Russian revolution essay plans


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Russian revolution essay plans

  1. 1. GCSE
  2. 2.  Why was there a revolution in Russia in March 1917? Why was there a revolution in Russia in March 1917? (2) What were the causes of the March Revolution? Was the Provisional Government doomed from the start? Why was there a Second Revolution in November 1917?
  3. 3. Back to ContentsEffects of WW1 Domestic effects of WW1 Tsar Nicholas goes to the• 1 million+ casualties and POWs by • Inflation front line 1914 • Soldiers returned • September 1917• Many defeats • Unemployment • Tsarina (German) in charge• Bad conditions • Food and fuel shortages • Personally responsible • Ban of VodkaLoss of support Revolution begins Army mutiny• Resentment of Tsarina and • 7 March – 40,000 workers on strike • 12 March Rasputin • 8 March – International Women’s • Duma in control• Harsh winder in 1916 Day• People wanted a say in • Tsar orders force government Tsar abdicates • Tries to make deal with Duma • Exiled to Siberia
  4. 4. Back to Contents Long term Short term Trigger• Tsar’s mistakes • Effects of war • Conditions in• Economic on the army March 1917 situation • Effects of war • Crucial role of before the war on the people the army• Situation of • Role of the peasants and Tsarina and workers before Rasputin the war • Lack of representation in government via the Duma
  5. 5. Back to Contents Introduction Before the War The War The Revolution Conclusions• What were the • Economic causes • Effects of the • Conditions in • Was the War the key events of the • How well were War on people March 1917 main cause? Revolution? industry and • Effects of the • Crucial role of the • Were the failures (define your agriculture War on the army army of the Tsar before terms) doing? • The Tsar’s and during the• How do you • Social causes mistakes War the main intend to answer • Had the • The role of the cause? this question? conditions of Tsarina and the workers and Rasputin peasants improved in the years leading up to the war? • Politics causes • Were the people’s views being heard through the Duma? How well was the Tsar running in the country?
  6. 6. Back to ContentsTemporary War Land Food Representation Politicalgovernment •Continued •Refused to reform •Shortages •Soviets Opposition•8 months, 2 prime War, loyal to land ownership increased •3,00 members •SRs, Bolsheviks, ministers Allies, need for •Peasants taking each – 1,000 Mensheviks, etc.•Members of Duma supplies land illegally workers/soldiers •April Theses –•Run country until •1917 offensive – •Controlled army, Peace, Land, elections disaster leading to factories, railways Bread disertions •Hostile to •Kornilov Revolt•Key issues – War, Land, Food •Mutinies 0 Provisional Kronstadt Government•Rival government Rebellion – Soviets •Dominated by •Kornilov Revolt Bolsheviks
  7. 7. Back to ContentsConditions in Russia Mistakes of Provisional Government• Mutinies • Continued war• Revolt (July 1917) • Summer offensive 1917• Increase popularity for Petrograd Soviet • Food shortages• Land • Failure to distribute land to peasants• Increase of opposition • Handling of July Days and Kornilov Revolt • Failure to elect Constituent AssemblyLenin and the Bolsheviks Trotsky• Helped by Germans • Lenin’s right-hand man – Chairman of Military• Finland Station Speech/ April Theses • Set HQ in Smolni Institute – made plans for• September 1917 – Bolsheviks dominate take over Petrograd Soviet • Controlled key areas • Red Guard’s stormed Winter Palace • Seized (later) Moscow