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Wonderland (2)


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Wonderland (2)

  1. 1. EXT. PARK – DAYCAITLIN walks through the local park towards the townthat is visible just on the hill beyond her. It is earlyin the morning, there’s a fine mist covering the grass.There are dozens of noisy birds dotting the cover ofgrass.Caitlin is eighteen years old, a calm and intrinsicallyexcitable girl. She is carrying an over-the-shouldersatchel adorned with small badges, and a carton of Ribenajuice. She sucks almost constantly the straw until thejuice has all gone, but keeps the straw in her mouth tochew on it.A boy is sitting on a bench further down the footpaththat she is walking down. He is dressed in an unusuallyelegant outfit – well, unusual for the town that Caitlinlives in. He sports a dark green blazer and utterlycreaseless black trousers. Caitlin’s cheeks flush almostinstantly. She fiddles with the bottom of her shirt andsweeps her hair out of her eyes before realising she isstill chewing the end of a straw. She hastily pulls itout of her mouth and shoves it into the side of hersatchel.The boy looks up at Caitlin as she approaches. His smileis slightly whimsical and stuns her slightly. Thecorners of her mouth rise, but she does not smile.The boy laughs breathily. BOY Morning CAITLIN Good morningCaitlin cannot bring herself to stop and speak to him.She appears dumbfounded, speeding up slightly to avoidblushing even further.
  2. 2. She notices something unusual and slows down once more.A group of the tiny birds have settled on the grassacross the park and appear to be entirely unmoving.Their tweeting has stopped too.She looks back at the boy to see if he has noticed too-But the boy has vanished.She tilts her head disconcertedly, staring at the benchwhere he sat. She must be going crazy, so she continuesoptimistically towards the hill forgetting about thebirds until –The boy appears ten or so yards away stood next to thetree far over to her right. He is leaning against it.This time, he is wearing a dark red blazer and dark greytrousers. He smiles at her again, strands of his hairfalling slightly into his eyes.Caitlin is giddy with excitement. She fiddles with thebottom of her shirt again and clears her throat. BOY Aren’t you going to introduce yourself? CAITLIN Do I know you?The boy laughs calmly and so quietly that Caitlin canbarely hear. BOY My name’s Jack. CAITLIN Jack.
  3. 3. JACK stares over at Caitlin waiting for her to speakagain. The trees that the birds have settled in front ofstart shaking violently as though there is a suddenstrong force of wind. But the rest of the trees in thepark are placid. Caitlin looks over immediately.Her hair begins to blow backwards as the unrelenting windfrom the trees makes its way over to her. Her eyes arewide and are beginning to water, but she does not move.She cannot move. JACK So?Caitlin ignores the wind as she is drawn in once more bythis alluring figure before her. CAITLIN Oh, right- Caitlin. JACK Do you believe in love at first sight Caitlin?Caitlin titters and looks down at her shoes. CAITLIN I don’t know--He has vanished again.She sighs to herself but retains a look of excitement onher face. The wind from the trees is still blowingoutward. The mist that coated the grass has almostcompletely gone, not only uncovering all of the docilebirds, but about two dozen white rabbits as well. Theyare all disorderly on the grass, but appear very much insync.
  4. 4. CAITLIN Awww!Caitlin walks off the footpath and over to the group ofanimals. None of them look up at her, they do not evenflinch. She kneels down beside the rabbit closest to thefootpath and pets it. It responds, nuzzling its headinto the palm of her hand. CAITLIN Well aren’t you just a fluffy ball of adorableThe wind from the trees slows down and all of the animalsbegin to make their way into the thick woodland. Caitlinappears hurt.Suddenly-A voice calls from within the woodland- JACK Caitlin!Caitlin is startled and instinctively runs to the edge ofthe woodland. She approaches the edge of the manmadefootpath and walks into the first few layers of trees.INT. WOODLANDInside the woodland is dark but oddly calming. There arestill bright strips of sunlight cutting through the gapsin the branches that make the swarms of gnats in the airparticularly visible, and there is a colourful assortmentof wildflowers dressing the woodland floor.Jack is knelt on the ground, covered in blood and crying.Caitlin gasps and cups her mouth with her hands. Shesteps back and cracks a dead branch on the floor,startling a creature nearby which fleets in front of her
  5. 5. and pounds down the footpath squeaking. She gasps again,looking down at Jack.One of the white rabbits is lying dead on its back, andnext to it, Jack is holding what appears to be a newlyborn rabbit, still covered in blood and white amnioticfluid. JACK I just found her here CAITLIN Oh my god... JACK Tear a strip off your shirt, anything.Caitlin panics. She unbuttons her shirt altogether andthrows it down at Jack. The vest she is left in is thinand does not keep her from getting cold fast.Jack takes her shirt and places the tiny rabbit inside.Tears start down Caitlin’s cheeks as she clamps her armsaround herself. Jack stands up, bringing the rabbit withhim in Caitlin’s blood-stained shirt. JACK Thank you, Caitlin. CAITLIN Yeah.Caitlin is unresponsive, still gawping at the floor wherethe rabbit is lying. JACK I’ll buy you a new shirt.
