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The Moa Group Introduction Power Point


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The MOA Group Introduction Powerpoint

This Game-Changing Innovation will put the Dealer on a completely Unlevel Playing Field when it comes to Market Share, Margin, CSI, Community Embracement, & A Well Trained Staff.

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The Moa Group Introduction Power Point

  1. 1. The Ultimate Automotive Sales Experience<br />The MOA Group LLC<br />Members Only Automotive<br />
  2. 2. What Frustrates YOU the most about your dealership?<br /><ul><li> Is it your salespeople?
  3. 3. Is it the lack of or Quality of Traffic?
  4. 4. Is it the lack of leadership & accountability?
  5. 5. Is it financially related?
  6. 6. Is it not meeting your core values?</li></ul>We all have our reasons that keep us up at night, but bottom line, whatever the<br />Reasons are, It’s extremely Rare in today’s market that your sales departments are <br />Hitting their sales goals every month, and…<br /> That could be costing YOUR Store <br />Hundreds of Thousands in Revenue a year!<br />So what are you doing today to ensure your success for tomorrow?<br />Most are so busy working IN the business, they forget to work ON the business. <br />Well Good News….There’s a New Breakthrough Formula that the industry has<br />been begging for and it’s available for only 1 Chosen Spotlight Dealer of an Area.<br />
  7. 7. The MOA Group will put on One Marketing Campaign that will generate thousands <br />of Auto Advantage Buyer’s Club Members to Our Chosen Spotlight Dealer.<br />OUR MEMBERS & DATA BASE<br />Our Auto Advantage Buyer’s Club currently has over 23,000 members <br />& has a 145 million, Double-Opt-In, Data-Base of Buyers that allow us to market to,<br /> sign up as members, and drive to the Chosen Spotlight Dealer of their Community. <br />Your store gets showcased as the Spotlight Dealer in your area and among all of our members. <br />FINDING OUR SPOTLIGHT DEALER <br />Along with market research, we silently poll all of our current local members in your area <br />and specific local households and businesses of your market to determine the top 3 candidates <br />to be Spotlight dealer. Being Chosen as Spotlight dealer is based on current market share, reputation,<br /> size, and capabitilities of handling all the new members. <br />ONE MARKETING CAMPAIGN: 6 WEEKS, 2 CONNECTED EVENTS <br />The One Campaign consist of a 6 week marketing plan. <br /> The first week we put on a Three Tiered Community Sales Event called the<br /> “Ultimate Automotive Sales Experience” with our Spotlight Dealer, <br />a local charity, & MOA and it's Certified Team. The 5 day event is Guaranteed <br />and up to 40% of the inventory will be sold from the thousands of buyers & members who will attend the sale. <br />The next 5 weeks are dedicated to a behavioral marketing approach & current members marketing campaign<br /> to continue driving the thousands of new members, in your market, to your store and purchase.<br /> Through our Behavioral Marketing stratagies & web data channels and by using our current members and permission based household data, we are able to guarantee an additional 20-60 units sold to our members in those next 5 weeks.<br />MEMBERS ONLY AUTOMOTIVE <br />Hence why our company is called Members Only. This is truly another profit center to add to your dealership <br />that funnels Thousands of Auto Advantage Buyers Club Members to your store, because of their loyalty <br />to their local Spotlight Dealer, your incentives, and branding of your store. <br />As one of our dealers mentioned…”This is The Supreme Mouse Trap for my dealership!”<br />
  8. 8. Members Only Automotive brings a chosen Spotlight Dealer and the car buying community together to provide the Ultimate Automotive Sales Experience.Combined with a local charitable organization, this live Showroom Experience will create a "Movement with a Cause", sending a message throughout your entire market segment that this is a true authentic event for the public. It will shake up your industry and help you to achieve all your sales goals. <br />
  9. 9. Mission:<br />Our mission at Members Only Automotive is to truly provide the Ultimate Automotive Sales Experience to your community, to your entire dealership team and most importantly, to you the dealer.<br />Dealer’s Core Values: <br />Members Only Automotive will provide an experience that gives you the margin, market share, CSI, community embracement and that all important excited and trained staff. <br />Three Tiered Community Sales Event:<br />The Members Only Ultimate Automotive Sales Experience comes in a powerful and comprehensive three-tiered approach. These three tiers are in place to give you the dealer the opportunity to have a significant impact in your store, weeks before we arrive, and continuing on until we place the next Members Only Event at your store.<br />
