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Chinese shipping and shipbuilding


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Chinese shipping and shipbuilding

  1. 1. Chinese shipping and shipbuilding
  2. 2. OutlineI. IntroductionII. Chinese shippingIII. Chinese shipbuilding
  3. 3. I. Introduction
  4. 4. II. Chinese shipping• In 1961: China Ocean Shipping Group Company (COSCO). • invested in water transport infrastructure • increase mechanization and containerization• In 2006: 5.6 billion tons of cargo and 93 million TEUs • 95 % crude oil and 99 %iron ore. • manufactures 90% of the worlds containers
  5. 5. Chinese shipping
  6. 6. Chinese shipping• Why can Chinese shipping industry develop greatly like that? • 8,700-mile- (14,000-km-) long coastline, 100 large and small bays and some 20 deep-water harbors • infrastructure, ports and facilities system • skillful labor force
  7. 7. • infrastructure, ports and facilities system • skillful labor force
  8. 8. III. Chinese shipbuilding
  9. 9. Chinese shipbuilding• The accomplishments of Chinas shipbuilding industry. • 82 percent of the total shipbuilding capacity • the volume of new overseas 16.4 million deadweight tons • 87% of the total volume of holding ships
  10. 10. The reasons in order todeveloping the Chinese shipbuilding.• imports and exports both grow continually • increase transportation capacity and optimize fleets structure• the central government has introduced many effective policies aimed at guiding the industrys development.• independently develop a series of ships that meet international standards
  11. 11. Chinese shipbuilding
  12. 12. The purpose of Chinese shipbuilding • faced with many limiting factors • research and development capacity, • high dependency on imports of shipboard equipment • low production efficiency and defective industrial structure • fostering the development of Chinas shipbuilding industry and enhancing its international
  13. 13. Conclusion• China should attach great importance to the new international maritime rules and try to develop low- carbon ships in order to increase its global influence.•