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Miniature Studios Overview


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Miniature Studios Overview

  1. 1. Presentation of the Company
  2. 2. Miniature Studios About Us   We develop and bring to market mobile applications.   We are US based with low cost, yet world class, development in Buenos Aires.   We are not just an agency or a one-off developer, we can partner with IP holders, networks, and people with great ideas to share the cost of development.
  3. 3. The iPhone Market   17 million iPhones sold   13.7 million in 2008   13 million iPod Touch units sold   Available in 80 countries   Apple App Store   Changing the way applications are sold and delivered to mobile devices   Blackberry and Android units deploying similar models   25,000 applications in the store today   800 million downloads in 8 month   Apple keeps 30% of revenue from each sale
  4. 4. Our Business Statements   We add value to your idea   We are a multidisciplinary team with experience in several industries and varied professional backgrounds.   We are structured in specialized teams, allowing us to take on development projects as separate micro-efforts, working simultaneously to allow for rapid deployment.   The outcome of this working process is less development time and more experienced teams, producing fast development and launch timelines and inter-project synergies.   We lower the project’s risk   Our process capitalizes on the synergies of deploying multiple applications in order to increase project’s success probability, and eventual profitability.   We can share the project’s risk   We offer a lower development & design cost environment. We can share the variable costs of development in exchange for part of the equity.   Our interests are aligned with our partners, we only make a profit if and when they do.   We are investors   If you have a great idea come and talk with us. If we think your idea has potential, we’ll take it to market and share in the success.
  5. 5. Business Scheme An integrated ad-hoc approach to mobile application development business. Potential Partners Delivery Mobile App Software Development Idea Holders iPhone Apps Mobile App User Interface Design Business Holders Other platform apps (Blackberry, Android, Symbian) Marketing/Support Website Design In-house Online Marketing developments consulting & execution Marketing Strategy, Planning & Execution Sponsored Apps App Updates Application Launch & Management App Management
  6. 6. Service Details   Mobile Application Software Development   Bringing an idea to a mobile interface (web based, app based)   Logo   Icons   User interface   Creating the application flow & framework   Logic   Research   Focus testing   Programming in various languages   iPhone   Blackberry   Android   Windows mobile
  7. 7. Service Details   Mobile App User Interface Design   Understanding the user approach to the application.   Looking into substitute products for benchmark.   Provide the application with a user-friendly, state of the art design.   Consistent design guidelines for:   Application support webpage   Marketing tools (banners, ads, demos, etc).
  8. 8. Service Details   Support Website Design & Development   Understand the kind of support is needed.   Developed a web based support.   HTML.   Flash.   Consistent design between application & web.   Application Demo Development   Web based advertisement design (banners, ads, etc)   PR materials design
  9. 9. Service Details   Marketing: Strategy, Planning and execution   User profile research & analysis.   Potential users focus group. (if possible / necessary)   Price definitions   Marketing Plan:   PR Launching Kit   PR Launching Campaign   Advertisement Strategy Planning: –  Mobile –  Online   Execute & Manage advertisement campaign   Maximize cross-marketing opportunities with other apps
  10. 10. Service Details  Application Launch & Management   Setting up and managing the Apple iPhone developer account   App Store Submission Process   Taxes, insurance and other administrative fees regarding the apps   Accounting, revenue distribution.   Application updates / upgrades
  11. 11. Partnership Scheme   Each deal is different   Option #1 - You fund the development and we publish   You get all the net revenue from the app (after Apple takes their cut) until your investment is paid pack, then . .   20% to Miniature Studios for management, marketing support and maintenance   80% to you   Option #2 - We fund the development and publish   We get all the net revenue from the app (after Apple takes their cut) until our investment is paid pack, then . .   80% to Miniature Studios for management, marketing support and maintenance   20% to you   Option #3 – Funding and revenue split
  12. 12. Next Steps 1.  Finalize the Idea/concept 2.  Refine the budget… •  Software development. (IT, Design, etc) •  Initial marketing costs •  Marketing plan and Initial advertising budget (if necessary) 3.  Negotiate and conclude budget 4.  Start the application development 5.  Develop a marketing plan 6.  Apple Store submission & approval 7.  Launch the application 8.  Marketing plan execution & adjustments 9.  Future updates if needed
  13. 13. Miniature Studios
  14. 14. Inauguration Report PROJECT DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOTS iTunes Link
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