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Events & campaigns


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Events & campaigns

  1. 1. WEB SUMMIT Connecting Young People With The Resources To ThriveEvents & Campaigns SPONSORS & ASSOCIATES:
  2. 2. CONTENTS• Why do outreach?• Coming up with a plan• Running an information stall• Hosting a wellbeing fair• What else? Talks, activities, and more.• Campaigning for change• Promotion & PR
  3. 3. Why do outreach?You could just hold meetings and socials, andprovide a supportive space for a handful ofstudents that discover you through promotionchannels. This is important in itself. So whymight you want to branch out?• Open minds; challenging discrimination.• Create understanding; spreading information and get people thinking.• Connect students with resources; promoting tools and services.
  4. 4. What’s the plan?Problem we’re trying to solve?What would a successful outcome be?How do we get there?What’s the schedule? (Don’t forget the follow-up!)Resources required?Who can help us get these resources?How are we going to measure success?What’s the next step?
  5. 5. Information StallWhat? Hand out leaflets, share information, talk to students, grab attention.Why? Easy to run, focussed, measurable results. (Handouts, signups, surveys)1. Book a table in the student union2. Collect materials from stakeholders / service providers3. Organise some perks, such as freebies or a competition.4. Let people know where you’ll be5. Get some colour or some costumes6. Think about using Share The Wealth Board or Pledges.
  6. 6. Wellbeing FairWhat? Basically, a big party on campus that promotes wellbeing, educates, sharesinformation, and gets signups for follow-up wellbeing activities.Why? Mass attention. Has the opportunity to reach hundreds of students and getwidespread publicity. Exciting to organise.1. Find a central venue with good footfall.2. Pick a date that doesn’t clash3. Build an events team and decide on the scope. How will you inform and impact? How will you attract and engage?4. Identify stakeholders and share project description. Follow up for support.5. Invite supporters, and media. Make it memorable!
  7. 7. What else? Talks, activities & moreFundraisingResearch/SurveysFocus GroupsTalks/Discussions
  8. 8. CampaignsShare The WealthEncouraging dialogue around mental health and wellbeing byinviting answers to the question: ‘what do you do for yours?’Posters, poster boards, and competitions.Big Boys Should CryReaching an at-risk subgroup, encouraging dialogue andpromoting student services.
  9. 9. Promotion & PRUse mailing lists: Departmental,student union, university…Tap into student media.Produce a press release: Theuniversity press office will help. Get online:Make personal phone calls andemails. Why should they beinterested?
  10. 10. LinksAction For Happiness Boys Should Cry To Change Wealth Bloghttp://mentalwealthuk.tumblr.comMental Wealth UK resources
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