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TPA-AL Wiki Explained


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This presentation explains the design and development phase of our ID project.

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TPA-AL Wiki Explained

  1. 1. TPA/AcademicLanguage Wiki This PowerPoint will guide you through thedesign and development process of our wiki. By: Team SCABA
  2. 2. Why a Wiki? SME and faculty members preferred a delivery system for the necessary information that did not require a face to face meeting A wiki can be accessed at anytime, it is an easy way to organize all of our information, and the faculty members expressed an interest in wikis in our needs analysis. We created a wiki for UA faculty members who must become familiar with the TPA process Wiki Homepage
  3. 3. TPA InformationWiki Page-Informational sites related to TPA
  4. 4. Academic Language Academic language (AL) was our main focus We created a resources to give information on this topic and posted them on the wiki  Video-introduces TPA and Academic Language  PowerPoint-gives information specifically about AL  What is academic language?  Why is it important?  How can we teach this concept to pre-service teachers?  What are the requirements related to academic language in the TPA process?  AL Rubrics-shows requirements for pre-service teachers
  5. 5. TPA/AL Video screenshot
  6. 6. AL PowerPoint screenshot
  7. 7. AL Rubrics for TPA screenshot
  8. 8. Visit our Wiki Resource PageWiki Page-view video, PowerPoint, and rubrics
  9. 9. Continued… Continue on to the next part of our presentation to find out our plans for evaluating what the faculty learned and the impact of our TPA/AL wiki