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About MEMS Industry Group


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MEMS Industry Group (MIG) is the trade association advancing MEMS across global markets. MIG creates a collaborative environment for the MEMS ecosystem, champions MEMS in established and emerging markets, and enables MEMS commercialization. Visit to learn more.

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About MEMS Industry Group

  1. 1. Welcome to MEMS Industry Group®.We’re glad you’re here.
  2. 2. MEMS Industry Group (MIG) is the trade associationadvancing MEMS across global markets.
  3. 3. MIG Members Represent the entire MEMSSupply Chain
  4. 4. MIG Members are GlobalPlease click here for ourcurrent member
  5. 5. Why join MIG?Please click here to view a complete list of
  6. 6. MIG Events• MEMS Executive Congress US– A unique professional forum at which executives from companies designing andmanufacturing MEMS technology sit side-by-side with their end-user customers• MEMS Executive Congress– An intimate, European set forum for executives from companies designing andmanufacturing MEMS technology and end-user customers to define, collaborate on,and grow the global MEMS market.• M2M Forum –– The annual members meeting of MEMS Industry Group– Technical Conference• MEMS Education Series –– Webinar series, open to the entire MEMS Industry. Slides available to members.
  7. 7. MIG Partner a complete list of upcoming events.
  8. 8. ResourcesResourceLibraryMEMS TDPTemplateFoundryEngagementGuideMEMS in theMachineMEMSMarketplacePlease click here to view MIG’s
  9. 9. About Us• For more information about joining MIG,please contact Monica Takacs, Director ofMembership or412-290-1644.