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Social Media Education for the One Trillion Dollar Spender


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Expand your business to the frequent shopper, brand loyal, African American consumer. The African American population has the buying power of $1 trillion and is 44% more likely to take a class online. In July of 2011, there were 23.9 million African American internet users and 76% visited a social networking site or blog. Do you have a plan of action to engage with African American consumer? Do you have a plan of action to train employees to use social media to engage the African American consumer?
Marketers should develop advertising messages and images that appeal to African Americans. African Americans continue to defy stereotypes about their technology usage and companies need to create evocative campaigns that incorporate social networks trusted by African Americans that deliver a fresh experience across all technology platforms. In this session a fifth generation African American female entrepreneur will share her experience as a decision maker, consumer, and social media professional. Utilize information learned in this session to help take your product or service to the next level and expand its reach.

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Social Media Education for the One Trillion Dollar Spender

  1. 1. What ofwould you like? Report Buyer
  2. 2. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported unemployment rates remained high at 8.26% in 2012,jobs requiring social media skills rose 87% from 2011 to 2012. Social media education needs to be integrated in a strategic way across multiple disciplines.
  3. 3. 54% of companies’ plan to increase their social media marketing budgets in 2013 however most companies have the following challenges to overcome:O Producing Enough ContentO Producing Engaging ContentO Producing a Variety of ContentO Lack of BudgetO Lack of Knowledge, Training, and ResourcesO Finding Trained Content Marketing Professionals
  4. 4. B2B marketers on average use 5 social media marketing channels to distribute content and they are as follows:O LinkedIn 82%O Twitter 80%O Facebook 80%O YouTube 60%O Google+ 39%
  5. 5. African Americans Are All The Same
  6. 6. African Americans are like a box of assorted chocolatesWe Are All Different
  7. 7. The Financial Value BET Survey
  8. 8. Over –Indexed or Outspent
  9. 9. Time is of the essence. Social media educationneeds to be integrated in a strategic way across multiple disciplines toinsure people are preparedfor the new world of social media. It is time for
  10. 10. ofAfrican Americansare “Affluent”
  11. 11. The BestExtensive OpportunityResearch Aspirational Exclusivity
  12. 12. African Americans useTwitter and Instagram More Than White People per Pew Internet &American Life Project
  13. 13. #whatmakesablackgirlmad #blackweblogawards, and #thingsblackpeople
  14. 14. Twitter Statistics21. There are 175 million tweets sent from Twitter every day in 2012. (source:Infographics Labs)22. The average Twitter user has tweeted 307 times. (source: Diego BaschsBlog)23. Since the dawn of Twitter, theres been a total of 163 billion tweets. (source:Diego Baschs Blog)24. 56 percent of customer tweets to companies are being ignored. (sources:AllTwitter)25. Barack Obamas victory tweet was the most retweeted tweet ever with over800K retweets. (source: The Guardian)26. Top 3 countries on Twitter are the USA at 107 million, Brazil 33 million andJapan at nearly 30 million. (source: Jeff Bullas)27. The average user follows (or is followed by) 51 people. (source: Diego BaschsBlog)28. The 2012 election broke records with 31.7 million political tweets. ElectionDay was by far the most tweeted about event in US political history. (source:Marketing Land)29. 32 percent of all Internet users are using Twitter. (source: Marketing Land)30. Twitter is projected to make a total of $540 million in advertising revenue by2014. (source: Web Analytics World)31. 69 percent of follows on Twitter are suggested by friends. (source: WebAnalytics World)32. In 2012, 1 million accounts are added to Twitter everyday. (source:Infographics Labs)33. Lady Gaga has 31 million followers, which is the most followed account onTwitter. (source: Socialbakers)
  15. 15. Instagram has 23% of blackinternet users
  16. 16. One Photo w/ 371,240 REACTIONS
