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America clicks!

  1. 1. AmanAlex Lowe da Greblo ski on Luke Evers Daniel Wojtak Bentley University Service Learning Ashl ei gh HStephanie Wehby u nt Elizabeth Itkin
  2. 2. Service LearningThe service learning program we are involved in is called America Clicks. This is a one on one computer tutoring program designed to create an interest of computers in elementary school students. Bentley students utilize what theyve learned in class and use their knowledge to teach their students computer programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and use of the Internet.
  3. 3. Northeast Elementary • Introduction Presentation • grades Pre-K through 5 • new computer lab with PC computers • Mrs. Nichols, room 217 • we worked with fourth graders • newer facilities
  4. 4. Plympton Elementary School• Work with Elementary School students• Work on Massachusetts PowerPoint project with 3rd graders and Rocks and Minerals project with 4th graders• Typically had older and slower computers
  5. 5. Salvation Army• After school program for children• Volunteersthe kids and assist come in with homework• One-on-one help
  6. 6. Hardware and Software Software-Windows XP-Either Microsoft office 2003, 2007 or 2010-Powerpoint-Excel-Microsoft Word-Internet Explorer-We use Windows operating system Hardware -H-drive -USB Flash Drives -Dell Desktops
  7. 7. Links to America Clicks!America Clicks! America Clicks! on at Bentley Blackboard• one-on-one • post assignments computer tutoring • view updates• 10-week program • general information• customized lesson • contact project plans managers
  8. 8. Controversy • The computers were very slow. My student got very distracted and fidgety. Lessons were long because students lost interest. During the last session, we were finally allowed to use new computers in the library. They still ran slow, but would have been better if we used them in the beginning.• On the other hand, not all schools had the same resources. Northeast, for example, had newer computers that were accessible during all of our sessions. Everything ran at decent speeds, and all of the necessary software programs were installed.• If the schools would let Bentley students go in and fix the computer labs, there would be fewer issues with the computers themselves.
  9. 9. Suggested Changes • MEE at B T proje S ct befo LC at le manag re th ast o ers e fir n st se ce ssio e n • choose si tes that h ose th working ave s to cho compute llow u go rs• a tim es we • change the Excel aspect • consistent updates and • commun i ca grading on BB project m tion with anagers
  10. 10. We Learned...• how we teach others• our patience levels• positive reinforcement• how to make and edit a blog• how to be role models for young kids• to work with people other than our age• cooperate amongst ourselves, PMs, professors, teachers, students, etc.• to prepare a cumulative project that displays our work over the course of the semester• more about the software programs from students
  11. 11. Outcome of Our Service Learning Experience• better acquainted with Waltham community as Bentley students• better acquainted with each other through an embedded class• heightened awareness of what we can do to help our local • established a community personal connection• desire to continue with with the students we worked with service learning
  12. 12. CitationsPictures:• Northeast Elementary-• Computer Image-• Salvation Army-• Plympton-• Dell computer-• Excel-• PowerPoint-• Word-• Internet Explorer-• we learned slide-• "connection"-• biting computer-• communication-• America Clicks!- from Blackboard documents• Bentley logo
  13. 13. Thanks for viewing!