Basich2 natural non toxic pestcontrol


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Basich2 natural non toxic pestcontrol

  1. 1. Toxin-Free Pest Control Do it yourself Very economical Equipment needed: Garden hose Ortho sprayer Shaklee Products “A Friend of the Earth” How to Prepare & Use Step 1: Mix your concentrate 1½ parts Basic H² 1 part Basic-Germicide Steps 2: For Outdoor Use: Fill Ortho Sprayer with concentrate Set the dial selector at 2 … you will automatically spray a dilute mixture of 2 tablespoons (1 oz.) of concentrate per gallon of water For Indoor Use: Fill 16 oz. (500 ml) spray unit with water Add ¾ teaspoon of concentrate 16 oz. / 500 ml Spray bottle Where to Use On lawns for control of fleas, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes On patios & porches for control of flies, spiders & other insects On houses as a house wash and pest control combined On dog houses, dog beds, and kennel runs This mixture is also an effective spray to kill wasps Kills lice and fleas, and is effective as a fly spray on animals: cattle, horses, dogs, chickens, turkeys, pigs, cats (do not get in the animal’s eyes) Controls bag worms and other insects in cedar, pine, and nut trees, etc. Spray as frequently as needed Shaklee Basic H² and/or Shaklee-Germicide have literally hundreds of other uses: In the garden In the home In the barn On the farm Ask your Shaklee distributor for Choose TOXIN-FREE Be SAFE!
  2. 2. Why NOT use Toxic Pesticides? Most pesticides are guaranteed to work, so why not use them? The answer is simple … agents toxic to cellular tissue can have devastating effects on the respiratory system, nervous system, and the immune system: 1. Once inside the brain, toxins can alter the ability to concentrate & can lead to nervous system disorders and permanent learning disabilities 2. Toxins overload the immune system & lead to less resistance to colds, flu-like systems, etc. 3. Toxins cause sensitivity of the respiratory system, and lead to proliferation of allergies and asthma 4. Toxins have been linked to liver & kidney damage and many forms of cancer. Recent studies by the National Institute of Health & Safety and the National Cancer Institute, show that leukemia risk increases greatly for children and adults where toxic pesticides are used in the home and garden. A cancer journal reported children under ten, exposed to toxic pesticides in the home or garden at least once a month, have a 7x higher incidence of leukemia. 5. Some toxic pesticides can produce demyelination in nerve bundles and the spinal cord - this can lead to M.S. and paralysis What areYour Choices? Are people actually willing to take this risk and contribute to this suffering in order to kill ants, fleas, spiders, moths, and other insects? Certainly, this is sufficient confirmation to persuade every reader of this brochure to never again purchase toxic pesticides. So what are your options? The answer is obvious … ChooseToxin-Free Pesticides Shaklee, “A Friend of the Earth”, offers totally safe options which can save lives and health What you Need Products 1. Shaklee Basic H² 2. Shaklee Basic-Germicide Equipment 1. For outdoor use: Garden hose Ortho sprayer 2. For indoor use: Spray bottle 16 oz./ 500 ml Spray bottle Basic H² is an all organic, biodegradable wetting agent … actually making water 300 times wetter. It is concentrated and economical. It was developed in cooperation with nature, as are all Shaklee products. When mixed with water, Basic H² delivers an immediate wetting (surfactant) action, penetrating dirt and emulsifying grease and oil. For this reason, it has been used for almost 50 years as a general purpose cleaner. Basic-Germicide, as its name indicates, is a versatile, non-polluting germicide, which is totally biodegradable and will not hurt the environment. How Does itWork? Since 90% of insects have an oil coating, Shaklee Basic H², as a wetting agent, penetrates the outer shell and actually suffocates the insects. Insects eggs are softened by the spray, which prevents hatching. NOTE: Officially, Shaklee Corporation markets Basic H² as a Household Cleaner and Basic- Germicide as a Highly Concentrated Germicide. These pest control recommendations are not published by Shaklee Corporation, but have been gathered from environmental field experts. Basic- Germicide