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Benefits to End Users


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The Mensagam enables any SQL-capable application, business tool, or development language to access data from one or more SaaS applications.

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Benefits to End Users

  1. 1. The benefit of the MenSagam to end users is that it is a straightforward, standard way to access data regardless of whether it is in one of many software as a service (SaaS) applications, an application that is installed in- house, or some proprietary database that was installed for a specific. One typical user, who was actually a CIO of a public company, said, "| would use SaaS more if only I could get at the data. ”The fact that all the application programming interfaces (AP| s) are different and some apps have no AP| s creates a complex and sometimes insurmountable problem for users who want to get access to that data for doing business intelligence or for whatever other purpose. I I
  2. 2. What the MenSagam does is provide data to end users as if it was all in a single database or in a single application. It all looks like it is in the same place. The MenSagam via structured query language offers a standard way to access data no matter what applications it is in, no matter what API those applications supply and even ifthere is no API for those applications at all. It becomes a very simple way to get access to enterprise data.