Sales Formula[1]


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This program is designed to help sales professionals
and sales managers set the right SALES FORMULA for their specific
business needs. The ultimate goal is to activate sales role in maintaining
healthy business both in short and long term

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Sales Formula[1]

  1. 1. C o n t e n tOverview“Without sales there is no business” … this is the core idea behindthis program. This program is designed to help sales professionalsand sales managers set the right SALES FORMULA for their specific General Sales Trainingbusiness needs. The ultimate goal is to activate sales role in maintaining Sales Square 1 ( 12 Hours )healthy business both in short and long term. This module provides basic concepts of sales. It is a headlight for sales professionals on their career clarifyingSales career is just like the famous FORMULA, participants always basic critical elements such as sales role, loyalty, sales process, different functions within sales organization.on the road, always in competition, always enhancing and upgradingtheir gears. SALES FORMULA helps sales professionals move smartly • What is sales and differentiation between sales and other customer focused functionsfocused on the relevant targets, equipped with the right toolbox, and • Inevitable finance knowledge for sales professionalssure the enhancements and upgrades are done in the right order • Inevitable marketing knowledge for sales professionalswithout leaving relevant prerequisites unfulfilled. • Sales channels and different types of sellingSALES FORMULA uniqueness comes from its unprecedented blend • Different sales functions within the sales organizationsof academic backbone with practical experience. This blend is finally • Buyers and their motivationflavored with the specific nature of the local market in Egypt, Middle • Selling cycle and purchasing cycleEast and African markets.SHIFT Training and Consulting Sales Planning, Preparation and Execution ( 24 Hours ) This module is a mandatory asset for all sales professionals. It provides the basic inevitable toolbox for successful selling, it helps determining what to do, when to do it and how to do it. In sales putting enough effortSHIFT was officially launched in early 2010. The “shifting idea” had is not enough, it has to be in the right place at the right time.been incubated in the founders’ minds for nearly a decade working inthe training and consulting fields. A SHIFT is needed to overcome the • Basic steps for successful selling and mastering the sales cyclegap separating knowledge uptake and practical execution. Theories • Essential selling skills.exist, but some still need localization and customization to the local • Active prospecting and qualifyingenvironments where they are applied. Other theories and principles • Sales funnel managementstill need an implementation “recipe”. Sales training is a major gap area • Approaching and communicating with the customerthat is still unlocked to transform the knowledge into sales numbers • Openingand performance. Shift is established to help bridging the missing part: • Offeringcompleting the cycle. FROM KNOWLEDGE TO PERFORMANCE. • Presentation • Competition • Negotiation • Closing • Questions • The DoNots of selling 01 02
  2. 2. C o n t e n tAccount Management Training Sales Formula Management TrainingPanoramic Key Account Management ( 16 Hours ) Effective Sales Force Management and Leadership ( 16 Hours )Upgrading business relation with the key customers from transactional to collaborative level is the most economic Sales force is in the middle of a fierce battlefield. In the middle of the battle, this force needs a managing leader.means to keep medium-long term business success. This module is dedicated for sales professionals who Successful sales manager has to be a leader too. This module provides sales managers with a comprehensiveare responsible for account handling. It provides specific tools and techniques for key accounts identifications, structure and toolkit to manage sales team as a managing leader.analysis, prioritizing, development and maintenance. • Sales manager role• What’s account • Difference between salesman and sales manager• Relation value rather than commodity price • Measuring team performance• Key account’s identification and prioritization • Managing sales forecasts• Key accounts selection • Territory planning• Relation stage identification and relation development • Managing sales meetings• Key account profiling • Performance monitoring and appraisal• Account manager role • Coaching• Mandatory commercial knowledge for account managers • Motivation • Compensation, rewarding and corrective actionsExecutive Account Management ( 12 Hours )This module is intended to upgrade the account managers to the next level of executive account management.Moving to strategic collaborative relation with key customer accounts requires different set of skills to managethis relation.• Advanced commercial knowledge for account managers• Business planning• Basics of strategic managementProduct Management TrainingProduct Management ( 16 Hours ) Sales Organization Structure and Reporting Flow ( 8 Hours )Product sales and product management are important cornerstones in sales organization. This module provides This module is providing essential knowledge on how to recruit, organize and maintain sales force effectively. Itoverview of product management role in the sales organization as well as the responsibilities and activities also provides the necessary basic communication framework within the sales organization as well as betweencarried over by product management. sales and other functions in business.• Product manager role in sales organization • Different functions in sales organization• Product manager profile and skills • Organizing sales force• Basics of marketing • Sales force recruitment• Competition • Reporting and communication within sales organization• Product positioning • Reporting and communication between sales organization and the other business functions• Building essential product selling kit 03 04
  3. 3. MODS! intrested..?Participants’ ProfileSALES FORMULA is designed for a wide range of groups• It fits fresh sales professionals with as brief experience as one to three years. For this group, the SALES Address: 3W Khaled Teama St. FORMULA installs the foundation of sales and lays out the different routes of sales as well as the needed skills Sheraton Bldgs, Heliopoplis, Cairo, Egypt. and tools for each. Tel: +202 22 688 731/6• It also serves the more experienced sales professionals with about a decade of experience. For this group the Fax:+202 22 67 6740 SALES FORMULA has a very important role in recapping what had been missing through the sales journey so far. This is far more important than getting new experience or knowledge because once it is passed, it can be PO.Box :11361 missed forever. SALES FORMULA makes sure there are no gaps or unnoticed holes in the sales experience weaver that this segment has been developing for nearly a decade. The second function that SALES FORMULA serves for this group is building the next level of structured sales career excellence through completing the formula of sales roles, leading sales efforts and plans as well as managing key customer accounts.• The last target audience group is sales managers with less than five years experience. For this group SALES FORMULA makes sure the sales function is clearly laid out in the audience minds as well as different team members’ roles and responsibilities. It makes sure the manager has no blind spots in this critical position. SALES FORMULA has two more focus areas for this group: first introducing the effective formula of sales management including sales and people. Secondly, designing and managing sales organization including organizing people and jobs as well as effective reporting flow within the sales organization.Instructors’ ProfileSuccessful sales training is not just knowledge transfer, besides knowledge it must include practicalexperience sharing, updated implementation, tips and sales tactics that fit different situations. It takes more thanacademic knowledge to deliver these elements. That’s why, the instructors of this program are selected with acurrent and updated successful sales career experience as well as the basic academic knowledge backbone tomake sure they deliver the intended structured knowledge base accompanied with the practical touch of “howto do”.Key BenefitsAfter completing this program, the participant will have both individual and organizational benefits. The individualpart includes being able to carve a successful sales career up to the successful senior sales management level.The organizational part includes the ability to leverage individual effort as well as team integrated effort andteam organization to maximize the outcomes of the sales organization with the highest efficiency. Another w w w. s h i f t - p e r f o r m a n c e . c o morganizational improvement is achieving a successful sales culture and atmosphere where the sales team arewell positioned within the organization and motivated to perform up to their maximum. 05 06