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Mercatrade - Doing Business with Latin America and the Caribbean


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Removing Trading barriers with Latin America and the Caribbean
Connecting Buyers, Sellers and Countries is a cutting-edge marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with an all-inclusive system for buying and selling goods and services. We provide the tools you need to import, export and build your business

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Mercatrade - Doing Business with Latin America and the Caribbean

  1. 1. Connecting Buyers, Sellers & Countries Removing Trading Barriers with Latin America & the Caribbean • Display & Promote your Products & Services • Locate and Interact with Suppliers • Search for Tradeshows, Franchises, Real Estate & Tax Free Zones
  2. 2. What Is is a cutting-edge marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with an all-inclusive comprehensive system for buying and selling goods and services. We provide the tools you need to import, export and build your business. With, YOU CAN: • Display and Promote your Products and Business Services • Post your purchase offers • Locate and Interact with Suppliers • Search for Tradeshows, Franchises, Real Estate and Tax Free Zones • Get a Virtual Company Showroom • Control your risk exposure towards fraud • Access pertinent trading News, Articles and Reports • Search Green, Organic and Fair Trade products and solutions Why Latin America and the Caribbean appear to be among the few bright spots for growth in a world shaken by an economic slowdown. At we’ve removed the trading barriers in order to help you chart a successful course for your company in this dynamic market.
  3. 3. What Can You Search, Display, and Promote on Our Marketplace? Products and Business Services Connect with 609 million potential customers in Latin American and the Caribbean as well as purchase competitively priced products and services. will facilitate that first introduction. Franchises Expand your customer base in Latin America and the Caribbean thanks to a growing middle class population, an increase in tourism and a strong demand for consistent qual- ity of franchised products and services. will provide you with the tools you need to bring your franchise to new markets. Real Estate Invest in beautiful homes, apartments, spacious offices and warehouses as real estate in Latin America and the Caribbean is considerably less than it is in the United States, Europe or Asia. Find investment opportunities on Tradeshows Showcase your products and services, sense the market trends and stay ahead of your competition. can help you find the latest tradeshows in your industry. Tax Free Zones Boost your business and let experienced distributors find the best strategies to sell your product lines while facilitating the buying process for millions of wholesalers in the region. can help you get started. Green, Organic and Fair Trade Products Suppliers Preserve the planet by promoting eco-friendly, energy-saving, organic and Fair Trade solutions. We encourage our customers to trade products and services that are good for the environment and good for one’s health. And that’s good for business!
  4. 4. The Services We Offer: Power Trader Boost your sales and increase your online exposure with PowerTrader, an inno- vative combination of marketing and sale features highlighted by a customizable virtual showroom. Merca Trade Verified Enhance buyers’ trust and attract more prospects with MercaTrade Verified, our signature for a safer trading environment. Featured Tradeshow Package Attract more exhibitors and increase visitor attendance at your event. Give an extra boost to your tradeshow thanks to MercaTrade’s Featured Tradeshow Package. Credit Report Services Safeguard Your Company’s Financial Security and get essential information you need to make smart business decisions. Advertise On makes sure that your advertising campaign reaches its target!
  5. 5. Unleash the full power of by becoming a PowerTrader member! Through a potent combination of marketing and sales features, PowerTrader by will help your company increase its online exposure and boost sales. When you become a PowerTrader member, you can: Increase products or business services exposure with your own virtual showroom! • provides you with a Virtual Showroom that attractively and effectively highlights your company profile, your products and/or services, and your company tradeshow attendance. • Prospects can access product details and contact information with just a few clicks. Stand out from free members and increase sales! • strategically places your listings at the top of the search results page so you get a leg up on the competition. • graphically enhances your listing with a border, highlighting, and bolded text to make your product or service really stand out. • Increase your exposure to potential clients by listing as many products and/or services with pictures as you want. Promote your company to potential prospects! • bolsters your brand image so you remain top of mind with potential customers. • We always include your company logo in your online virtual showroom and product description to make sure that a potential prospect easily links your product or service with your company. • As a PowerTrader member, you can use the Trade Show Attendance feature to let your potential prospects know what Trade Show your company is attending. Become a PowerTrader and tap into the power of Latin America’s brisk trade winds!
  6. 6. Boost Customer Confidence with MercaTrade Verified! The standard for trustworthiness in trading. Given today’s vast online marketplace, the ability to determine a company’s reputation is more important than ever. With MercaTrade Verified, you’ll let other companies know that you have scrupulous standards when it comes to doing business. What is MercaTrade Verified? • Mercatrade Verified is the label created by that shows buyers and sellers that the details provided by your company are correct and have been verified. • The MercaTrade Verified label has been created to allow trustworthy companies to promote their integrity. The label is clearly visible on your profile, buying leads and selling leads. • The verification of your company information is done by a third-party company to guarantee the complete objectivity and significance of the Verified label. How MercaTrade Verified increases customers’ confidence • Being MercaTrade Verified sends a strong message of confidence to members who are reading your profile or browsing your products and services. • The Verified label helps you to connect with other members securely and transparently. How MercaTrade Verified helps increase the level of enquiries and boost sales • Buyers or sellers searching for business partners on are more inclined to look for the products or services provided by a Verified member. They often consider the Verified label as a factor when sorting search results. • When a buyer has a choice among several suppliers, being MercaTrade Verified allows you to stand out from your competitors.
  7. 7. Featured Tradeshow Package Create a Buzz around your event Get Noticed • Get Priority listings in search results • Brand your Tradeshow with a logo or picture Get Contacted • Receive Exhibitors and Attendee notifications • Send your Tradeshow information to targeted MercaTrade members Transform prospects into clients • Display complete event details • Link to your own Tradeshow website Communicate • Display companies that are attending your Tradeshow
  8. 8. Credit Reports Services Safeguard your Company’s Financial Security In today’s global marketplace, where millions of transactions occur daily, it’s critical to know the background of the companies with whom you’re doing business.’s Company Credit Check services provide you with the essential information you need to make smart business transactions such as: • Credit Rating scores • Financial details • Bank references • Legal history Who uses a credit report? • Sellers use company credit reports to verify the data of a company they are about to do business with, to assess its solvency and to fix payment conditions. • Buyers use company credit reports to verify a company’s reputation in order to avoid fraud. The report also helps to evaluate the company’s ability to remain in business for the foreseeable future. • Banks, Lenders and Insurance companies
  9. 9. Advertise on Your Business. Your Ads. Your Success. • Get wide exposure to an international audience of businesspeople interested in trading with the Latin American and Caribbean market • Select your target audience by Industry and advertize accordingly • Choose from a wide offer of strategically positioned banners placements that fit your marketing needs At, we are here to help you to achieve your advertising goals.
  10. 10. Sales: Advertising: General Information: Contact Phone Numbers: MercaTrade Central America & Caribbean: +(507)446-3937 Panama city, Republic of Panama MercaTrade South America: +(56)28977289 Santiago, Republic of Chile MercaTrade USA: +1(305)407-2409 Miami, United States of America MercaTrade Europe: +(33)0870407661 Paris, France MercaTrade Asia: +(852)81999061 Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China