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Why you should read and fall in love with children's books


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Ever wondered why YOU should read and fall in love with children's books? Here is why .....
Stories are a part of who we all are ...and each story is just the start ...

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Why you should read and fall in love with children's books

  1. 1. At memetales, we believe that every book is a window to a whole new world….
  2. 2. Every story is the start of a long journey
  3. 3. Every story is a little spark for some big imagination
  4. 4. Every story is a tool to teach and learn
  5. 5. Every story is a way to share
  6. 6. Every story is an invitation to slow down
  7. 7. Every story is an excuse to connect and reconnect with people, places and things!
  8. 8. Memetales is that world
  9. 9. A world where every single story is a celebration
  10. 10. Filled with creativity you will love
  11. 11. And collaborations you never imagined possible
  12. 12. We are not about putting your kids in front of the computer
  13. 13. We are about taking richness back into your lives
  14. 14. So…let us go on and gather around a good little story
  15. 15. Let us read and talk about the books we love
  16. 16. Let us discover authors and illustrators that are so inspired
  17. 17. Let us share back our own experiences, creations and stories
  18. 18. because stories are a part of who we really are
  19. 19. We hope to see you at memetales !
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