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Marki Lemons-Ryhal an award winning social media speaker and educator of the year has seen a substantial increase in companies booking her to speak about social media. According to a study by Manpower Group, 90% of employers provide no social media training to their staff, yet 73% of Fortune 500 companies now have active corporate Twitter accounts and 66% have a Facebook Page. “Companies have to overcome their challenges which include a lack of social media knowledge, training, and resources in order to remain competitive and not lose sales. Through proper education and training these challenges are easy to resolve” said Marki Lemons-Ryhal founder of Marki Lemons Unlimited. Marki believes that companies should concentrate on the solution and not the problem. Education and training are the solution.

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Social Media Education Marki Lemons Ryhal

  1. 1. Social Media Education and CoursesMastering Social Media Marketing in 60 minutes Per Day© by Marki Lemons Unlimited6 HoursDiscover the evolution of social media marketing and where social media marketing is today.This course introduces entrepreneurs to the techniques and tools to master the utilization ofsocial media marketing and how to incorporate it into your daily life. This course guides youstep by step through social media sites, add-ons, plug-ins, groups, and applications that willpropel your career, promote your business, and boost your bottom line.Engage your audience and enhance your online presence by developing compelling contentthat positions you as a trusted advisor. Determine which tools to use to monitor and control themessaging of your organization while keeping up with trends that will help you grow or modifyexisting plans. This course eliminates months of work from your life because you won’t need tosearch through millions of social networks, millions of groups, and millions of applications.  Student will expand marketing reach by setting up a five social media marketing distribution channels  Students will develop a social media marketing content strategy based on their business that is comprehensive and effective  Students will create a marketing schedule that they can apply to their business instantly  Students will review corporate social media marketing planning, budgeting, and ROI  Students will know what reporting and analytic tools exist and how to use them75+ Leads in 30 Days Using Craigslist© by Marki Lemons Unlimited3 Hours or CustomCraigslist draws 49.4 million unique monthly visitors. Craigslist is a free service where peoplesell products and services to a local community. This class is designed to help you establish asystem to generate leads overnight using Craigslist. Craigslist real estate traffic challenges anymajor real estate site and best of all it is FREE, LOCAL, and MOBILE.  Students will develop a Craigslist marketing campaign for their farm area  Students will setup a tracking system to calculate their ROI  Students will develop an ad that will generate leads within 24 773-CE-MARKI
  2. 2. Triple Play: Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Social Media Marketing© by Marki LemonsUnlimited3 Hours or CustomShort sales and foreclosures can account for 100% of an agent’s business. According to theNational Association of REALTORS® over 90% of buyers start their home buying process on theinternet. Combine the world of short sales and foreclosures with social media marketing andyou have a winning combination for market share domination. Learn about social mediamarketing tools and how to implement them into your business plan to create growth. Thetools covered in class are FREE thereby, saving you money. Creating a social media marketingpresence makes you “Real” to a prospect which makes it easier for people to select you to dobusiness with.  Students will create a direct mail campaign to foreclosed homeowners in their farm area.  Students will select three social media marketing tools that will impact their short sale business within seven days.  Students will be able to organize a daily 60 minute short sale marketing plan of action to use social media marketing and technology in their business.  Students will discover three new uses for social media marketing tools and be able to implement them in their short sale business in less than 30 minutes.Social Media Marketing for Successful Entrepreneurs: A Strategy by Design© by MarkiLemons Unlimited3 Hours or CustomExplore the endless boundaries of social media marketing and how it is revolutionizing how youmarket yourself, your brand, and your business. Learn how to design a social media marketingstrategy for your business using the top social media marketing sites. Identify market leaders(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare, YouTube, and Pinterest), key tools, and how toeffectively develop a plan of action to integrate them into your business marketing plan.Successful entrepreneurs will learn:  What is social media marketing?  Why social media marketing is important for your business.  How to use social media marketing to build your brand.  How to gather feedback about your customers through social media.  What social media marketing options exist in their market? 773-CE-MARKI
