years in prison Lynette Fromme-Released from prison in August 09 Linda Kasabian-Living in Washington and married Leslie Van Houten-Serving life in prison Paul Watkins-Died from leukemia in 1990 Charles Watson-Serving life in prison
  5. 5. Why join? Charles Manson manipulated his followers and said when they died they would live under ground in a place of gold called Death Valley LSD and amphetamines were additional tools by which Charlie altered their personalities to his needs He would search for young people with a similar lifestyle as his and promise them that they would join this family and be loved Promised a life free of fear and judgment
  6. 6. Sharon Tate Murdered on August 9, 1969 2 weeks from her due date to deliver her unborn child with husband Roman Polanski Luckily Polanski was out the country for business purposes In her Los Angeles home was her with 4 house guest who were also killed with gun shots and stab wounds
  7. 7. Leno & Rosemary LaBianca Rosemary was stabbed 30 times in her lower back causing massive hemorrhage Leno was stabbed in the neck and abdomen causing massive hemorrhage The followers had written on their walls and refrigerator door with the blood of the victims spelling “heathler sketler” and “death to pigs”
  8. 8. Motive of Murders The murders were on the surface motiveless and unconnected to Manson, but some key motives were later identified Manson was highly hostile to society, pathologically so and wanted revenge. Rejected by the music industry, Manson sought for revenge being a motive to target the Tate residence But had a strong relationship with former drummer Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys who later joined the cult
  9. 9. Legal Aspects Charles Manson is currently imprisoned in Corcoran State Prison in California. He was originally sentenced to death, but his sentence has been changed to life imprisonment. He has repeatedly been denied parole. Manson never killed a person, but manipulated his followers to commit crimes.
  10. 10. Forensic Tools Dr. Michael Baden Barker Ranch
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