Our Plantation Trails holiday at Woshully Bungalow, Coorg


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Our Plantation Trails holiday at Woshully Bungalow, Coorg

  1. 1. Deep in the heart of Coorg, about 250 km southwest of Bangalore, is thevillage of Pollibetta.Our Plantation Trails holidayOur Plantation Trails holidayatat WoshullyWoshully Bungalow, CoorgBungalow, CoorgOur Plantation Trails holidayOur Plantation Trails holidayatat WoshullyWoshully Bungalow, CoorgBungalow, Coorg
  2. 2. The Pollibetta area is home to the sprawling estates of Tata Coffee. Thereare a handful of Raj-era estate bungalows here that the Tata’s haveconverted to a holiday experience called Plantation Trails.Pollibetta
  3. 3. We stayed at the Woshully Bungalow. It’s over 100 years old and has beenrenovated to offer a plantation holiday experience. You get it all –
  4. 4. a massive bedroom,a common dining room,a common drawing room,and a butler in attendance.
  5. 5. The drawing and dining rooms open to the verandah. Oh, that verandah!You can spend hours there, sipping coffee and gazing at the forest justbeyond the lawn. There is birdsong in the air and the suggestion ofelephants on the ground.
  6. 6. The package includes a drive and walk around the plantation. Our driver-guide, Umesh, was an estate veteran and showed us coffee, vanilla, pepper,and other crops; took us to the animal watering holes; and showed us theelectric fences and gates that elephants routinely crashed through in thedaily tussle between man and pachyderm.
  7. 7. Our plantation walk guide, Uday, was impressively dressed. But while heexpertly blew bubbles through the stem of a Jatropha plant and pointed outthe racket-tailed drongo and other birds, he was constrained by the factthat the walk was limited to the main roads – the elephant menace madewalking on the inside trails unsafe.
  8. 8. One morning we dropped in at the nearby Tata Golf Course, where you canpay to play on the 9-hole course or simply practice your swing. Either way,whacking a ball on a manicured green is a lot of fun.
  9. 9. Since there’s not much to do in Pollibetta apart from lounging around inthe bungalow, we made a few excursions to nearby places. The ElephantCamp at Dubare was disappointing; and while the drive to Madikere wasscenic, the Abbey falls there was just plain dirty and Raja’s Seat had a viewbut was otherwise ordinary.
  10. 10. Ah, but we also visited the Tibetan settlement at Bylakuppe. The ornateNamdroling or Golden monastery blows your mind while the smaller Kygumonastery charms you with its warmth – we were invited to watch theboy-monks at prayer.
  11. 11. So that was our holiday at Woshully Bungalow ­ an enjoyable slice of life inthe slow lane, sipping a bit of Coorg!© Vijay Menon, May 2013 | www.vijaymenon.com