Craigslist: 75 Leads in 30 Days


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What is Craigslist
How to set up FREE advertisement on Craigslist
How to create a plan for marketing on Craigslist
How to post ads on Craigslist
How to create a Craigslist marketing campaign
How to create professional designed HTML ads for Craigslist
How to generate 75 leads in 30 days

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Craigslist: 75 Leads in 30 Days

  1. 1. Craigslist75 Plus Leads in 30
  2. 2. What will you learn about Craigslist Focused on Real Estate! What is Craigslist How to set up FREE advertisement on Craigslist How to create a plan for marketing on Craigslist How to post ads on Craigslist How to create a Craigslist marketing campaign How to create professional designed HTML ads for Craigslist How to generate 75 leads in 30 days
  3. 3. LEADS
  4. 4. Focused on Real Estate! Wikipedia says“Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, and discussion forums.”
  5. 5. Focused on Real Estate!Free online classified advertisement
  6. 6. Focused on Real Estate!20 Billion Page Views Per Month
  7. 7. Community Events-ExitStrategy Seminar,Foreclosure Bus Tour, TaxAppeals, Wine andCheeseHousing-Real Estate forSale and locate FSBO.Services-Real Estate- CommunityOffer Exit StrategyConsultation,Foreclosure Reports andFREE CMA’s.Job’s-Recruit Real estateagents to build company, team, or referralnetwork.
  8. 8. LEADS
  9. 9. Focused on Real Estate!10
  10. 10. Focused on Real Estate!11
  11. 11. Focused on Real Estate!12
  12. 12. Focused on Real Estate!13
  13. 13. Focused on Real Estate!14
  14. 14. Focused on Real Estate!15
  15. 15. Focused on Real Estate! Use Zip Code or City in Ad Ex: 60616 Use Location As An Attention Grabber Ex: Short Sale Approved16
  16. 16. Focused on Real Estate!17
  17. 17. Focused on Real Estate!18
  18. 18. Focused on Real Estate!19
  19. 19. What if I don’t have a website Focused on Real Estate! Download list and add to: –Google Spreadsheet- stand alone website –SlideShare –Google Site –Google Blogger20
  20. 20. Focused on Real Estate!
  21. 21. Focused on Real Estate!
  22. 22. The Headline The Body Focused on Real Estate!Compelling Never use DisqualifiersWhat do the masses want? Desirable Neighborhood Price Great Deal Bedroom CountShort Descriptive Bullet PointsContact InformationCall to ActionLink to Property Information2nd Link for List BuildingTracking Code for ROI Listings Do Not Attract Buyers
  23. 23. Focused on Real Estate!
  24. 24. Focused on Real Estate!
  25. 25. Focused on Real Estate!
  26. 26. Focused on Real Estate!
  27. 27. Focused on Real Estate!
  28. 28. Focused on Real Estate!
  29. 29. Focused on Real Estate!
  30. 30. Focused on Real Estate!
  31. 31. Focused on Real Estate!
  32. 32. Best Day to Post per Agent Reboot Focused on Real Estate!
  33. 33. Best Time to Post per Rent Juice Focused on Real Estate! 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
  34. 34. Utilize Proper Capitalization Focused on Real Estate! Utilizing proper capitalization can increase your ad views by up to 30%.
  35. 35. Keep it Intriguing Focused on Real Estate! The longer the title the fewer the views
  36. 36. Additional Tips Focused on Real Estate!Be Simple-Non CommercialCall To Action-Include phone numbers, emailaddress (Might be subject to phishing)Get found by including keywords in ads to insureyour ad can be found in simple searches
  37. 37. Focused on Real Estate!
  38. 38. Focused on Real Estate! TrackersAutomaticallyreset after 30 days
  39. 39. Focused on Real Estate! Title Actual Post ADPR Webite Link HTML CodeNew Foreclosure South Loop- Foreclosures available ASAP in <aChicago Chicago’s South Loop Community munity/area/South+Loop/ href=" check out a few in our inventory. <a /redirect/139ccc2a-3415-4aca- href=" b061-07fd9941a537">Click here for /redirect/139ccc2a-3415-4aca- NEW Foreclosures</a><img b061-07fd9941a537">Click here for src=" NEW Foreclosures</a><img 4164/40/1522/?86=139ccc2a- src=" 3415-4aca-b061- 4164/40/1522/?86=139ccc2a- 07fd9941a537.jpg" /> 3415-4aca-b061- 07fd9941a537.jpg" />
  40. 40. Focused on Real Estate! HTML Code<ahref="">Click here for NEWForeclosures</a><imgsrc="" />
  41. 41. HTML Creators Focused on Real Estate! Google Picasa MRED-Cloud CMA MRED-Share My Listings Widget Postlet
  42. 42. Focused on Real Estate!
  43. 43. Focused on Real Estate! Delete then Repost Every 48 Hours Repost 4-6 ads and not too fast Repost at the same time of day
  44. 44. Focused on Real Estate! Marki Lemons-RyhalABR, ABRM, ADPR, CDEI, CNE, CRB, CRS, green, SFR , & MBAProfessional Speaker, Trainer & Coach of Short Sales, Foreclosures & Social Media Implementation 773-CE-MARKI