  10. 10. The MOA Group is an Exclusive Marketing Firm for Elite Automotive Dealerships in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.<br />Founders:<br />The company was founded by CEO-Roe Hubbard and President Jamie Brandel, both experts of the automotive industry, visionary entrepreneurs, and innovators of products and services for dealership sales, training, advertising, and marketing solutions. The MOA Group was conceived in the spirit of mentorship and game changing innovation. <br /> The MOA Advisory Board<br />The MOA Group’s philosophy and standards were developed through their company’s National Advisory Board comprised of 80% dealers and 20% marketing & training experts. Therefore, through the eyes and passions of the dealer, the Advisory Board gave birth to The MOA Group. <br />
  11. 11. "The Comprehensive Three Tiered Sales Event“<br />Here's how it will help you to stand out in your market<br />Tier 1<br />Seeding & Warming the market...Community embracement of The Members Only Automotive Advantage Buyer’s Club, Our Chosen Spot Light Dealer, and the local Charitable organization. Introduction to the community through social media marketing, viral marketing, and cultivating thousands of members of our exclusive club. <br />Creating a following with a great cause and solution to buying their next vehicle. A Members Only Live Automotive Showroom Experience is finally coming to your town. <br />Our consumer advocate program…The Automotive Advantage Buyer’s Club gives them the chance to save thousands, helps contribute to your charity of choice, and this is done 3-4 weeks before the actual event. <br />
  12. 12. One of Our Auto Advantage Buyer’s Club websites<br />
  13. 13. Tier 2<br />Tier2<br />“A Star is born" Program –Featuring MOA world class trainers. <br />A Coaching, Mentoring, and Training Experience for your current sales departments of the dealership. <br /><ul><li> Audio and Web conferencing, webinars
  14. 14. E-training, tracking
  15. 15. E-mailed Sales materials, challenges, and test to your sales staff
  16. 16. Truly getting your Sales Departments ready 2-3 weeks prior to the sale, not just a day before. We employ best practices that will challenge your sales team but also co-exist with any sales process that your dealership employs. </li></li></ul><li>Tier 2 Itinerary "A Star is Born" Training program Featuring World Class Trainers<br /><ul><li>Tier 1, 2, and 3 outline
  17. 17. Audio and Video Conferencing, and Webinars for all managers and salespeople 2x week
  18. 18. e-training sent to each manager and salesperson's email 1x a week
  19. 19. Sales Event Training Guide-sections of guide sent each week leading up to event
  20. 20. Live Classroom training, Day before event</li></ul>Challenges/Tests, Weekly and day before event<br />This 2-3 weeks of training,<br /> coaching, and mentoring truly <br />gets them ready for the event <br />
  21. 21. Tier 3<br />The Ultimate Automotive Sales Experience<br /><ul><li> A Massive Members Only Event to the public.
  22. 22. Free visitors pass, incentives, & Prizes to the consumers & Members
  23. 23. Customized & Confidential direct mail piece w/ key & Live Call Center
  24. 24. News release in your local newspaper
  25. 25. A completed ad campaign
  26. 26. Thousands of Prospects & Advantage Club Members will attend
  27. 27. Spotlight Trophy & charity Check Presentation
  28. 28. Charity involvement, & an absolute must see sales event for all car shoppers.</li></ul>We leave behind only the best practices to your dealership and sales events that are memorable to the community and that leave a favorable impact on your store.<br />Do you want to hold an event that creates an atmosphere that is positive and conducive to make more sales? <br />
  29. 29. Tier 3: The Ultimate Automotive Sales Experience<br /><ul><li>5 day Members Only Live Showroom Experience, a first time authentic</li></ul> event for your community<br /><ul><li>Charity on site
  30. 30. Spot light dealer as host
  31. 31. Spotlight Dealer Trophy Presentation/Charity Check presented/Drawing</li></ul> for the public...this happens at 6:00pm last day of sale<br /><ul><li>When all of these elements are combined, the Perfect Storm is Created</li></ul> for a Blockbuster Event<br />
