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Event tickets on EMI


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Now, book your event tickets on EMI with using your credit card and pay at your ease. Organizers can now sell more tickets for their high-priced events as the EMI option, turns casual browsers into serious buyers and loyal patrons. With over 8 bank cards to choose from event attendees will be able to afford tickets of global entertainment events, prestigious professional and training events that are otherwise expensive to attend. The EMI option lets you know your EMI when you choose the term.

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Event tickets on EMI

  1. 1. Event Tickets on EMI Realise your event dreams with MeraEvents!
  2. 2. Event tickets on EMI ◼Everything under the sky is now available on EMI. Why not event tickets?
  3. 3. What is event tickets on EMI? ◼Exercise EMI option to buy tickets for your favourite events.
  4. 4. Why sell event tickets on EMI? ◼EMI option turns casual browsers into shoppers and loyal patrons
  5. 5. Advantages
  6. 6. Organizer ◼Allows the event organizer to offer installment facility to their customers ◼Increases the ticket sale of high-priced events ◼Increased reach and better profits without discounts
  7. 7. User ◼Global entertainment events become affordable ◼Flexibility to chose from over 8 credit cards (more to be added) ◼Special discounts, if offered, can also be availed on EMI
  8. 8. What is the prerequisite? ◼A credit card from any one of the 8 banks listed in
  9. 9. Is there a minimum booking cost? ◼EMI offer applicable on tickets costing more than 2,500 INR.
  10. 10. How to book tickets on EMI?
  11. 11. Select an event of your choice ➢ Visit ➢ Select an event of your choice (tickets costing more than 2,500 INR) ➢ Select the category and number of tickets
  12. 12. Login to MeraEvents
  13. 13. Fill your information and click “Submit”
  14. 14. Select “Credit Card (EMI)” ➢Click on the “Credit Cards (EMI)” option as the mode of payment. ➢Enter banking information and click on Make Payment.
  15. 15. Select your card ➢Select your card from the list ➢Each bank has a different rate of interest ➢These rates and EMI amount vary based on the tenure.
  16. 16. Kotak
  17. 17. AXIS
  18. 18. Standard Chartered
  19. 19. Citi Bank
  20. 20. IndusInd
  21. 21. Ratnakar Bank
  22. 22. HSBC
  23. 23. ICICI
  24. 24. Select EMI Tenure
  25. 25. Click on “Make Payment” ➢Click on “Make Payment” to finish the order ➢You will receive an update on the “Payment Status”
  26. 26. Co Congrats. You have successfully booked an event ticket on EMI