arc elasticity qualified ca career opportunities opportunities in 3rd area for ca minor partners position on attaining majority what is partnership hypothecation vs pledge vs mortgage example capital and revenue expenditure rectification of error after final account revenue vs capital expense fifo vs lifo inventory business flow lifo vs fifo vs average vs weighted average purchase cost types of inventory stock taking goodwill accounting joint life policy partnership conclusion retirement of partner annuity method of calculating goodwill in partners interest calculation amount withdrawn at the begin introduction to partnership accounting profit & loss appropriation accounts in partnershi summary partnership accounts accounting entry separate set of books joint ventu example joint venture accounting joint venture special item joint venture vs partnership what is joint venture accounting entry forfeiture of shares forfeiture of share how shares are issued issue of share at premium what is company types of company types of shares matching concept accounting basic terminology accoutning equations bookkeeping vs accounting dual aspect gaap types of accounts what is my profit using security premium account what are preference share accounting entry redemption of shares debenture companies account examples issue of debentures bank communication how cheque are cleared how cheque work timing difference in brs difference between wdv & straight line method measurment of depreciation methods of depreciation what is depreciation when do we start charging depreciation why do we charge depreciation accounting entries in the books of consignor consignment accounting entry summary consignment accounting sale vs consignment what is consignment accounting entry in the books of acceptor bills of exchange accounting entry summary bills of exchange vs promissory note currency note is a bill of exchange parties to bills of exchange promissory note what is bills of exchange accounting process source document to final accoun journal entry goods distributed as free sample journal concurrent line & centroid equation finding area of a triangle in a graph equation how to solve 3 variable equation how to solve cubic equation introduction to equation types of equation what is equation types of number equation arithmetic progression consequetive numbers arithmetic progression formula geometric progression formula overview of ap & gp overview of set relationship & function union and intersection introduction to inequalities liner graph what are inequalities overview of limits and continuity continuity combination formula permutation formula what is permutation & combination which one is permutation and which one is combinat what are logarithm common mistakes in logarithm laws of indices rules of logarithm what are indices ratio differnece between ratio and fraction types of ratio what is proportion difference between ratio and pr what is ratio unpaid seller overview sale of goods act 3 stages of sale transfer of ownership and delivery assignment vs sucession breach of contract liablity of joint promisor performance of a contract promisor vs promisee suit quantum merit 5 points to contract communication of offer & acceptance indian contract act tacit and quasi contract voidable contract what happens when we have a contract document of title of goods property of goods agreement for the creation of monopolies intention to create legal relationship list of unlawfull object and consideration what is contingent contract requirement of consideration condition & warranties stipulation to contract impact of change in demand and supply market price equilibrium interpretation of elasticity what is supply consumer equilibrium consumer surplus indifference curve indifference map two theories( cardinal & ordinal) average marginal cost cost curves short run total cost types of cost law of variable proportion producers equilibrium relation between ap and mp stages of variable proportion total and average marginal product conclusion introduction to micro economics ar mr curve under pc loss under monopoly price discrimination under monopoly supernormal profits under perfect competition types of competetion deductive inductive what do we study micro & macro economics what is economics change in quantity demanded vs change in demand expansion and contraction of demand interpretation of elasticity demand demand curve why demand curve slopes downward what is elasticity what is interest perpetuity what is annuity calculating roots with simple calculator career opportunity for cma career opportunity for cs career opportunity for ca how to pass ca final why debentures and not shares effect of admission of partner difference between equity and debentures equity vs. debentures finder of goods sec 71 of indian contract act 1872 negative consideration positive consideration why revaluation on admission of partner capacity to contract- persons disqualified to cont who is competent to contract consideration definition consideration exception to doctrine of privity of contract covenant running with land mcq exam  tips exam writing tips cpt mock test cpt mirror mock test cpt online test ca cpt redemption of preference share redemption of preference share ca cpt demand point elasticity closing stock valuation why we value inventory? ca cpt goods sold on approval or return basis goods sold on approval or return basis ca cpt sales return
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