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Mobile os and their types by shakir


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Mobile os and their types by shakir

  1. 1. Mobile OSand their types Shakir hussain Class B.E-VI
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• What is OS• Operating systems provide a layer between applications and computer hardware.• It is the software that enables all the programs we use.• The OS organizes and controls the hardware.• OS acts as an interface between the user and the machine hardware.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION• Mobile OS is some how different from the Traditional computer OS. • Mobile OS is limited in terms of capabilities and Design • Mobile devices are smaller in terms of physical characteristic such as screen size and also less in terms of memory, processing power. • Scarce availability of battery power • Limited amount of computing and communication capabilities.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION• Due to that, they need different types of operating systems depending on the capabilities they support. e.g. a PDA OS is different from a Smartphone OS.
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION• What is Mobile OS• A mobile OS is a software platform on which other programs called application programs, can run on mobile devices such as PDA, cellular phones, smartphone and etc
  6. 6. Mobile Operating System Types• There are many mobile operating systems.• The followings are the most important ones: – Symbian OS – Windows Mobile OS – iPhone OS – Google Android OS
  7. 7. Symbian OS• Symbian OS is 32 bit, which run on different types of ARM architecture.• It is a multitasking operating system and very less dependence on peripherals.• It is owned by some cell phone manufacturers including Nokia,Ericsson,Siemens,Motorola.
  8. 8. Symbian OS• Symbian was the most popular smartphone OS until the end of 2010, when it was overtaken by Android.• Latest Symbian OS version is Symbian belle.
  9. 9. Symbian OS Features• Data Caging• Multimedia• Security• Internationalization support
  10. 10. Symbian OSConclusion • Manufacturs point-of-view • Strong Operating System • But Now it’s use is decreasing • Developers point-of-view • Developing for Symbian brings limitations. • A Symbian developer will only develop for Symbian.
  11. 11. Windows OS• Windows Mobile is a compact operating system designed for mobile devices and based on Microsoft Win32.• It runs on Pocket PCs, Smartphones and Portable media centers.
  12. 12. Windows OS• Differente versions of windows OS. – Pocket PC 2000 – Pocket PC 2002 – Windows Mobile 2003 – Windows Mobile 5 – Windows Mobile 6 – Windows Mobile 6.5
  13. 13. Windows OS• And now latest Windows OS areWindows Phone 7 Windows Phone 8
  14. 14. Andriod• A software platform and operating system for mobile devices• Based on the Linux kernel• Developed by Google and later the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) • Android platform was announced on 5 November 2007 with the founding of OHA
  15. 15. Andriod Advantages• The ability for anyone to customize the Google Android platform• The consumer will benefit from having a wide range of mobile applications to choose from since the monopoly will be broken by Google Android• Features like weather details, opening screen, live RSS feeds and even the icons on the opening screen will be able to be customized• In addition the entertainment functionalities will be taken a notch higher by Google Android being able to offer online real time multiplayer games
  16. 16. Andriod• Network Connectivity – It supports wireless communications using:  GSM mobile-phone technology  3G and 4G  Edge  802.11 Wi-Fi networks
  17. 17. Andriod• Security• Android is a multi-process system, in which each application (and parts of the system) runs in its own process.• Additional security features are provided through a "permission" mechanism that enforces restrictions on the specific operations that a particular process can perform.
  18. 18. Andriod• This Operating System is used in Samsung, HTC mobiles
  19. 19. iPhone OS• iOS is Apples mobile operating system.• Apple is company who developed iPhone Operating System (iOS).• This OS is released on June 29, 2007. This OS is also used in iPad, iPhone.• Latest iPhone OS is IO6.
  20. 20. iPhone OS Features1. Home screen2. Folders3. Included applications4. Multitasking5. Switching applications
  21. 21. iPhone OS• Conclusion• This is the strong operating system but it is so expensive.• This is good for look and using.