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Booker T Washington


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African American civil rights leaders - Booker T Washington

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Booker T Washington

  1. 1. Booker T. Washington • Founded the Tuskegee Negro Normal Institute in 1888 – taught practical education – allowed students to become involved in the building of the school - students had to work from 5am to 9.30pm • Said blacks needed to work hard without complain to prove themselves loyal to the USA before they would be granted the vote and other civil rights • Ideas supported by Southern Whites who had previously opposed black education such as Carnegie who donated large amounts of money to Tuskegee Negro Normal Institute • Invited by Teddy Roosevelt to go to the White House • Contributed to many newspapers e.g. The New York Age • Was consulted by 2 different Presidents (Roosevelt and Taft) about African American issues • 1900 – helped establish the National Negro Business League • Tuskegee school he established is now Tuskegee University • Thought that if blacks were financially secure, they would be more likely to be granted rights • Wasn’t publicly confrontational but privately funded causes against disenfranchisement etc