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Akros Profile

  1. 1. Services Portfolio for Mobile Equipment Providers <br />AKROS<br /> In Pursuit of Excellence<br />
  2. 2. AKROS<br />WHO ARE WE?<br /> <br />AKROS was founded in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia to serve the growing need of high-quality consulting services in the telecommunications industry. Our team has acquired an unparalleled experience working in challenging environments with the latest in technology and best practices around the world. AKROS is proficient in all the key areas of the telecommunications from the strategic to the most technical projects.<br />OUR CLIENTS<br />Prestigious companies trust us with the rollout of entire companies o networks, the management of key areas, the consulting of key issues, or the training of thousands of their employees in countries such as USA, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Venezuela, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Colombia, El Salvador and others.<br />OUR FOCUS<br />Our focus is to maximize value for our clients. Our main objective is to create a value remarkably greater than our competitors. Our goal is to provide you with one of the highest level of quality, value, and integrity in the telecommunications consulting business.<br /> <br />© 2009, 2010 / AKROS Enterprises, Inc.<br />
  3. 3. AKROS<br />OUR EXPERIENCE<br />Our main objective is to transfer to you the practical experience we have acquired working in challenging environments with the latest in technology and best practices around the world. When it comes to practical experience and execution, our team simply has no equal. <br />Deliverables<br />Deployment of entire company: $1Billion in assets<br />Planning and implementation of several wireless systems<br />Planning, acquisition, construction, optimization of thousands of cells<br />Selection, organization, and training of thousands of people<br />Deployment of hundreds of points of sales<br />High level strategic and organizational involvement as well as technical projects<br />Areas of Experience<br />Major 2G, 3G, 4G wireless technologies such as CDMA, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, <br />WCDMA, HSPA, LTE, WiMax etc.<br />Broadband technologies such as LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMax, ATM, Fiber, Cable, DSL, etc.<br />Various functional areas of telecom business: Technical, Marketing, Finance, <br />Human Resources, etc.<br />Clients<br />Bellsouth International, ALLTEL Communications, Powernet, Communication Consulting Services,RF Consulting Services, TIGO, Verizon Dominicana, eXpert Wireless Solutions.<br />Countries<br />Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Dominican Republic, USA, <br />El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, etc.<br />
  4. 4. AKROS<br />CONSULTING AND HUMAN RESOURCES<br />AKROS counts on the vision, the people, and the capabilities to help you reach your potential. By partnering with you, we can help you succeed in your projects, improve the quality of your service, and minimize costs. We offer you excellence and integrity in pursuing measurable results so that you gain competitive advantage in today’s telecommunications industry.<br />Pre-Contract Support<br />Based on practical and multifunctional experience with service providers evaluating proposals, technologies, and vendors we have developed result-oriented planning, modeling, and tender preparation capabilities. We assist you in leveraging and complementing your capabilities to formulate effective proposals that lead to the award of contracts. Our services include business case and planning, proposals and tender responses, and technology migration. <br />Network Planning<br />Based on solid experience our technical human resources specialize in coverage and traffic planning, designing, dimensioning, evaluating candidates, implementing, and optimizing radio systems for all major technologies. <br />Network Rollout<br />AKROS human resources have managed the rollout of wireless systems worth billions of dollars and have acquired, constructed, and installed thousands of sites in different countries around the world including in Central America. We offer resources for excellent project management, construction management, site supervision and quality and cost control.<br />Network Integration and Optimization<br />Network integration and optimization is crucial for acceptance and customer satisfaction. We complement your capabilities with personnel with experience in best-practices for network integration and optimization. <br />AKROS ENTERPRISES, INC. Tel: 1-404-401-4260<br />Dallas, GA, USA akrosmail@comcast.net <br />
  5. 5. AKROS<br />SITE ACQUISITION AND CIVIL WORKS<br />AKROScounts on a solid history of successful site acquisition and civil works. Our team has planned, managed and executed the acquisition and construction of thousands of sites in Latin America. Our people exhibit the ability to get results despite challenges such as scarce rollout resources and lack of in-country expertise. <br />Site Acquisition<br />AKROS counts on the resources to acquire the sites needed for the network rollout. We leverage our know how with local resources to create result oriented processes to speed the candidate search, approval, legal clearance, negotiation, and closing of sites for construction. We can manage and execute any of the key result areas or the whole acquisition process.<br />Site Construction and Tower Erection<br />AKROS has the “know-how” of the construction process including the key critical areas, long-lead items, logistics, supplies planning and management as well as project management and local culture. But more importantly we have developed the ability of anticipating any challenges and solve them to get results. Our services include civil works, self-supported towers, monopoles, and antenna structures for rooftops and billboards.<br /> <br />Human Resources or Turn Key<br />Our resources are familiar with the challenges of working in different countries in new rollouts. We can support your construction efforts with human resources or execute the entire construction and tower erection for you.<br />AKROS ENTERPRISES, INC. Tel: 1-404-401-4260<br />Dallas, GA, USA akrosmail@comcast.net <br />
  6. 6. AKROS<br />EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION AND OTHERS<br />AKROScounts with experienced resources for the installation of several types of equipment including base stations. We understand our success depends on meeting your specific needs whether it is the installation of your base station, the power generation, the antenna systems, or the microwave equipment. <br />Equipment Installation<br />Equipment installation of<br /> - BTS, Node B<br /> - Microwave<br /> - Antenna Systems<br />Power and Other Equipment Installation<br />Installation of <br /> - Backup Systems<br /> - Battery and Generators<br /> - Air Conditioning<br />Maintenance<br />Preventative and corrective maintenance for <br /> - BTS, Node B<br /> - Antenna Systems<br /> - Generators<br /> - Civil Works and Towers<br />AKROS ENTERPRISES, INC. Tel: 1-404-401-4260<br />Dallas, GA, USA akrosmail@comcast.net <br />
  7. 7. AKROS<br />AKROS ENTERPRISES, INC. Tel: 1-404-401-4260<br />160 Riverwood Glen, Dallas, GA 30157 akrosmail@comcast.net<br />CONTACT US<br />Whether you need support on your contract activities, to assist any area or your rollout, to manage your projects, to provide you with human resources, or to train your staff or clients, please contact us. We’ll be glad to discuss with you how we can help. Our goal is to provide you services with the highest level of quality, value, and integrity in the telecommunications consulting business.<br />akrosmail@comcast.net<br />404-401-4260<br />