  32. 32. Our Promotional Materials for your Dealership<br />include the following:<br />Dealer Kit<br /><ul><li> Banners/Signs/Balloons/Hangtags/Posters/Prize boards, etc
  33. 33. Work sheets/Registration Surveys
  34. 34. Customer Cash Vouchers
  35. 35. Road to the Sale Dealer Checklist
  36. 36. Training Itineraries
  37. 37. Name Tags
  38. 38. All logs/payroll forms</li></li></ul><li>MOA Marketing Strategies<br /> <br />Targeted & Filtered Demographics<br />Behavior & Permission based-Double – Opt in Data-base Marketing <br />Auto Advantage Members Data-base advertising<br />Direct Mail w/key, online application, Live Call Center, prize board, & voucher<br /> <br />Call Center 24/7 prize hotline/registration/application Phone calls go to<br /> professional call center trained to convert phone ups to event appointments<br />News Release/Inserts for Local Newspapers<br />Social Media Marketing campaign with Fan-base, Face book, Twitter, Google Ads<br />Short Code Messaging & Advertising & lead management<br />Television/Radio<br />Gifts to be handled by Members Only Vendors<br /> - Hole in One Insurance for cash and car sweepstakes<br /> - Corporate Delivery<br /> - Premiums will be determined during ad plan meeting<br />
  39. 39. Members Only Sales Team:<br />MOA Certified Team Leader<br />MOA Certified Manager/Closer<br />MOA Certified Finance Manager<br />MOA Certified Sales Reps<br />All Management and Sales Staff is Members Only Certified<br />Certification includes: Completed TrainingAcademy / Workshops / Webinars /Codes of Conduct<br />Corporate Call Center handling all online applications & Prize Hotline<br /> <br />Charity:<br />Local charity of choice for the dealer<br />Amount to be donated: $50 per car plus charity booth selling shirts/raffle tickets<br />All logistics handled by Members Only Corporate Event Planner<br /> <br /> <br />Media plan:<br />MOA Mail House & Creative Department<br />Complete Media Plan to be created after signed agreement by Members Only and Dealer<br />
  40. 40. Example of the MOA Confidential 8-12 pg Direct Mail Piece<br />
  41. 41. Referral List and results<br />Discovery Ford / Honda - Randy McNair,GM<br />Moses Lake Washington<br />36 Delivered $184,976.00 Gross<br />Bob Stone Freeway Auto center – Mark Prater, GM<br />The Dalles Oregon<br />32 Delivered $163,164.00 Gross<br />Van Motors – Tammy Vandenbos, Dealer<br />Conrad Montana<br />33 Delivered $147,348.00 Gross<br />Nissan Ft Worth – Frank Figuredo, GM<br />Ft Worth Texas<br />67 Delivered $ 231,786.00 Gross<br />Jim Jess Ford – Jim Jess, Dealer<br />Pullman Washington<br />42 Delivered $146,954.00 Gross<br />
  42. 42. Projection of Sales & Revenue <br />from the Three Tiered Community Sales Event <br />100 cars in inventory = 40 sold, $176,000.00 <br />120 cars in inventory = 48 sold , $211,200.00<br />140 cars in inventory = 56 sold, $246,400.00<br />160 cars in inventory = 64 sold, $281,600.00<br />200 cars in inventory = 80 sold, $352,000.00<br />Based on 40% of pre-owned inventory sold @ $4400.00 Avg Front & Back<br />
  43. 43. Conclusion:<br />The MOA Group will be coming to your area within the next 3-6 weeks to do the following:<br /><ul><li> Captivate 1000s of New Auto Advantage Buyer’s Club Members
  44. 44. Partner with a local Charitable Chapter to help build a Movement with a Cause
  45. 45. Choose the Top qualified candidate for Spotlight Dealer, who will inherit ALL the Members of our exclusive club & elicit a Showcasing of their dealership never experienced before in their community.</li></ul> 1. Celebrating Our Chosen Spotlight Dealer -which will Gross Hundred’s of Thousands of Dollars<br /> 2. Introducing our Auto Advantage Program - which will offer saving, insight, & build dealer loyalty<br /> 3. Helping the local Charity - which will raise thousands for their cause.<br />4. Deliver a Three Tiered Community Sales Event & a 5 wk Behavioral & Members Only Marketing Campaign - that will put You, the Spotlight Dealer on an Absolute Unlevel Playing Field, angled substantially in the your favor, not only helping you to meet all of your sales goals & core values, but it will allow you to dominate your Market for the long-term. <br />
  46. 46. Thank you & Congratulations on being chosen as a Top Candidate <br />to be your area’s Next Spotlight Dealer.<br />Please contact us Now for a Free Spotlight Dealer Analysis & Sales Strategy <br />Call our Corporate Office at 817-887-8450<br />Or email a request to<br />Or call your Area Account Rep<br />The MOA Group<br />Members Only Automotive<br />777 Main Street Suite 600<br />Fort Worth, Texas 76102 USA<br />Phone: (817) 887-8450<br />Fax: (800) 385-0761Email:<br />Visit our website:<br />