Basic H2 for the Garden


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Basic H2 for the Garden

  1. 1. Gardening, Shrubs & Trees Shaklee Basic H² A Friend of the Earth The following results have been reported by individual farmers and controlled testing using Basic H² Potato yields increased 1,777 pounds per acre. Corn yields increased 29% Soybeans yielded 48 pods per plant on average compared to 27 pods per plant where Basic H² was not used Four cuttings of alfalfa per year, rather than the normal three Results For More Information For more information on using Basic H² in the following situations, please contact your Shaklee Distributor: Greenhouse Trickle Systems Hydroponics Systems Farming Aerial Spraying Irrigation Systems Fruit Trees: Apply ½ tablespoon of Basic H² per 5 gallons of water. It can be applied in early Spring up until the trees are in full bloom…. Then after the bloom has fallen off (pollination has taken place), spray every week to 10 days until the fruit is ripe. ( if insects are still a problem increase Basic H² up to ½ tablespoon per gallon of water) Wire Worms: For wire worms in apples, use 1 cup of Basic H² concentrate around each tree, about 1½ feet out from the trunk. Soak the ground with water Sick Trees: Dilute 2 cups of Basic H² in 5 quarts of water. Feed tree at base with 1 quart of mixture per day….. for six days. This will take care of fungus and diseases. (Do not feed seedlings this mixture… use regular formula under “Shrubs and Tress”) Webb Worm: Add 2¼ cups of Basic H² to 1 gallon of water. Completely drench the tree with this mixture. Let sit for 30- 45 minutes. Then rinse down the tree with water. This will take care of hard to kill insects in orchards and lawn trees. Trees & Orchards DISCLAIMER: This literature has been gathered from farmers across the country. It is not published by Shaklee Corporation. The formulas are not guaranteed or in any way approved by the Shaklee Corporation. How to Use Shaklee Products
  2. 2. Shaklee Basic H² is an all organic, biodegradable wetting agent, developed “In Harmony with Nature and Good Health”, as are ALL Shaklee Products. In the Spring before Planting: With an ortho sprayer apply 1 cup of Basic H² to every 5,000 square feet of garden In the Fall after Harvest: Follow the same instruction for Spring above. Planting: Mix ½ tablespoon Basic H² to a gallon of water. Pour this in the furrow before dropping in the seeds. House Plants: When potting new plants, use 1 tablespoon of Basic H² per gallon of water. For added trace minerals, dissolve 12 Shaklee Alfalfa tablets in the water Once a month, in one of the watering, add 2 drops of Basic H² to 2 cups of water (dissolve 3 Shaklee Alfalfa tablets in the water for trace minerals.) Shrubs and Trees: Use the same mixture as suggested for house plants above. NEVER spray plants with Basic H² while they are in blossom. The wetting action will wash the pollen away. It is always best to spray in the evening when the sun is down, or on a cloudy day. Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower Worms: Add ½ teaspoon of Basic H² in 16 oz of water. Spray plants each week or every 10 days until the worms are no longer a problem. Bug Spray Mixture: For plants (except rose- bushes and tomatoes): Mix concentrate 1/4 cup Shaklee Basic G + 3/8 cup Shaklee Basic H² Fill ortho sprayer with concentrate -set the dial at 1… you will automatically spray a dilute mixture of 1 tablespoon of concentrate per gallon of water For hard to kill bugs or beetles, set the ortho sprayer dial at 2 What is Basic-H 1. As a wetting agent (surfactant), it increases the rate at which water penetrates soil (up to 300% more water penetration!), thereby, reducing runoff and loss of evaporation 2. Deeper penetration of water into the soil causes the roots to reach deeper for the moisture, with several advantages, some of which are: sturdier root systems during dry seasons, there is less drought damage deeper penetration of water permits greater organic matter decomposition and soil manageability 3. Basic H² has a pH of 6.5 which appears to have the ability to neutralize acid soils and also bring alkaline soils to balance. When soil is in apparent balance, earthworm activity increases, which in return aerates the soil, increases fertility, and improves water penetration. Earth- worms produce minerals and nutrients as they burrow through the soil every day. They burrow holes for oxygen, which loosens the soil, creating that important nutrient-NITROGEN 4. Basic H² acts as a nutrient release (tests have shown that gardens treated with Basic H² have more trace elements and minerals available to the plant) 5. It assists drainage in areas where standing water might otherwise accumulate 6. It also acts as a natural pesticide….since 90% of insects have an oil coating, Basic H², as a wetting agent, (penetrates the outer shell and actually suffocates the insect. Insect eggs are softened by the spray, which prevents hatching What does Basic-H do? Results: Compare the Root Systems Corn: Water Only Corn: Water & Shaklee Basic H² How to Use Basic H² NOTE: Before you go out to plant the garden, rub Basic H² diluted with 50% water into your hands like a lotion. This acts like an invisible glove, and your hands will clean up easier when you are finished. Rose Bushes & Tomatoes: Add 6 drops of Basic H² to 16 oz (500 mL) sprayer. This will protect against aphids, spiders, etc. Insect Control