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EDIM510 NASA Science Resources


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Prepared for EDIM510

A Presentation on NASA resources to support science learning.

Published in: Technology, Education
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EDIM510 NASA Science Resources

  1. 1. Adding NASA to ScienceUsing NASA resources to enhance student learning in sciences.
  2. 2. NASA CORE• CORE: o Central Operation of Resources for Educators o o Posters, Lithos, Videos o Publications  Includes Unit and Lesson Plans o Rentals and Purchases o Online Catalogs
  3. 3. NASA ERCN• Educator Resource Center Network o Helps teachers use NASA resources o Share NASA expertise o Provide Inservice Training and Professional Development o NASA Specialists, Scientists, Engineers • Ames Research Center (Iowa) - Dryden Flight Research Center (California) • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (California) - Glenn Research Center (Ohio) • Goddard Space Flight Center (Maryland) - Wallops Flight Center (Virginia) • Johnson Space Center (Texas) - Kennedy Space Center (Florida) • Langely Research Center (Virginia) - Marshall Space Flight Center (Alabama) • Stennis Space Center (Mississippi)
  4. 4. NASA Explorer Schools• o STEM Based o Free Lessons and Materials o Student Engagement o Classroom Videos o Live Chats o Collaboration Tools o Professional Development
  5. 5. NASA DLNDigital Learning Network - o STEM Content o On Demand o Webcasts o Interactive Events
  6. 6. NASA Engineering DesignChallenge• Realworld-Inworld• o Virtual Design Interactive o Secure Student Interface o 7-12 STEM Content o Collaborative o Real-World Problems
  7. 7. More Resources• NASA BEST (Beginning Engineering, Science, and Technology) -• EarthKAM -• NASATV -• NASA eClips -• Connect and Collabrate with NASA -• NASA Summer of Innovation -• My NASA Data -
  8. 8. References• Images o o o o o o