Week three work channel strip


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Week three work channel strip

  1. 1. Hi, Guillermo Delgado From México City here again. I ´m coming now with this new guide about a description of channel strip in a pristine console i am working now: API 1608 Analog Mixer, one of the best analog consoles around. Again sorry for not to present a video but my english is not good and i want to avoid misunderstand with bad pronunciations, so here is my second week homework and as ever, hope to be useful for everyone. THANKS FOR READ!
  2. 2. I am glad to have this console in my job and take advantage of all the features of this baby and now i will explain how the channel strip works, hope you like it.
  3. 3. First say this console have a signal flow a little diferent than from another basic consoles, on top we have Vumeters which are very precise about how signal comes into the console, below is a minirack module (580A), is a parametric EQ with upper and down pots, upper one (blue) moves frequency ranges while down knob (White) moves gain for the selected frequency, is very precise and have great accuracy, it also come with HPF and LPF switches.
  4. 4. Next comes Busses section, there are 8 switches for 8 buss sends (remember busses are like wires conecting internal to make a group output), it also has a great summing compatibility using this section.
  5. 5. Next we have a panning pot, here you can see 4 switches, first one is PGM which means program, API name his output master as PGM, so if you want to send any channel or section to the main output you have to press this switch, then there are a pan switch, a ins switch which is for instrument connection (jack is in rear panel), and a filter switch.
  6. 6. After panning comes Aux Sends, but I have to clear that API names Aux channels as Echo Sends, is not easy to get familiarized with the name but after a few time we can accustom to that, there are 8 Echo sends, we can select 1-4 as individual and 5-8 on stereo (panneable), 7/8 have a bus output and all Sends have PRE switch.
  7. 7. Preamp section is next and i can tell you API preamps are the best i ever hear in a console, it´s really very powerfull and cristaline, a phase switch, +48v power phantom switch for condenser mics, a mic enable switch and a pad switch for atennuation (about -20db), below is the solo section with safe and mute group switches.
  8. 8. Well for last we have Faders, ranges from infinite to +12db with sweet slide feature (on master module faders are motorized and have automation capability)001 011 100 110 110 101 111 110 101 111 110 100
  9. 9. As you can see working with this console is a delicious, next time i will try to upload a video where i am working in a session with this console, until next time have a great day. Bye. 001 011 100 110 110 111 110 101 111 110 100