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2012       ChangeTheWorld         April 15th  ­ May 6th, 2012Moving ForwardMoving Forward by Looking Back
ABOUT  ChangeTheWorld is a fun way                                    Volunteer centres receive up to                     ...
FUNDING$695,000$695 000                      including                                      g                   3 Weeks   ...
2011 RESULTS The 4th Annual CTW campaign                                       CTW’s 2011 results witnessed a             ...
2012 TARGETS                   in 2012, we expect to engage                                          Anticipated Benefits ...
GROWTH                                              All Volunteer Centres                                  CTW Volunteers ...
PARTICIPATING                                                                  VOLUNTEER CENTRES               NORTHERN RE...
OVCN’S ROLE Since its beginnings in 2008, ChangeTheWorld has been delivered by MCI in partnership with the Ontario Volunt...
2012 MISSION To enhance OVCN’s outreach and mentoring role, and collaborate with as many schools as possible, including t...
OVCN STRATEGYTo effectively utilize increased funds to develop and administer outreach and mentoring tools that will assi...
COMMUNICATION                                                                                               PLANYouth Advi...
ONLINE                                                                     STRATEGYCTW Website                            ...
ENDORSEMENT                              STRATEGYNews & TV                 Sports            Celebrities
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Info ChangeTheWorld

  1. 1. 2012 ChangeTheWorld April 15th  ­ May 6th, 2012Moving ForwardMoving Forward by Looking Back
  2. 2. ABOUT ChangeTheWorld is a fun way Volunteer centres receive up to 2012 marks CTW’s for youth to earn volunteer hoursand contribute to their community, both in out of school 5th Anniversary $25,000 CTW targets to promote, encourage and to celebrate, we , facilitate youth volunteerism, f l h l 3 hours seek to reach more students and communities by collaborating with local schools, school boards, and per youth participant than ever before! community organizations
  3. 3. FUNDING$695,000$695 000 including g 3 Weeks 3 Weeks in grants to $70,000 of youth volunteer activities across Ontario 25 to Ontario Volunteer Centre Network April 15th ­ May 6th for coordination and outreachVolunteer Centres National Volunteer Week
  4. 4. 2011 RESULTS The 4th Annual CTW campaign CTW’s 2011 results witnessed a In 2011, CTW campaign saw concluded on May 1st, 2011Our most successful year to date, 14,922 Students 24% Increase 2011 saw 21 volunteer centres in overall participation, plus a participate, representing over contribute over 69,845 Hours 69,845 Hours 40% I Increase 265 in total volunteering hours, volunteering over 3 weeks communities across Ontario when compared to 2010
  5. 5. 2012 TARGETS in 2012, we expect to engage Anticipated Benefits 25,000 Students  Greater youth awareness of National Volunteer  and help provide pp Week, local community organizations and the value  of volunteering; 75,000 Volunteer Hours 75,000 Volunteer Hours  Greater youth and community awareness of  Ontario’s commitment to youth engagement and  to communities across Ontario volunteering;  Students provided with a positive introduction to Targets calculated according to individual projections provided by eachTargets calculated according to individual projections provided by each volunteer centre, including 4 new centres for the 2011 campaign volunteering and encouraged to become lifelong  volunteer;Each volunteer centre will track participating schools, community   Enhanced relationships between volunteer centres, groups, students and volunteer hours. their local schools and community groups; and , fNew in 2012, the OVCN will coordinate results from student­led CTW   More services delivered to strengthen Ontario’s projects funded through the EDU’s SpeakUp Program communities. 