  17. 17. Instagram Statistics41. There are 575 likes and 81 comments by Instagram usersevery second. (source: Digital Buzz Blog)42. Users uploaded more than 800,000 photos of HurricaneSandy using the hashtag #Sandy. (source: Information Week)43. In August 2012, Instagram hit 80 million users and counting.(source: In August 2012, Instagram had an average of 7.3 million dailyactive users. (source: All Things D)45. The average Instagram user spent 257 minutes accessing thephoto-sharing site via mobile device in August, while the averageTwitter user over the same period spent 170 minutes viewing.(source: All Things D)46. More than 5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram everyday. (source: Business Insider)47. Nearly 4 billion photos have been shared on Instagram sinceits beginning. (source: The Realtime Report)48. 40 percent of brands have adopted Instagram for marketing.(source: Marketing Land)49. Of the top brands, 20 percent surveyed had 10,000 or morefollowers. (source: Marketing Land)50. In a six-month span, Instagrams average daily mobile visitorsjumped from 886,000 to 7.3 million, which is a 724 percent leap.(source: Marketing Land)
  18. 18. Facebook Statistics1. Barack Obamas victory Facebook post was the mostliked photo on Facebook with over 4 million likes.(source: The Huffington Post)2. 25 percent of users on Facebook dont bother withany kind of privacy control. (source: AllTwitter)3. An average Facebook users has 130 friends. (source:AllTwitter)4. Monthly active users now total nearly 850 million.(source: Jeff Bullas)5. 21 percent of Facebook users are from Asia, which isonly less than 4 percent of Asias population. (source:Uberly)6. 488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile.(source: All Facebook)
  19. 19. Pinterest is decidedly white with only 8% ofAfrican Americans utilizing the site
  20. 20. Michelle Obama=O Demonstrating RespectO Celebration of DistinctivenessO Black Romantic LoveO Black Men as Caring CaretakersO Faith or Optimism
  21. 21. Pinterest Statistics61. 97 percent of the fans of Pinterests Facebookpage are women. (source: AllTwitter)62. Over 80 percent of pins are repins. (source:AllTwitter)63. 80 percent of Pinterest users are women,while 50 percent of all Pinterest users havechildren. (source: Search Engine Journal)64. American users of Pinterest spend an averageof 1 hour and 17 minutes on the site. (source:Search Engine Journal)65. Pinterest referrals spend 70 percent moremoney than visitors referred from non-socialchannels. (source: Search Engine Journal)66. 28.1 percent of Pinterest users have an annualhousehold income of $100,000. (source: Ultralinx)67. Total unique visitors to Pinterest increased by2,702.2 percent since May 2011. (source:Ultralinx)
  22. 22. African AmericansMarketers the
  23. 23. NotExclusive
  24. 24. People using inbound marketingand social media professionally in a strategic fashion have an advantage over those who onlyuse it to look at photos and check out the latest gossip.
  25. 25. Social Media Education As a result of completing formal social media education, students are qualified for more desirable jobs and internships because they have the ability:O Help organizations better communicate and engage with their customers, employees, and other stakeholdersO Monitor, support, engage, and prospect with current and new customers and audiencesO Keep up on the latest industry news and current trendsO Network with thought leaders and colleagues to share resources, best practices, case studies, etc.
  26. 26. Sadie Bradley an Illinois licensed Broker had the following tosay after attending several classes with Marki “I just wanted to follow-up and contact you again to express how much I enjoyed your classes (I previously took your SFR class &recently completed your ADPR Class). How lucky was I to get you as an instructor, finally, a light at the end of the tunnel.You may not even be aware of what an inspiration you are to others! But please know that you certainly are. At my age, starting over is a challenge to say the least. Its refreshing to know that there are people like you in this profession, THANK YOU Marki, not only for your expertise and professional teaching skills, but for being a part of the motivation that makes giving up not an option”.
  27. 27. Marki Lemons-Ryhal provides social media education and social media trainingresources to help organizations train their staff. This will increase sales and reduce their spending on traditional marketing while leveraging the cost effective tool of social media and inbound marketing. All social media courses address any recent changes and new tools as they occur in real time.
  28. 28. If you would like to learn more about how you could book social media speaker Marki Lemons-Ryhal, click the following link Media Contact: Marki Lemons-Ryhal 773-454-0274
  29. 29. Thank you Marki Lemons @MarkiLemons