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This presentation explains what content audits are and shows 3 usecases of a content audit.

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Content Audits

  1. 1. Zurich Content Strategy Meetup Content Audits Memi Beltrame - @bratwurstkometLiip - Agile Web
  2. 2. Content Audit An assessment of thestate and actionability of all available content.Liip - Agile Web
  3. 3. Content Audit A view on content from inside by insiders. (*Not* You.)Liip - Agile Web
  4. 4. Your role: Facilitation• Help customers decide which content needs attention.• Help them create the lists of content they have to audit.• Help them define criteria for the audit. Liip - Agile Web Development
  5. 5. Steps in the Process• Define goals and criteria• List items• Analyse criteria• Define actionsLiip - Agile Web
  6. 6. General Audit Goals• ROT analysis: Audit all content to spot „Redundant, Outdated, Trivial“ data.• SEO: Page-title, Description, (Canonical) URLs, Structure• Content Type (Continuity of format vs format mismatch)• Make hierarchy visible• Determine responsibility, allow prioritisation and planningLiip - Agile Web
  7. 7. Tools and Helps• Crawler for Full Site Listing: Site Orbiter• Audit Spreadsheets• Audit Questionnaires• AnalyticsLiip - Agile Web
  8. 8. Showcases• Classic List-All-Audit-All approach• CI Audit: Liip‘s CI challenge• Analytics based Content Audit.Liip - Agile Web
  9. 9. List-All-Audit-AllLiip - Agile Web
  10. 10. List-all-Audit-all• Analyse domain with Site Orbiter• Export Results to spread Sheet• Go through Spread Sheet and ‣ add missing objective data ‣ add analysis / suggestions / action Liip - Agile Web Development
  11. 11. Site Orbiter Site Orbiter works like a page crawler, it indexes every linked page for as many levels you want.Liip - Agile Web
  12. 12. Site OrbiterSite Orbiter gives you a list with all the pages on thesite, with useful info to start off you audit. Liip - Agile Web Development
  13. 13. Spreadsheet (Using Google Spreadsheet to allow collaboration)Site Orbiter Columns imported into the spread sheet Liip - Agile Web Development
  14. 14. SpreadsheetClient Audit Columns. These columns will be mainly the clients contribution, due tomanpower and knowledge about whether something is outdated or not.Columns: • Last modified in CMS • Out of Date • Visits • Superfluous • Caters for Main Target Groups • Revise • Main Target Group • Comments • Redundant Liip - Agile Web Development
  15. 15. SpreadsheetAgency-Audit Columns: This is your work since you should have theexpertise on usability and what to do to improve it.Columns• Usability of Content • Findability• Appropriate page- • Comments title • Proposed Actions• Dead end?• Call To Action Liip - Agile Web Development
  16. 16. Liip CI AuditListing all artefacts was a good starting point to evaluate what the design challenge would be. Liip - Agile Web Development
  17. 17. Liip CI Audit ‣ Make visible the important dimensions ‣ Instances of use (inbound/outbound) ‣ Consistency ‣ Style ‣ ChannelsLiip - Agile Web
  18. 18. Using AnalyticsLarge projects have often too muchinformation to handle via a classic audit.Selecting the relevant data is key. Liip - Agile Web Development
  19. 19. What data is relevant?• Pages with a lot of traffic• Most used search terms• Pages with high traffic and high bounce rates.• Pages you communicateLiip - Agile Web
  20. 20. Scenario 1Search Term and Bounce Rate• Look at the first 100 most used search terms that bring you traffic• Select those that have a high bounce rate• List the pages they lead to• Figure out why users bounce Liip - Agile Web Development
  21. 21. Search Terms that bring a lot of trafficbut have high bounce rates may pointout relevant pages that need attention. Liip - Agile Web Development
  22. 22. Scenario 2Internal search • Look at the most used search terms in the internal search • look at the result pages. Do these match the expectations? • List the pages they lead to. Do a regular audit. Liip - Agile Web Development
  23. 23. Scenario 3Landing Pages• Look up URLS like /something• list the pages they lead to• make the customer do a ROT They may not be aware these pages even exist! Liip - Agile Web Development