  6. 6. Jack smiles and Caitlin does too, looking up at him andseeing his eyes directly for the first time. Her cheeksflush again. Jack’s eyes are a striking cornflower blueand appear to shine as though they are animated. CAITLIN You don’t have to- this is odd... What are you doing in the park this early in the morning? JACK What are you doing in the park this early? CAITLIN Brilliant. JACK I think we need to get this little thing to some of the other rabbits.Caitlin nods and drops her arms to her sides. Sheappears undecided about Jack, but oddly drawn to him in away that she cannot contain. CAITLIN Did you see where the others went? JACK This way I thinkJack nods his head down the manmade path that leadsfurther into the trees. Caitlin looks down into thethick of the trees for a sign of the white rabbits, butall she sees are several hundred wild flowers coveringthe path that grow increasingly brighter as they creepinto the centre of the trees. They are almost glowing.Caitlin steps forward first and begins walking down thepath. She treads lightly and Jack follows closelybehind, still holding the rabbit in his hands. Theflowers the cover the path part as she steps nearingthem, revealing a path made of dark-grey stone. Caitlin
  7. 7. looks down, bewildered and fascinated at the sight beforeher. CAITLIN This is like something from a fairy-tale JACK Magical, isn’t it? CAITLIN You know about this?Jack laughs. Caitlin’s face is beaming; she cannotbelieve what she is seeing. Upwards, the canopy of treeshas completely hidden the sky and all of the light fromthe sun, yet the inside of the wood is bright. The airis coloured in hazy orange light and filled with dozensand dozens of dandelion florets that are swirling around.They are lit up like tiny fireflies and are too making apath for Caitlin and Jack to walk through.Caitlin lifts up her hand, catching one of the florets.She holds it in her palm and examines it. It is stillglowing as though the orange light has been injected toit and these seeds have become bioluminescent. She blowsit back into the air so it can join the others as theyswirl in waves around the wood.The bases of the tree trunks are thick with luridlycoloured mushrooms that are covered in white and yellowspots and as the sun hits them, their colours shine ontothe woodland floor, illuminating the leaves incandescentgreens and blues.The sound of the singing birds can be heard from evenfurther into the wood. The trees are getting thicker butappear to be opening up into some kind of expanse thatbrightens the woodland even more. Caitlin turns around.Jack has disappeared and so has the footpath.
  8. 8. CAITLIN (playfully) Jack?She walks towards the expanse emerging before her. Theclearing has the greenest grass Caitlin has ever seen andis dotted with bright white daisies. Her eyes gleam.EXT. MEADOWThe canopy of leaves has disappeared, and the sky aboveis a clear blue. The sun bursts from behind the treesacross the meadow, revealing the silhouettes of threepeople standing across from Caitlin. The sunlight isgetting more intense, beginning to hurt Caitlin’s eyes.She goes to hold her hand up to shield them from thelight when--without any warningJack appears in front of her with a large shard of glass.She opens her mouth to speak, but Jack swings his armforward with immense force and drags the glass across herthroat.She tries, but she cannot scream. She is facing forwardand the haze of the inner wood is encroaching around her.She falls backwards onto the floor and the silhouettesbegin to drift over to her.Jack’s face is splattered with her blood, but he seemsalmost entirely unresponsive save for the faintest smileforming in his expression. His eyes are wide and stillswimming with the blue that Caitlin saw before. CUT TO BLACKEXT. MEADOWAnother fine layer of early-morning list has formed onthe ground. The meadow is quieter than before: there isno buzz of energy, no swirling florets and all the
  9. 9. daisies have gone. Caitlin stands at the edge of arabbit hole.The silhouettes are still around her, one of whichappears to be Jack.At the edge of the rabbit hole, the small, new-bornrabbit that Jack found earlier on is lying dead on itsback. Caitlin looks at it, but does not react. Sheremains expressionless.She walks forward towards the opening of the trees wherethe edge of the path creeps out into the meadow anddisappears into the blackness of the woodland.INT. CAITLIN’S HOME – DAYCaitlin unlocks the door to her house and enters quietly.The walls to the hallway are decorated with family photosin frames of varying sizes and colours. It is lined withwarm colours and carpeting, and the light is bleeding inthrough the shutters across the windows.Caitlin’s MUM is in the room connecting to the hallway.She hears Caitlin enter. MUM Hi, sweetie! CAITLIN HelloCaitlin ignores her and walks up the stairs. She stopsat the stop to read the plaque on the door that facesher. It reads SALLY and is embellished with small whiteflowers and rabbits.She pushes the door open. SALLY is still asleep in herbed, tucked under the covers tightly.
  10. 10. Caitlin kneels beside her bed and nudges her until shewakes. Sally’s eyes open slowly and she looks at Caitlinwith disdain. CAITLIN Do you want to see something magical?Sally’s eyes light up. CUT TO BLACK.