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Effectiveness of distance education technology


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Effectiveness of distance education technology

  1. 1. Effectiveness of Distance Education Technology Done by: Ameena Al-Rawahi. Roqaia Al-Hashmi. Laila Al-Tobi.
  2. 2. Viewpoint 1 Study Name: Distance Learning in North Dakota: A Cross-Technology Study of the Schools, Administrators, Coordinators, Instructors, and Students with Two-Way Interactive Television, Audiographic Tele-Learning, and Instruction by Satellite. Author: Hobbs, 1990. Audience: North Dakota schools’ administrators, programs coordinators, students and remote instructors. Abstract: " discernible difference between distance learning and traditional foreign language achievement attributable to the specific distance learning technologies used."
  3. 3. Viewpoint 2 Study Name: Effectiveness and Cost on Interactive Videodisc in Defense Training and Education. Author: Fletcher, 1990. Audience: Defense training and in the related settings of industrial training and higher education. Objectives: Compared Conventional instruction with IVDI in terms of achievement, effectiveness and cost effective. Abstract: "Compared with conventional instruction, IVDI in military training (24 studies) increased achievement to 65%; in higher education (14 studies) increased achievement to 75%; increased achievement in both knowledge and performance measures, to 64%. The more 'interactivity' built into IVDI, the more effective the resulting instruction. IVDI was more effective than computer-assisted without videodisc interaction. IVDI may increase time on task and did not effect longer term retention... IVDI was less costly and more cost effective than conventional instruction."
  4. 4. Conclusion From our view of point, It is not what but when, how and whom. Traditional and Distance education are all work depend on the situation and circumstances.