Sales Leader 90 Day Game Plan


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3 step outline to retention and getting your sales staff to produce like top achievers

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Sales Leader 90 Day Game Plan

  1. 1. The Sales Leaders 90-Day Guide for Retaining/Developing and getting New Reps to produce as top performers from the start. This outline is designed to aid sales leaders in the areas of production, retention and the development of new sales reps within the critical first 90 days of a new sales reps career. Sales leaders are measured in 3 areas; Retention, Performance and Development of their sales team. 4 key areas to look at: 1. Your Personal Philosophy and attitude toward your rep/reps 2. Your language and ability to communicate – FOR RESULTS 3. E.Q. 4. Ability to identify the 2 areas that cause them not to succeed; Skill or Will? Group 1  BS&L  Leadership Philosophy  I want your success more than you want it attitude  They are your customers  DO THE RIGHT THING – it is easier to keep your reputation than to rebuild it! 1
  2. 2.  What value do you bring to them  Serving your reps needs. Serve more = earning more! (My set of books)  Its better to give then to receive: GIVING STARTS THE RECIEVEING PROCESS  To attract attractive and talented people you must be an attractive person (the inside and who you are)  Be a leader for the joy--------not the necessity  First impressions apply just as much to you as it does to them. Group 2 3 parts of communication (by the work of Aristotle) 1. Ethos – character/credibility of the person. 2. Pathos – connecting with the emotions – we tune into them and their needs 3. Logos – factual content 3 elements of conversation 1. Words = 7% they remember the way your said it! 2. Tone of voice = 38% 3. Body language = 57%  Understanding the person that is in front of you! (Golf club analogy)  Pick your battles: if you are going to square off with your reps, make sure it’s over things worth fighting for.  Vest your reps in the process: goal setting/the big picture for them  Don’t be predictable in your language 2
  3. 3. Group 3  Understand the dangers of assumption: you cant assume that your reps know what you want them to know  Focus on the contribution that you can make on their lives and family………..leadership mantra!  Self discipline is the most important quality of success and in our business as well  Determine do we have a will or skill issue! Dealing with your new reps  Clarity  Direction  Action needed/their desired results Emotional Intelligence vs. Cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that the leaders with E.Q. out perform leaders that don’t by as much as 20%. Looking at the 5 areas of E.Q. Self-Awareness: The ability to recognize and understand your moods, emotions, and drives, as well as their effects on others. Self-Regulation: The ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods. The propensity to suspend judgment – to think before acting Motivation: A passion to work for a reason that goes beyond money or status. A passion to pursue goals with energy and persistence. Empathy: The ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people. Skilled in treating people according to their emotional reactions. Social Skill: Proficiency in managing relationships and building networks. An ability to find common ground and build rapport. 3
  4. 4. The time lines Before they start, what does the picture look like? A. Presentation memorized B. The 4 attributes of a champion sales rep:  Coachablity  Positive Attitude  Strong Work Ethic  Commitment to Excellence Week 1:  Close all gaps in you head and theirs…………..goal setting/levels of achievement, what do you expect out of them next Week 2:  Language, very critical in this week………example: .THE FIVE BOXES! Week 3:  Follow up! Reinforcements / Improving on will or skill Week 4 – 6  Frequencies and volume skills or wills. Understanding Pathos! Week 7 & 8 Developing needs assessment: 1. Other languages and volumes 2. Other faces 3. Reminder of the starting commitments by the rep “Our job as leaders is to build the people that will build our Chamber” 4