  6. 6. GROWTH All Volunteer Centres CTW Volunteers & Volunteer Hours (Totals by Year)100000 90904 90000 80000 69845 70000 60000 50000 41683 40000 30000 27853 25,445 20000 14,922 11328 7859 10000 274 1251 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 (Projected) Volunteers Hours
  7. 7. PARTICIPATING VOLUNTEER CENTRES NORTHERN REGION Volunteer Sault Ste. Marie Volunteer Sudbury / Benevolat Sudbury Volunteer Thunder Bay CENTRAL REGION C GO Community Link North Simcoe Community Development Halton / Volunteer HaltonCONTACT South Simcoe Community Information Centre Information Markham and Volunteer Centre Information Orillia Volunteer Centre of Toronto Volunteer Centre of Toronto Volunteer Mississauga Brampton Caledon Yorkinfo Community Information & Volunteer Centre EASTERN REGIONSouthern Frontenac Community Services CorporationUnited Way Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Volunteer & Information Quinte V l &I f i Q i Volunteer Bureau of Leeds and Grenville Volunteer Ottawa WESTERN REGION Information Niagara p f Pillar Nonprofit Network Sarnia Gives United Way of Cambridge & North Dumfries United Way of Chatham­Kent United Way Windsor­Essex County ‘08 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12 Volunteer Action Centre of Kitchener Waterloo Volunteer Centre of Guelph / Wellington Volunteer Hamilton V l t H ilt 7 19 21 21 25!
  8. 8. OVCN’S ROLE Since its beginnings in 2008, ChangeTheWorld has been delivered by MCI in partnership with the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN). From 2008 and 2010, the Volunteer Centre of Guelph‐Wellington undertook the lead coordination role on behalf of the OVCN.role on behalf of the OVCN. For 2011,  the Volunteer Centre of Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon (Volunteer MBC) was selected to assume lead coordination role for 2011 and 2012 CTW campaigns. i Together, MCI and Volunteer MBC will develop an    enhanced role for OVCN to support 2012 campaign  p pinitiatives, and further increase participation results.  Volunteer Sault Ste. Marie  In 2012, the OVCN plans to expand CTW by closely mentoring all new participating volunteer centres, and  Charity Car Washby collaborating with Ontario’s hard‐to‐reach schools.
  9. 9. 2012 MISSION To enhance OVCN’s outreach and mentoring role, and collaborate with as many schools as possible, including those in communities lacking a local volunteer centre. To encourage all volunteer centres across Ontario to participate, and to ultimately increase the total participate, and to ultimately increase the totalnumber of communities within the campaign’s reach. To provide students with an opportunity to “Adopt a Cause,” or to develop their own activities and events based on personal values.b d l l To promote CTW via the Internet, social media    (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), celebrity endorsement,  p p p ypcorporate sponsorships and community partners.  Volunteer & Information Quinte  To collaborate with the Ministry of Education 2012’s SpeakUp program. Gleaners Food Bank Collection
  10. 10. OVCN STRATEGYTo effectively utilize increased funds to develop and administer outreach and mentoring tools that will assist volunteer centres with engaging students, educators, media and communities. To communicate with volunteer centres through a To communicate with volunteer centres through a regular newsletter, enhanced website and online forum. To design and pilot a customized volunteer tracking and evaluation tool and framework. d l ti t l d f k To conduct web‐based workshops on engaging    youth and community agencies through social media,  ysurveys and other online resources.  Volunteer Bureau of Leeds and Grenville  To provide marketing and media templates, and assistance with local media launches. Mac Johnson Wildlife Area Beautification Project
  11. 11. COMMUNICATION PLANYouth Advisory Committees  To develop a Year 5 framework and objectives;  including a new Youth Advisory Committee; promoting  including a new Youth Advisory Committee; promoting CTW via educational platforms in partnership with EDU;  and, strengthening linkages with EDU’s SpeakUp program Newcomer Champion Awards  To highlight the contributions of 5 youth ambassadors  who show outstanding leadership qualities in local CTW  campaigns Collaborate with Ministry of Education  To promote CTW through targeted outreach to high To promote CTW through targeted outreach to high  school teachers, Council of Ontario Directors of  Education, Ontario Principal’s Council, school council  leaders, participating volunteer centres and individual     school Facebook pages.P Promotional Materials ti lM t i l  To redesign flyers, website graphics, video message  Information Markham and Volunteer Centre   To make all promotion materials and graphics  available for download at MCI’s CTW website. 2011 Senior Spring Fling FUN Fashion Show
  12. 12. ONLINE STRATEGYCTW Website Twitter Facebook YouTube
  13. 13. ENDORSEMENT STRATEGYNews & TV Sports Celebrities