  3. 3. Social Media Marketing for Successful Entrepreneurs: Growing Your Audience & EngagingYour Followers© by Marki Lemons Unlimited3 Hours or CustomLearn how to effectively interact with your customers and clients online. You’ll also learn howto monitor and respond to what people are saying about your business on the top socialnetworks. Successful entrepreneurs will identify:  Which content is best marketed via social media marketing  What content can help you reach more people  How to successfully monetizing your content  Best social media marketing tools and services for content creation  How to monitoring your brand and reputation  How to listen for a crisis before it happens  Money-making opportunities  How to listen for the next big ideaSocial Media Marketing for Successful Entrepreneurs: Measuring Your Analytics andProtecting Yourself© by Marki Lemons Unlimited3 Hours or CustomLearn how to use FREE analytics tools to measure your social networking profiles effectiveness.Understand how to create internal social media policies to protect your business from negativecommentary and determine the best course of action for responding to criticism in a globalenvironment. Successful entrepreneurs will be able to implement tools for:  Measuring brand preference and influence in social media marketing  Measuring customer satisfaction and ROI in social media marketing  Evaluating your social media marketing efforts  Adapting to new social media marketing metrics toolsGo Social, Mobile, & Local with Your Business, #SoMoLo© by Marki Lemons Unlimited3 Hours or CustomOwn your community online. Students will learn about the most popular location based socialapplications that engage your chosen community and improves your online SEO. Have you everwanted to be a Mayor, a Dutch, or a Duchess where you live? Earn badges, rewards, anddiscounts on places you patronize regularly using your smart phone and mobile applications.Yelp and Foursquare will allow you to interact with millions of monthly users desiring to hearyour feedback on businesses in your 773-CE-MARKI
  4. 4. Is it time for lunch! Imagine going out to lunch at your favorite local restaurant and while youare there you take a photo of your food with your mobile device and with a few clicks you haveshared your experience with a minimum of eight social networking sites with global reach. Did Itell you this was FREE (lunch sometimes included)? The SoMoLo: Social, Mobile, Localexperience is alive and well. This is how I have gotten to the #1 position on Google for mykeywords and I cash in on all of my neighborhood perks and rewards.  Students will identify keywords that will enhance their SEO  Students will learn the importance of having a Yelp and Foursquare accounts.  Students will learn how to enhance photos through Instagram and post to Foursquare and Yelp while leveraging photos with Tumblr, Flickr, and Pinterest  Students will be able to run a marketing campaign that can reach millionsPinterest for Successful Entrepreneurs © Marki Lemons Unlimited3 Hours or CustomWhat is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows you to post/pin photos and videos.Pinterest is the fastest social media marketing site to ever break 10 million users in one month.There are 25 million unique monthly visitors checking into Pinterest via the website or mobileapplication. Successful entrepreneurs will learn:  Why is Pinterest important to a successful entrepreneur  How to create a Pinterest account and get followers  How to use Pinterest to attract customers  Examples of effective Pinterest accounts  Pinterest Case Studies that can enhance your businessSuccessfully Write an Award Winning LinkedIn Profile for a Rapid Increase in Sales3 Hours or CustomLinkedIn is the largest professional social network online with over 200 million users. A strongLinkedIn presence for you and your company gives you the opportunity to network globally,connect, and grow your business.  Build a killer LinkedIn profile that will get you on page one of LinkedIn  Use effective keywords that land your LinkedIn profile on page one of Google  Increase sales quickly by connecting with key decision makers  Display your credibility through recommendations and 773-CE-MARKI
