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What we-know-about-share point-that-others-don’t


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Save time, save money and save on frustration by leveraging Mensagam’s expertise and many years of hands on experience solving real business problems.

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What we-know-about-share point-that-others-don’t

  1. 1. What We Know About SharePoint that Others Don’t? What's Next for Mobile Technology? 3 Questions To Ask When Thinking About Going Mobile Mind the Skills Gap: Get Your IT Provider to Deliver More Simple Hub vs. Middleware? You Be the Judge
  2. 2. Save time, save money and save on frustration by leveraging Mensagam’s expertise and many years of hands on experience solving real business problems. What's Next for Mobile Technology? If you want to be truly innovative in the mobility market space, you've got to consider the great mobile innovations of the past. Much to the surprise of these mobile technology innovators, what started out as a small idea, blossomed into much more: a simple communication idea quickly evolved into one of the most popular social networking sites out there; and what started out as a military defense tool quickly became a technology that nearly every individual has access to today.
  3. 3. Should we be a BYOD company OR purchase a specific brand for company use? Should our work applications be web based OR should we develop native applications? Should the application have limited functionality OR should the user experience be as rich as the desktop version? You’re in the middle of prioritizing a huge IT “to-do” list when you’re suddenly tasked with a big project, on orders from the CEO. He wants all sales staff and executives to have access to the company’s CRM - or a similar sales tracking application - on their mobile devices. And he wants a proposal on his desk ASAP. There’s no EASY way to make this happen overnight. There are many factors to consider before making a move to the right mobile strategy:
  4. 4. New technologies are available to enable a BYOD mobile strategy; however, as with all new technologies, they come with their own sets of challenges. Embracing one software and hardware provider, like Microsoft, has some compelling advantages.
  5. 5. Mind the Skills Gap: Get Your IT Provider to Deliver More Outsourcing or insourcing IT talent in an attempt to save costs is a top-down, “mission critical” directive for most companies today. Fortunately, most IT providers are up to the challenge and deliver those cost savings. Unfortunately, that’s almost all they deliver. If you’re going to utilize outside IT services in the coming year, you’ve got to up your partner selection game to look beyond cost and find the right expertise to drive business value. There’s a skills gap between the talent within your organization and the talent of most IT providers. Buried within that gap: the innovation, analysis, and skilled talent that drive positive business outcomes.
  6. 6.  Seasoned consultants who tailor their services and solutions to the specific needs of a client’s industry  Experience transforming how companies use technology to scale and grow  Analysis skills that empower strategic decisions about technology architecture  A competitive cost structure compared to typical staffing models that delivers value and the dedicated attention you need.
  7. 7. Where there’s growth, you’ll find integration. And where’s there’s integration, you might find some poor programmer hard coding his heart out to make a bunch of different applications speak to each other. Some companies rely on middleware or ESBs to manage the integration status. These solutions prove to be extremely costly and sometimes just plain overkill. Web Design Chennai Company MenSagam has built custom Hubs using industry standards like XML with which your existing talent will already be familiar—that means you won’t have to hire a team of $250/hr experts to maintain and enhance your product throughout the years. Still on the fence about using a middleware product versus a simplistic Hub concept?
  8. 8. Email : Phone : +91(o) 44 42811104 Mobile : +91(o) 9566738366