Angouleme Festival


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Angouleme Festival

  1. 1. Presented toyou by:M. DALILM.KBABRAM. HARB
  2. 2. Table of contents• 1.Comics: - A Historical preview - Types of comics - Comics in France• 2. Angouleme’s International Festival: - Presentation of the Festival (Figures) - Organisation and Content - Awards• 3. SWOT Analysis and the intercultural aspect - SWOT of the festival - Intercultural aspect - Conclusion: The future of the festival
  3. 3. 1- COMICSA HISTORICAL PREVIEW:*Comics and movies were born atthe same time in the late 19thcentury*The hieroglyphics and the comics* The Japanese “Manga”were a series of drawingsaccompanied by text 2000 yearsbefore Christ*Comics as an art form establisheditself in the late 19th and early20th century
  4. 4. The three types of comics
  5. 5. Comics in France• Last year the production of BD increased by 2.4% and revenue is expected to have exceeded 320million Euros.• The French network of specialized bookstores also contributed to the development of this artistic genre.• Angouleme festival, which each year in late January, offers exceptional visibility to comics and its actors.
  6. 6. 2- Angouleme international comics festival The largest comics festival in Europe 300.000 visitors Every year since 1974, in January AWARDS: Best Album ("Golden Wildcat") The "Revelation" Essential… etc.
  7. 7. Organisation • Venue: Museum, library, artists residencies, Art houses, exposition center, multimédia technical center.ASSOCIATION DU FESTIVAL
  8. 8. A la carte YouthClassical Manga Indie Essential
  9. 9. Content
  10. 10. Awards • Best Album ("Golden Wildcat") • Angoulême International Comics Festival Essentials • The "Revelation" Essential (for "best newcomer") • The Fnac-SNCF Essential (elected by the public)• The Youth • The Heritage Essential (youth Essential (grand panel) jury)
  11. 11. 3- SWOT analysis and Interculturality• SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses• Festival international • Lack of fundingreputation – a Brand • It is losing its heritage,• Strong attendance less amateurish• France N°1 comics • The business aspect ispublisher in Europe taking over the artistic• Financial benefits for connotation of thethe whole region festival
  12. 12. Opportunities Threats• New applications on • Environmental issueSmartphones and on paper consumptionTablets • It is mainly depending• The flourishing on the region’s fundsmarket of digital for the cultureComics • By depending on• Taking advantage of private funds it mightits media coverage for loose its artisticfund collecting originality and become simply business
  13. 13. • Interculturality• Twining festivals: Thanks to a highly international attendance, The BoomFest in Saint Petersburg in Russia• Japanese and American presence: It is a must for mangas and comics books’ editors to attend and promote their novelties.• The presence of Hong Kong stars : A reflection of Chinese ideology through Asian manga.
  14. 14. Conclusion: The future of the Festival• Digital comics: Apple and Android have created the buzz• Eco-Festival: Angouleme is becoming year by year more responsible concerning the environment and hence is working side by side with the local environment associations.• Edition 2012: Spirou and its editor won’t attend this year, it becomes to expensive in time and money
  15. 15. Comics in the future
  16. 16. Webography•• rique=19• ur_own_correspondent/7246634.stm•• ndex.php• charente-versera-230-000-euros-au-festival-de-la- bd-559222-4953.php