  5. 5. Google Your Way to the Top3 Hours or CustomLet Google lead you and your office in innovation and local market domination. REALTORS® canbenefit and grow their business through Google services, features, and experiments. Learn andimplement 10 simple tools’ using Google and it is all FREE.  FREE-Sync all Microsoft Documents to Google and access anywhere in the world. Create and share Word documents, Power Point Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF files and forms online. Google gives you the software to create and edit them online just for attending, with no monthly or reoccurring fees to use the software.  FREE-Host all pictures in Picasa and use the HTML code to make your Craigslist Ads come to life  FREE-38% of buyers in the US are Global, translate your website into multiple languages. Make your website available in 50 languages  FREE-Registration forms online mean you eliminate having to enter them yourself for Open Houses and Agent Rosters  FREE-One custom number to follow you anywhere while transcribing the message to text and emailing with an audible message, ex, 773-CE-MARKI or 847-321-ADPR.  FREE-Create and host web sites and blogs with no monthly fees.  FREE-Learn how to eliminate your online marketing costs entirely.Need I say more, and it is FREE not to mention we have more in store for you. Agents are giventhousands of dollars of "FREE" software just for attending. Theres nothing to buy before,during or after the seminar because everything is included free with the price of admission.South Carolina REALTORS® is the largest trade non-profit organization in the state of SouthCarolina. They have a membership of 14,000 members. When they switched to Google Apps itsaved the association $50,000.NAR’s e-PRO® Certification: Day 1 Course Description and Learning ObjectivesDay 1 of NAR’s e-PRO® certification provides high-level Internet marketing and social mediatheory with practical suggestions for its implementation in a consistent manner. Students willlearn how to interact with their desired markets and to position themselves as trusted advisorsand valued members of their online communities.Day 1 addresses concepts of intellectual property, copyright, fair use, and plagiarism, as well asways that students can protect the content they create. The tools available to real estatesalespeople to market, brand themselves, and communicate with consumers are simple andeasy to use, but like any tools, can cause damage if you’re not careful. Students will learn wherepotential “land mines” are and how to avoid tripping 773-CE-MARKI
  6. 6. At the conclusion of Day 1, students will understand:  How and, more importantly, why online Web 2.0 strategies, including social media, were developed  How to use social media strategy appropriately and responsibly to protect themselves, their clients and the consumer.  For students who are social media and technology rookies, how to be prepared for the impact and avoid the possible pitfalls of the Web 2.0 culture  For students who are already engaged in some form of social media interaction, how to craft an integrated business strategy that is sustainable, effective, and compliant with ethical standards and regulatory guidelines Learning Objectives 1. Connecting with the Modern Consumer  Discuss how real estate professionals have historically marketed properties and services to consumers and the benefits to all parties in shifting to more consumer-friendly methods  Understand why interruptive marketing is no longer effective and why permission based marketing provides important advantages to the client, agent and the consumer.  Explain how the Internet is enabling consumer conversations within small niche communities and the role of the real estate professional in these conversations 2. The Social Media Revolution  Explain how social media technologies facilitate connection, conversation, and community among consumers  Describe how real estate professionals can engage clients and consumers in online communities in a manner that is authentic  Identify the ways in which real estate professionals can contribute to their online communities, thereby increasing the quality of their relationships with clients and consumers 3. Reputation Creation and Management Explain how the online choices and actions of real estate professionals help form their online reputations Identify considerations when choosing one’s name or handle in social media spaces, consistent with NAR’s policies in the use of the REALTOR® trademark Discuss Web sites that enable consumers to openly rate real estate professionals as well as consumers’ satisfaction with the real estate transaction Describe appropriate and responsible ways to respond to online conflicts Uphold the Federal Fair Housing Act when participating in online communities and social 773-CE-MARKI
  7. 7. 4. Intellectual Property and Ethics on the Web Understand the difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement Describe ways in which to respect the intellectual property of others in social media spaces Explain the purpose and intent of NAR Code of Ethics Articles 12 and 15 Cite ways in which real estate professionals can avoid tripping social media landmines 5. Social Networks Explain how to establish your reputation and build trust among consumers at social networking sites Understand how to engage in groups and discussions with clients and consumers at social networking sites Discuss ways in which to protect the confidential information of your clients Educate clients on how not to share confidential information or information regarding the real estate transaction at social networking sitesEngaging With the African American Consumer© by Marki Lemons UnlimitedCustom 60 Minutes to 3 HoursExpand your business to the frequent shopper, brand loyal, African American consumer. TheAfrican