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Steps in Transition 2013: A Guide to the College Life Transition


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At our STEP Day presentation we described academic services we provide for students, and essential conversations to have prior to your first semester. (For instance, don't make students decide between textbooks and pizza.) Yep, you'll never figure it all out from this slideshow... so come talk to us and find out what we're all about!

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Steps in Transition 2013: A Guide to the College Life Transition

  1. 1. STEP Day A Guide to the College Life Transition Presented by the Center for Academic Excellence
  2. 2. Three Essential Conversation Types Academics Preparation Communication
  3. 3. Communication • Student/Family Contact • Frequency of contact • Expectations/Anticipation • Visits • First four weeks important for adjusting • Family Day – Saturday, October 5th • Fall Break – Sat. Oct. 12th -Tues. Oct. 15th
  4. 4. Preparation • Prepare for expenses and basic needs • Who pays for what, and when? • Stay well and well
  5. 5. Academics and Grades • Transition of control/access to educational records from parent(s)/guardian(s) to student • FERPA waiver • Parent/guardian and student expectations • Regarding access to records/data • Class attendance • Seeking of help
  6. 6. Ask for help! There are a variety of on- and off-campus resources available to render assistance. Center for Academic Excellence: Provides tutoring services, one-on-one academic support, and study and time management tips Wensberg Writing Center: Offers assistance with written assignments of any kind Outreach Education & Counseling Center; Health Services: Provide support for emotional and physical wellness
  7. 7. You can do it!
  8. 8. Find us on Facebook at We can help.
  9. 9. Picture Citations • From First Slide to Last Slide, Top to Bottom, Left to Right • “Speaking Words” ash3/p480x480/555001_568141103209743_209112536_n.png • “Books” • “Hands-On Cooking” preparation-worker/food_preparation_worker_hi_res_1.jpg • “Pizza Making” 4hPJAv-4hPJXT-4hTQ93-4hTQwL-4psSEs-4qdZty-4s4hvN-4Bof3x-4D2Len-4FwhD8-4FzxtL- 4FAugG-4GWCqP-4MxyGX-4NxLQA-4PeZE2-4Ry9Mf-4RybbL-4VuChu-59hi22-5f9LM9- 5f9LXG-5f9M3E-5qghoT-5uJinJ-5x6Hhe-5LxAuz-5LYyVo-5RndT1-5TdJat-6bYR2i-6gmb2b- 6ntxo1-6ods8s-6qEeQs-6rJb8b-6twHqE-6xRizV-6AqoTV-6Bwiyu-6HmTyB-6WvJm1-73aGZe- 78FRZN-7efUnr-7mgV2T-7qAjRW-7rmja7-9k9ZrF-bfCypp/ • “Two Thumbs Up” 5Ksc9t-5KMhLN-5KMj79-5KPV6W-5NjB1u-5RAuMm-5Sqz9E-5TMY8g-5UkUpY-5WpoJK- 5Z6PNu-5ZcEwd-5ZGPXn-5ZKiyz-5ZNyow-61zUNC-61ZftD-624YXU-62wMmN-62CBGT- 62DbmN-62UT8Z-63NJh1-63Rswr-63Rswx-63RswM-65jodm-68kqhA-6aJg84-6biiMS- 6bsQ7P-6dV2Fj-6g9bib-6giUTW-6gxU4M-6k8rHm-6mgew8-6p6HUp-6pamtQ-6rThJe- 6t2BWJ-6t4Hnw-6tErYG-6xazuN-6xp67z-6xCgCZ-6zdvo5-6zFoiF-6BV9g6-6D5fxF-6DC93Y/
  10. 10. • Prepared by Ross McKinley