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My dissertation proposal about Concorde

Published in: Education, Technology, Sports
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  1. 1. KatherineBurke13167510
  2. 2. To what degree was the BritishSupersonic Transport (SST) ventureabout a need for prestige after thefailures of their Space Programme?
  3. 3.  Historical Context Historiography of SST Why this topic Resources: Primary and Secondary Current Research Provisional Structure Conclusion
  4. 4.  Post – WW2◦ Military focus◦ Misconceptions of civilaviation needs Cold War◦ Rivalry between West andEast◦ Space Race, ArmsRace, SST Race, etc... Britain’s WorldStanding andDecolonisation◦ Change in form ofprestige – scientific andtechnologicalTimeline 1956 The SupersonicTransport AircraftCommittee (STAC) 1962 Concorde Treaty 1968 Flight of‘Concordski’ 1969 First flight(prototype) 1976 Commercialintroduction 2003 Retired
  5. 5.  Much on technical aspects◦ Sonic boom, wing type, etc. Limited on political issues◦ Johnman, Lynch◦ American not British Lots on ‘The Concorde Story’◦ Orlebar, March, etc. Not much written on motivation for SST More recent work is commemorative
  6. 6.  Gaps in early historiography◦ Little research into the British socio-political context Competition in Cold War beyond US and USSR Help to explain why SST was only successfulin Britain (and France)◦ Less motivation abroad?
  7. 7. Primary Secondary Majority based onprimary research Archives◦ National◦ Farnborough? Articles◦ Newspapers◦ Flight Magazine Books◦ Costello, Hughes, Knight Articles◦ Johnman, Lynch Websites◦ BA, Heritage Concorde9%27%9%9%37%9%Spread of Current SecondaryPaper Resources over Decades1967-19691970-19791980-19891990-19992000-20092010-2012
  8. 8.  Contacting people and organisations◦ British Airways◦ Farnborough Archival research◦ National archives Treasury and Cabinet papers Ministry of Supply and Ministry of Aviation Secondary Resources◦ Searching for more◦ Focus on academic articles
  9. 9.  Proposed thematic approach◦ Introduction◦ Chapter 2: Prestige◦ Chapter 3: Economic◦ Chapter 4: Political◦ Chapter 5: Other◦ Conclusion
  10. 10.  To what degree was the British Supersonic Transport (SST)venture about a need for prestige after the failures of theirSpace Programme? Context of a SST race Gaps in historiography Focus on primary research Thematic structure