American population has the buying power of nearly $1 trillion and is 44% more likely totake a class online. In July of 2011, there were 23.9 million African American internet users and76% visited a social networking site or blog. Do you have a plan of action to engage with AfricanAmerican Consumer?Marketers should develop advertising messages and images that appeal to African Americans.African Americans continue to defy stereotypes about their technology usage and companiesneed to create evocative campaigns that incorporate social networks trusted by AfricanAmericans that deliver a fresh experience across all technology platforms. In this session a fifthgeneration African American female entrepreneur will share her experience as a decisionmaker, consumer, and social media professional. Utilize information learned in this session tohelp take your product or service to the next level and expand its 773-CE-MARKI
  8. 8. Designations and CertificationsThe ADPR® Professional Designation programCourse One – Short Sale: The Result of ForeclosureShort Sales are the direct result of real estate foreclosures. Currently the real estate industry isoverwhelmed with the question: “What is a Short Sale and how do I service clients who have noequity in their homes or money to bring to a closing?” This course is designed for real estateagents, brokers, investors, industry professionals and homeowners who want to know how toprepare a short sale package and the timeline needed to get everything accomplished. Learnhow to save a client from foreclosure and develop the skill set needed for this niche market.Course Two – Mastering Real Estate Financing in a Shifting MarketWith the death of the subprime lending market and the tightening of credit guidelines,potential homebuyers have to focus on a loan program that will lend them money with reducedcredit guidelines and a high LTV. Homebuyers today have diminishing loan options; as a result,the FHA loan has experienced a rebirth and is being hailed a savior in today’s market. Thiscourse dissects the 203 (k) and helps REALTORS®, homebuyers, loan officers and attorneysestablish a strategy to help those buyers obtain financing in today’s market.Course Three – Mastering How to Use Short Sale FormsThis course introduces REALTORS®, investors, attorneys and homeowners to the process,procedures, forms and treatment of a short sale transaction from listing to closing. It alsodiscusses the steps necessary to facilitate a successful short sale transaction.Course Four – Market Yourself for Success with Distressed PropertiesToday 5,000,000 people are in default on their home mortgage. This course will walkREALTORS®, investors, attorneys and homeowners through the steps to determine potentialearnings by developing a marketing plan that caters to homeowners in default and buyersseeking to purchase distress 773-CE-MARKI
  9. 9. ABR® DesignationThe overall goals of the Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR®) Designation course are to:  Prepare real estate professionals to represent buyer–clients in real estate transactions and provide the quality of service and degree of fidelity to buyers that sellers have customarily enjoyed.  Offer ideas and methods for building a buyer representation business.  Develop a self–customized tool for conducting a buyer counseling session.SFRFor many real estate professionals, short sales and foreclosures represent the new “traditional”real estate transaction. Knowing how to maneuver the complexities of short sales as well ashow to identify the distinct real estate opportunities in foreclosure are not merely good skills tohave in today’s market—they are critical. This course helps students evaluate all availableoptions for distressed homeowners and identify the components of an effective short-salepackage. This course looks at how real estate professionals can counsel buyer-clients in thepurchase of foreclosure properties. And as a practical resource, this course shows students howconsumers can avoid foreclosure in the future.HAFAThis brand-new course from NAR on HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) providesin-depth coverage of US Treasury, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs. Since 2007, shortsales have been an unfortunate but widespread fact of many real estate marketplaces andthese newly introduced programs assist homeowners who need to sell their homes. This courseexplains the similarities and differences in the three HAFA programs in detail and will give youthe tools to assist your sellers in processing short sales more efficiently.BPORThe current housing market presents many challenges to our real estate industry, few moreimportant than valuation. Evaluating properties depends more than ever on professionalexpertise and competence, the best use of technology, and a commitment to approach thevaluation assignment from all pertinent perspectives. “BPOs: The Agent’s Role in the ValuationProcess” is specifically designed to help residential real estate agents and brokers enhance theirskills in creating BPOs, reducing risk, and applying alternative valuation 773-CE-MARKI